• Screwing Her Own Workers: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wasn't Paying Workers' Comp

    Screwing Her Own Workers: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wasn’t Paying Workers’ Comp

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, glorious hero of the socialist revolution, battling nobly for the oppressed working class, was, like all socialists, screwing her own workers.

    Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) criticized her colleagues back in December for failing to pay Hill staffers a “living wage.” She even felt so strongly about being how much money her staffers make that she vowed to pay her interns at least $15 an hour, but now it’s come to light that the Congresswoman failed to pay workers’ compensation coverage for a month last year, the New York Daily News reported. READ MORE...

  • Why Rep. Rashida Tlaib Didn't Want To Use Jefferson's Koran

    Why Rep. Rashida Tlaib Didn’t Want To Use Jefferson’s Koran

    Rep. Rashida Tlaib appears to have allowed the media to think that the radical Muslim would be sworn into office on a copy of “Thomas Jefferson’s Koran”.

    The media had previously found Thomas Jefferson’s Koran to be a very useful propaganda stunt for making it appear that Islam is as America as… Thomas Jefferson.

    But then Rep. Rashida Tlaib announced that she hadn’t actually used Jefferson’s Koran, but an actual Koran. Despite her announcement, many media outlets didn’t bother correcting their fake news. But that’s typical of the media, which acts as the communications arm for the most radical Democrat elements, without ever caring about truth or the facts. READ MORE...

  • Muslim Sex Grooming Gang & Texas Teacher/Witch Plotted To Sell Girl To Morocco

    Muslim Sex Grooming Gang & Texas Teacher/Witch Plotted To Sell Girl To Morocco

    Muslim sex grooming gangs have devastated the UK with thousands of victims. But they’re also an issue here.

    And, as this story shows, the internet can play a significant role in enabling sex grooming gangs to operate thousands of miles away.

    With the help of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, investigators with the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office arrested a local teacher Wednesday morning at her residence on CR 933 in Teague in connection with trafficking a minor overseas.

    Amber Michelle Parker, 37, has been charged with trafficking of persons. READ MORE...

  • How 2 Gustavos Used California's Sanctuary Law To Spread Terror Across 200 Miles

    How 2 Gustavos Used California’s Sanctuary Law To Spread Terror Across 200 Miles

    Less than 200 miles separate Tulare County and Stanislaus County. And a little over a week separates the two reigns of terror in these two California counties by Gustavo Garcia and Gustavo Perez Arriaga.

    Both Gustavos were dangerous and violent illegal aliens. On Monday, December 17, Gustavo Garcia went on a murderous rampage that killed at least two people and put seven more in the hospital. On Wednesday, December 26, Gustavo Perez Arriaga murdered a law enforcement officer at a traffic stop.

    Cpl. Ronil Singh, murdered by the second Gustavo, and Rocky Paul Jones and Rolando Soto, murdered by the first Gustavo, did not have to die. They died because California’s sanctuary state law took their lives. READ MORE...

  • Democrats Biggest Expert Accusing Republicans Of Russian Trolling Was A Russian Troll

    Democrats Biggest Expert Accusing Republicans Of Russian Trolling Was A Russian Troll

    When the Democrats and the media wanted to prove that Russian trolls were everywhere, and supporting Republicans, they turned to Jonathon Morgan and Renee DiResta.

    Morgan and DiResta had originally been part of Obama’s futile effort to fight ISIS on social media, before discovering a much more lucrative field. ISIS was losing on the battlefield and the Democrats were losing elections. The Hillary campaign had hatched a conspiracy theory blaming its loss on Russian trolls. And Morgan and DiResta soon became the experts providing the data linking Republicans to Russian trolls. READ MORE...

  • 2 Illegal Alien Killers In California In 1 Month Protected

    2 Illegal Alien Killers In California In 1 Month Protected By Sanctuary State

    Jerry Brown and the pro-illegal lobby have a lot of blood on their hands in California.

    First came, Gustavo.

    Two days before Gustavo Garcia’s “reign of terror”through Tulare County, he was arrested by Tulare County sheriff’s deputies for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

    Deputies held Garcia at the Tulare County jail for 10 hours before releasing him back to the public, according to Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

    Less than 48 hours later, Garcia would go on a rampage through Tulare County that left three dead, including Garcia, and at least seven hospitalized. He’s accused of racking up a dozen crimes in 24 hours. READ MORE...

  • Trump Administration Dumps Obama's "Restorative" School Policy That Led To Parkland Massacre

    Trump Administration Dumps Obama’s “Restorative” School Policy That Led To Parkland Massacre

    The Left favors criminals. Favoring criminals causes crime.

    Pro-crime initiatives, whoever they are advocated by, are ultimately leftist tools that cause disruption and create more victims.

    Here’s a flashback on why the school mass shooting in Parkland happened. The issue wasn’t the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, but the pro-crime policies of the Obama administration.

    In an effort to combat the “school to prison pipeline,” schools across the country have come under pressure from the federal government and civil rights activists to reduce suspensions, expulsions, and in-school arrests. The unintended consequences of pressuring schools to produce ever-lower discipline statistics deserve much more examination. READ MORE...

  • Woman of the Year? Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Woman of the Year? Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    The struggle for the future of this country is being fought in the hearts and minds of its citizens. The media is the enemy and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the warrior who takes them on day after day.

    The huge media sector easily outnumbers the Ouachita Baptist University grad taking them on.

    CNN alone has 4,000 employees. The New York Times has nearly as many. And when she singlehandedly faces off against 49 people in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room and the less than 30 people on her staff take on a mainstream media machine of tens of thousands, it’s a true underdog story. READ MORE...

  • Is TaxPayer Money Going To An Islamic Terror Refugee Resettlement Charity?

    Is TaxPayer Money Going To An Islamic Terror Refugee Resettlement Charity?

    $704,662.  That’s how much taxpayer money may have gone to an Islamic charity allegedly linked to terror supporters. And the charity, Islamic Relief USA is also involved in helping resettle “refugees”

    That number comes from an important report by the Middle East Forum, a key counterterrorism think tank, and it involves a Federal investigation into Islamic Relief USA, the Muslim charity in question, triggered by Ryan Mauro, the Director of the Clarion Intelligence Network, and a Shillman Fellow, and the Obama administration’s stand-down order on the investigation. READ MORE...

  • Was The Russia Conspiracy Hillary Clinton's Doomsday Scenario?

    Was The Russia Conspiracy Hillary Clinton’s Doomsday Scenario?

    The Steele dossier, a document produced by Christopher Steele at the behest of the Clinton campaign is ground zero for the Russia conspiracy theory that is tearing apart the country. Even the Mueller investigation has its ultimate roots in the eavesdropping carried out by the Obama administration using the dossier as evidence and the dubious and unverified claims made by Steele in the dossier.

    But why did the Clinton campaign ever set out to create such a document?

    The Steele dossier has been described as opposition research and it was certainly circulated among reporters in order to spread the Russia conspiracy theory in the media, but its contents were circulated more in the Obama era FBI and the DOJ, and its media rounds seemed more geared to creating stories that would justify a FISA warrant than to any serious effort to sway the electorate with its attacks. READ MORE...