• The Media's Collusion With Foreign States & Enemy Hackers

    The Media’s Collusion With Foreign States & Enemy Hackers

    On Tom LoBianco’s LinkedIn profile, the former Associated Press reporter self-identifies as a “White House reporter covering Trump Russia probes.” At CNN, LoBianco writes that he “covered the 2016 presidential race and the Russia probes.”

    Now LoBianco is in trouble for reasons having nothing and everything to do with the Russia probe.

    Earlier this year, Elliot Broidy, a Trump ally and Republican fundraiser, was targeted by Qatari hackers. Broidy had been sharply critical of the terror state which has been linked to everything from 9/11 to Iran. And his emails were quickly peddled to media figures who spun them into pro-Qatari hit pieces. READ MORE...

  • A Tale of Two Deep States

    A Tale of Two Deep States

    “Why the hell are we standing down?”

    That was the question that the White House’s cybersecurity coordinator was asked after Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, issued a stand-down order on Russia. 

    Testimony at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Russian interference in the election once again raised the central paradox of the Russia conspiracy theory. If Russian interference in the election represented the crisis that we are told it did, why did Obama fail to take any meaningful action?  READ MORE...

  • Mueller Targets Trump Over Russian Billionaires Linked To Hillary Clinton

    Mueller Targets Trump Over Russian Billionaires Linked To Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton’s bag boy is really getting desperate. And the hypocrisy from Team Mueller is becoming radioactive.

    Several billionaires with deep ties to Russia attended exclusive, invitation-only receptions during Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities, guest lists obtained by ABC News show.


    These powerful businessmen, who amassed their fortunes following the collapse of the Soviet Union — including one who has since been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department — were ushered into events typically reserved for top donors and close political allies and were given unprecedented access to Trump’s inner circle. READ MORE...

  • Hillary Clinton: I'm Just Like Churchill

    Hillary Clinton: I’m Just Like Churchill

    Churchill made it through WW2. Hillary survived being shot at by snipers in Bosnia after negotiating peace in Northern Ireland and being rejected from NASA, the Marines and the Academy of Compulsive Liars.

    That post title above is why Democrats want Hillary to leave. And why she won’t.

    Hillary Clinton is now getting more attention than ever. The money isn’t really there. But it’s still trickling in. And given a choice between binge watching Madam Secretary before passing out from too much white wine… or continuing her “Me Me Me! tour where she says things almost designed to make things worse for her, for her party and for everyone else… it’s inevitable that the show must go on. READ MORE...

  • Prohibitionism Is A Civil War Of Values

    Prohibitionism Is A Civil War Of Values

    “Prohibitionism never works” is a cliché. And like most clichés, it’s true and not true at the same time.

    Everyone believes that prohibitionism works and never works. The progressive advocating for drug legalization believes just as fervently in the power of gun control as in the futility of banning pot. He doesn’t see the contradiction, because he knows that the drug laws never stopped him from getting high. But he would never want to buy guns, legally or illegally. So banning them should work. READ MORE...

  • New York Times: "There Is No Immigration Crisis"

    New York Times: “There Is No Immigration Crisis”

    Even by the usual standards of the New York Times, Paul Krugman is particularly clueless. A hack inspired by Asimov’s Foundation novels, Krugman is unerringly wrong in real life.

    Take the time that he insisted that, “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” Or more recently claimed that the current rate of economic growth would be impossible.

    Now the old gray lady’s prophet claims that there’s no immigration crisis. READ MORE...

  • Time's Fake News Cover & The Truth About The Migrants

    Time’s Fake News Cover & The Truth About The Migrants

    Every now and then an occasional act of journalism occurs. Even amid the torrent of fake news propaganda about the migrant crisis (“see small children cowering in Trump’s cages”, “listen to the sound of the children Trump took away from their parents” and “This little girl is probably crying because of Trump”) , an occasional act of journalism takes place. Just not by the mainstream media.

    It took the British Daily Mail to make a mockery of Time’s cynical kidsploitation. READ MORE...

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