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  • Heinz Invents New ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ to Bypass ‘No Ketchup’ Rule

    Heinz Invents New ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ to Bypass ‘No Ketchup’ Rule

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    This is not only genius, but it is hilarious.

    Heinz has created a new “Chicago Dog Sauce” to bypass the city’s “No Ketchup” rule. Now before you freak out about Chicago and their weird laws, you should know that they have not outlawed ketchup. It is more of a social rule.

    Now here in the south, we eat ketchup on everything….especially hotdogs! However, as Daily Mail reports, you cannot do that in Chicago:

    It is an unwritten rule in Chicago that you cannot put ketchup on a hot dog. Many eateries in the city actually have signs up banning the condiment.

    Weird but true. So in comes Heinz with a fabulous new invention: “Dog Sauce,” which is actually just ketchup disguised with a different name. Now patrons of the city are furious after using the sauce and liking it, only to find out that it’s actually ketchup! They do not like that they have been ‘tricked’ into creating the combination and enjoying it.

    One man said, “You don’t put ketchup on a Chicago hot dog, ever,” as he ate a hotdog.

    Another woman says, “To put ketchup on a hot dog is just absurd to me.”

    That certainly doesn’t mean that Chicagoans like to enjoy their sausage-and-bun combo without any toppings – quite the opposite in fact.

    ‘A Chicago-style dog is mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt,’ one man explains, before adding: ‘Nothing more.’

    One man who runs a hot dog restaurant says that there are only two types of people who are allowed to even consider adding ketchup to their Chicago-style dogs.

    ‘We have two exceptions,’ he says. ‘If you still have training wheels on your bicycle, you can put ketchup on it.

    ‘The second one is: We don’t argue with pregnant women.’

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