• The Tremendous Power of Transgender Ideologues

    The Tremendous Power of Transgender Ideologues

    Transgender ideologues have tremendous power in our culture, and they’re wielding it against the least powerful. If children and their families can survive the pill-pushing gender clinicians, they still have to face the virtue-signaling politicians and their speech bans.

    It’s the Hotel Transgender: You can check in, but you can never leave.

    Put Kids on Drugs, and They’ll Stay Trans

    Last week I attended a panel of feminists, self-identified lesbians, and former trans-identified people at The Heritage Foundation, all speaking against the transgender agenda.

    It was standing room only. The stories of what this movement is doing to women and children—and young men—are utterly horrifying.… Read More...

  • Parents Stand Up for Children in 'Sex Ed Sit Out'

    Parents Stand Up for Children in ‘Sex Ed Sit Out’

    Parents across the country pulled their children out of public schools on Monday for the “Sex Ed Sit Out”—a grassroots awakening of frustrated parents who are sick of the sexualization of children in their taxpayer-funded schools.

    The Sex Ed Sit Out was conceived by Elizabeth Johnston, who blogs at Activist Mommy, and other moms on social media who are concerned about the increasingly graphic, unscientific nature of sex education in public schools.

    Parents protested in cities across the United States, as well as in England, Canada, and Australia.

    In solidarity with the event, parents in Northern Virginia held a conference on Saturday on the radical changes in sex education and how schools deliberately deceive parents.