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  • I just got a link to this blog via your Twitter.

    It’s admirable that conservatives would quote someone that so challenges the bible and conventional religion. In particular, someone that so ardently believed that Christianity has no place in government.

    Thank you. It’s refreshing.

  • svrgnnation

    Thanks for your comment, David. I believe virtually all the Founding Fathers had valuable insight regardless of their views on religion and how it is to be expressed in the political, public and/or private square.

    It seems many misinterpret the true intentions of the Founders. Religion and personal faith can no more be separated from a person and the way they interact with the world than an egg yolk from the egg white. No matter how hard you try, some egg white will remain. Religious views (or a lack thereof) shape our values. The Founders simply wanted to ensure the government wasn’t in the business of establishing a national church similar to what had occurred throughout Europe for centuries. Contrary to what has become a mainstream but incorrect belief, the Founders consciously allowed religion to be interwoven into the fabric of government. Even to this day, each session of Congress is begun with a prayer. It is true we are not a “Christian nation”, but Judeo-Christian principles are, indeed, the rock upon which this Republic stands.

    In summary, a person’s views on religion don’t necessarily negate everything else they have to say – whether they’re in favor of religion in the public/political square or not. In my estimation, the government has never passed a law establishing religion. On the other hand, they HAVE made laws prohibiting the free exercise thereof. We must walk the tightrope between the two without falling off to one side or the other. A fall either way could be devastating to our country, our freedom and our liberty. But if we are to err at all, we should err on the side of freedom and liberty!