• Comprehensive New Report Shows ‘Troubling’ Social Media Censorship Of Conservative Views

    Comprehensive New Report Shows ‘Troubling’ Social Media Censorship Of Conservative Views

    “War is being declared on the conservative movement in this space and conservatives are losing — badly.”

    For years I have warned the greatest threat to our nation, our precious freedoms, was the left’s war on our first amendment rights. We filed suit against the social media giants — little notice was paid. As if censoring Geller was OK. No one wanted to dirty themselves with that fight. But it was never about Geller. It was about our freedom, I was merely the tip of the spear. Going on two years later, and now we have reached a tipping point which may be unrecoverable. READ MORE...

  • US Submarine That Attacked Syria ‘NOT WELCOME’ Back To Italy After ‘Failed’ Strike

    US Submarine That Attacked Syria ‘NOT WELCOME’ Back To Italy After ‘Failed’ Strike

    The United States nuclear submarine that took part in the attack on Syria over the alleged chemical weapons use is not allowed back in the waters near Naples, Italy, the mayor declared.

    The mayor states that he designated the city a “denuclearized zone” in 2015 and wants to keep it that way.

    Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris wrote last week to Rear Admiral Arturo Faraone, head of the city’s port authority, complaining that the official had given permission to allow Virginia-class submarine USS John Warner to pass through the Gulf of Naples on March 20, following a two-week exercise by Western military alliance NATO. Magistris argued that he had designated the city a “denuclearized zone” in a 2015 act that sought to “prohibit docking and parking of any vessel that is nuclear-powered or contains nuclear weapons” and declared Naples a “city of peace,” according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica. READ MORE...

  • Renewed US Leadership Blocks Abortion Agenda at the UN

    Renewed US Leadership Blocks Abortion Agenda at the UN

    For the third time in the past four years, the United Nations Commission on Population and Development has ended in failure—good news for defenders of national sovereignty in the face of hegemonic U.N. pressures.

    Negotiations concluded last Friday without producing an outcome document, which is the whole purpose of the two-week process. The outcome document would set forth political recommendations for governments to follow with regard to population and development issues.

    The lack of a document means the last two weeks were a massively expensive waste of time. This, compounded upon previous failures, could lead to a collapse of the entire process, which dates back to 1946. READ MORE...

  • The Labor Board Is Now GOP-Run. Here’s 1 Big Change It Could Make to Rein In Unions.

    The Labor Board Is Now GOP-Run. Here’s 1 Big Change It Could Make to Rein In Unions.

    An Obama administration rule that fast-tracked elections to establish unions at private companies could be on the chopping block of a federal labor agency three years after going into effect.

    The new Republican majority on the National Labor Relations Board, led by recently confirmed chairman John Ring, could do what Republicans in Congress failed to do three times—eliminate what opponents call “ambush elections.”

    “The unions wanted to make it as quick as possible to have an election,” Patrick Semmens, spokesman for the National Right to Work Foundation, told The Daily Signal. “One way to do that is to push aside basic issues until after the elections, such as who is eligible to vote.” READ MORE...

  • 'America's Back' Because of Tax Cuts

    ‘America’s Back’ Because of Tax Cuts

    House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, sat down with The Daily Signal to talk about the historic tax reform package passed by Congress and the impact it will have, and in some cases already is having, on individuals, families, and the economy. On the midterm elections, Brady says the key question voters should ask themselves is whether they want to go back to the old tax system—which is what he believes Democrats will try to do if they win a majority—or to keep pushing for further reforms. READ MORE...

  • Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?

    Are there circumstances under which a murderer deserves the death penalty? In other words, should capital punishment be abolished or not? Dennis Prager explains.
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  • Lithuania Is a Post-Soviet Success Story

    Lithuania Is a Post-Soviet Success Story

    This year is the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian independence, and millions of Lithuanians are celebrating.

    But independence isn’t the only thing Lithuanians have to celebrate. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, economic freedom in Lithuania has grown by leaps and bounds—it is now ranked as one of the 20 freest economies in the world in The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom.

    When Lithuania first appeared in the index in 1996, it scored only 49.7 on the Index’s 0 to 100 scale, and it was deemed “economically repressed.” This year, by contrast, Lithuania scored 75.3, earning a “mostly free” rating. READ MORE...

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