• Why The Border Wall Is A Threat To Political Survival Of Democrats

    Why The Border Wall Is A Threat To Political Survival Of Democrats

    There are two statistics that explain the Democrat obsession with illegal immigration and open borders.

    97% of immigrants in the appropriate grouping identify themselves as Hispanic, but by the fourth generation that number falls to half. Only 7% of immigrants describe themselves as Americans, but 56% in the third generation call themselves Americans. Even the use of Spanish is slowly declining.

    If a minority stops existing after a few generations, did it ever actually exist?

    The Democrats had abandoned their working class base to chase what they pretended was a racial group when what they were actually chasing was the momentum of unlimited migration. READ MORE...

  • Obamacare Taxes Have Arrived & Republicans Need to Stop Them

    Oprahism & the Church of Obama

    (I wrote this article quite a few years ago. I feel that it’s relevant now in light of the Oprah for President movement.)

    Obama’s political success was built on his ability to invoke values detached from belief systems. To break away symbols and ideals from religious and national value systems, and mix and match them into his own sound bites. Like the famous Hope poster, that mixed patriotic color schemes with socialist realism, or his own speeches which invoked the Founders in support of socialism. READ MORE...

  • When Socialists Run Out Of Other People's Money, What Happens?

    When Socialists Run Out Of Other People’s Money, What Happens?

    Prime Minister Thatcher once famously observed that socialists “always run out of other people’s money.”

    But what actually happens when socialism runs out of money?

    Venezuela, a once wealthy nation with black gold coming out of the ground, is a test case.

    The socialist regime ran out of other people’s money, and then out of money, years ago. The government met protests by its starving population with a 40% minimum wage hike. That’s the usual socialist solution to what leftists call ‘income inequality’. The problem is that 40% of nothing is still zero. READ MORE...

  • If The Current Paper Civil War Against Trump Fails, It May Move From Bullet Points To Real Bullets

    If The Current Paper Civil War Against Trump Fails, It May Move From Bullet Points To Real Bullets

    The original civil war was fought by farmhands and factory workers, freed slaves and young boys turned soldiers; the new civil war is being fought by lawyers in blue or gray suits not with bullets, but with bullet points.

    From the Mueller investigation to Federal judges declaring that President Trump doesn’t have the right to control immigration policy or command the military, from political sabotage at the DOJ by Obama appointees like Sally Yates to Patagonia’s lawsuit over national monuments, the cold civil war set off by the left’s rejection of the 2016 election results has been a paper war largely waged by lawyers. READ MORE...

  • Europe: Tolerating Islamic Terrorists & Terrorism, But Not Those Who Tell The Truth About Them

    Europe: Tolerating Islamic Terrorists & Terrorism, But Not Those Who Tell The Truth About Them

    Saleh Ali was one of 64,000 Syrian refugees living in the Netherlands. The vast majority, like Ali, are young men. And the largest number of these migrants spend their days idling in Amsterdam.

    On Thursday morning, Saleh Ali took a walk to trendy Amstelveenseweg while wearing a keffiyah and waving a terrorist PLO flag. He stopped in front of a Jewish restaurant, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and began smashing the windows. The Amsterdam police stood by and watched quizzically until he was done. Then when he entered the restaurant, they finally called him out and arrested him. READ MORE...

  • What The War Over Jerusalem Is Really About

    What The War Over Jerusalem Is Really About

    Hamas has announced that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has opened the “gates of hell.” Its Muslim Brotherhood parent has declared America an “enemy state.”

    The Arab League boss warned that the Jerusalem move “will fuel extremism and result in violence.” The Jordanian Foreign Minister claimed that it would “trigger anger” and “fuel tension.”

    “Moderate” Muslim leaders excel at threatening violence on behalf of the “extremists”.

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) warned that recognizing Jerusalem will trigger an Islamic summit and be considered a “blatant attack on the Arab and Islamic nations.” READ MORE...

  • The Lies of Huma Abedin

    The Lies of Huma Abedin

    Huma “Abedin did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago when it became public knowledge.”

    Abedin, Hillary’s closest aide, was being interviewed at the FBI’s Washington D.C. field office by two unnamed agents. Also present was Peter Strzok, the counterintelligence FBI figure embroiled in a scandal because of the pro-Hillary and anti-Trump texts exposed by his extramarital affair.

    The field office is another one of those bland government buildings located near enough to the Mall for tourists who are going the wrong way to stumble on it, but not interesting enough for them to notice it. The building, like so many others, is part of the deeper architecture of the governing city that matters far more than the showy museums or even the White House and its adjacent Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The decisions that make the news happen in the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. But the decisions that really matter take place in more obscure places, like a bland government building. READ MORE...