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  • Unveiled: One Deception Of The Elites

    Unveiled: One Deception Of The Elites

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    By Brett Van Voast

    When I watch network news, I often argue with the television. It never does any good, or course, as the reporters continue unthinkingly to say the most idiotic things and totally ignore everything I yell at them. They really should pay attention!

    I understand why they don’t. Most of them don’t know any better. Most politicians are in the same boat, and I actually think many of them are elected specifically because their IQ really isn’t far above room temperature.

    However, there is a part of the political and economic classes who do know better, and they fervently hope to keep the majority of Americans as confused as possible about how things really work. They’re very smart, very motivated people with lots of money and power. If you don’t know the basics of political thought, stripped of all the jargon, it’s difficult to pierce the veil of lies, half-truths and illusion erected to mislead the public. To back up this seemingly rash statement, I’ll explain one portion of the illusion.

    Most people know the left-right political scale. It’s referenced every hour of every day on every news channel on television. Yes, even Fox. If you imagine a line on a chalkboard, the line represents a scale where the left and right sides of the scale are diametrically opposed to each other.

    Beginning at the extreme left and traveling right, we start with the communists, then the socialists, leftists, liberals and, in the middle, some form of social democracy.

    From the extreme right and traveling left, we start with the fascists, then the nationalists, conservatives, neo-conservatives, and we meet in the middle, once again, with social democracy.

    To illustrate how this is false, I’ll compare what are supposed to be the polar opposites of this scale, the communists and fascists. These two groups hate each other, and they have since before the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. One of the first things Hitler did was to round up the communist and socialist party members and haul them off to the concentration camps. This is also where the current antifa (anti-fascist) movement running around loose in the U.S. supposedly had its birth, fighting against the NAZI party.

    However, if you look carefully at the proposed organization of society each of them offers, they are nearly identical. Even the rhetoric is the same, but it sounds just different enough to fool most people.

    Let’s compare the differences. In communism, the bourgeoisie (moneyed class) cause all the problems and exploit the proletariat (workers) of society. In fascism, those who are impure are to blame for taking advantage of the pure (insert race here) of the society. It’s always easier to take power if you have some minority to blame everything on.

    In communism, the dictatorship of the proletariat is responsible for crushing the evil bourgeoisie and eradicating all threats to the advancement of communism. In fascism, the leader is the embodiment of the people and is responsible for purifying the race and protecting the nation.

    In communism, all property belongs to the state. In fascism, you can still own private property, but the state exercises complete control over all means of production through “public private partnerships.” If you don’t control your property, you don’t really own it.

    In communism, the proletariat (workers) is the honored class the government purports to speak for. In fascism, the government pretends to speak for the “organism of society,” the past, present and future generations who make up the state.

    Both communism and fascism believe in national health care, abortion, euthanasia, the suppression of any speech threatening the state, government-controlled trade unions, the complete confiscation of all guns to insure a government monopoly on the use of force and, believe it or not, a one-world government. In addition, historically both communism and fascism are, forgive my choice of words, pure murder on Christians and Jews. There’s a reason the NAZI acronym stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party.

    The point is, if communism and fascism are the same kind of absolute dictatorship, what’s in the middle of the scale between the two? On a scale where black is on both the left and the right, the center can only be black. A proper color scale has black on one side, white on the other, with gray in the middle. Likewise, the proper political scale has all forms of absolute dictatorship on the left and absolute anarchy on the right.

    Both communism and fascism hold that the absolute sovereign is the state, and all people are to serve the state. (It’s called being a slave.)

    The United States was founded on the principle that the individual is the absolute sovereign, and that the state is to serve the people. To insure this remained the case, the U.S. Constitution distributed the powers of government and limited them to a bare minimum. In terms of the true political scale discussed here, the governing system of the United States should be one step to the left of anarchy and diametrically opposed to both communism and fascism.

    It’s the defense of the U.S. Constitution and its limitation on the power of government that define a true conservative, the true right wing of the Republican Party and of our nation.

    Brett Van Voast has studied politics, economics and international relations with a near obsessive passion for the last 30 years. He holds a degree in political science and international relations.

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