• Trump and the Institutional Quandary

    Not yet 100 days into his administration, President Donald Trump has bypassed traditional government protocols and doled out executive orders in relatively quick succession. To date, he has issued 13 orders and 12 memoranda since taking office. His order placing travel restrictions on immigrants and refugees, in particular, proved poorly thought out. It was reactionary

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  • Bob Michel, House GOP Statesman Across Five Decades, Dies at Age 93

    Bob Michel, the former Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, passed away February 17, a few days short of his 94th birthday.

    House Republicans were in the minority for the entire 38 years of Michel’s career, and in some people’s eyes his tenure was defined by it: Newt Gingrich, whose political maneuvers essentially forced Michel into retirement in 1994, saw his behavior as minority leader as too accommodating.

    But that’s a facile dismissal of Michel’s performance

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  • Revenge of the Nerds

    Ike Brannon

    If some sort of fundamental tax reform does occur this year — and the odds of its happening are looking good — the politicians, economists, tax lawyers, congressional staffers, trade associations, think tanks, academics, corporations, and others claiming credit for having influenced the legislation that finally becomes law will be legion.

    But the critical impetus for reform has arguably come from a loose clique of policy wonks with ties to an inconsequential congressional committee

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  • The U.S. NATO Alliance Has Been a One-Way Street for Too Long

    Defense Secretary James Mattis made a splash on his visit to Europe. He ratcheted up Washington’s traditional request for the Europeans to spend more on their defense. And his demand resonated across the continent, because his boss, President Donald Trump, has spent years denouncing Washington’s feckless allies for leeching off America.

    But some Europeans, when asked to do what normal countries do—take care of their own security—said no. In essence, declared European Commission president

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  • puerto-rico-flag

    It’s More Important to Get Puerto Rican Pension Reform Right Than to Do It Fast

    The drumbeat for an immediate and permanent solution to Puerto Rico’s pension crisis has been growing louder since Congress passed PROMESA last year, and it is underscored by recent developments on the island. Earlier this year, the Oversight Board put out a Request for Proposals for a “pension and retirement consultant,” the hiring process being run by former California Department of Finance chief Ana Matosantos and American Enterprise Institute pension expert Andrew Biggs. That consultant’s

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  • nafta

    Advice for the President on NAFTA Renegotiation: Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

    Scapegoating trade for problems real and imagined has been a prominent part of American electoral politics for 25 years. So, during the campaign, when candidate Donald Trump referred to the North American Free Trade Agreement as “the worst trade deal ever negotiated,” his rhetoric wasn’t especially alarming.

    But President Trump’s recent announcement that his administration will reopen and renegotiate NAFTA is cause for deep concern. It’s not that NAFTA is a perfect agreement that wouldn’t

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  • trump-sweden

    Trump’s Fake News Attack on Sweden, Immigrants, and Crime

    Is it really safe for you to return to Sweden, asked an American friend, jokingly, when I prepared to check out from my hotel in Washington, D.C. President Donald Trump had just warned his audience in Melbourne, Florida, about Muslim immigrants and terrorism in Europe. “You look at what happened last night in Sweden” the president yelled, “Sweden! Who would believe this!”

    Swedes took to social media to speculate about which awful event he referred to. An aged pop star had technical problems

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  • trump-fearmongering

    Trump’s Terrorism Fearmongering vs. The Facts

    When President Trump rails against the news media and decries reports as “fake news,” he is beating a dead horse. American trust in the news media is already at a historic low point, with a September 2016 Gallup poll finding that just 32% of the public (and just 14% of Republicans) have a “fair amount” or a “great deal” of trust in the mass media.

    What’s more disturbing is how loose with the facts Trump has been when it comes to talking about terrorism. In recent weeks, as his immigration

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  • town-hall-indivisible

    What Is Indivisible?

    The name? Indivisible.

    Learn the subversive tactics being used by the Left by watching this George Soros-funded video.

  • How One Company’s Perfidy Makes Your Cell Phone More Expensive Than It Should Be

    An aggressive monopolist doesn’t just content itself with monopoly profits in the market it controls; where possible, it leverages that advantage to gain market power in additional markets as well, where regulators may be less vigilant and the players in the target market are vulnerable.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in the various markets in the dynamic mobile technology industry eco-structure. And as a result of such behavior consumers are paying more than they should be for their cell

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