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  • More Recriminations Over Dropping of Bribery Prosecution in Pennsylvania

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    By Hans von Spakovsky

    Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Photo: Newscom/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/

    Over the weekend, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams criticized Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s decision to shut down a three-year investigation that caught at least five Pennsylvania Democrats taking bribes in exchange for votes and contracts—including voting against the state’s voter ID law. Williams’s criticism came in a Sunday op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer, in which he refuted Kane’s claim that the investigation was “poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism… [and] had targeted African Americans.”

    On Kane’s allegations of racism, Williams, a black Democrat, wrote: “I am offended. I have seen racism. I know what it looks like. This isn’t it.” Williams, a highly accomplished and respected attorney, served as the President of the Black Caucus while at Penn State University and has been devoted his entire life to serving his Philadelphia community. The investigation’s lead agent, Claude Thomas, who is also African American, criticized Kane as well: “The assertion that I/we targeted African Americans is unequivocably and blatantly false. I did not target any persons by race, ethnicity or political affiliation.”

    Attorney General Kane faulted the deal given to the investigation’s undercover informant, lobbyist Tyron B. Ali, as another reason …read more

    Source: The Heritage Foundation