• Google Chatter About Censoring Conservative Media Shows Why It's A Threat

    Google Chatter About Censoring Conservative Media Shows Why It’s A Threat

    How do you deal with companies whose grip on the internet is so powerful that they control more of what people see than governments?

    That’s a question that more conservatives are coming to grips with. When I first began raising this issue, it was often dismissed out of hand. Conservatives believe in private enterprise. We should find alternatives to companies that maintain monopolies over the internet.

    The past year has made it very clear that these alternatives are not emerging and when they do emerge, they get squashed by the big players. READ MORE...

  • Investigating George Soros Is Neither Unethical Nor A Crime

    Investigating George Soros Is Neither Unethical Nor A Crime

    It’s bizarre to the nth degree that something this obvious needs to be said, but the media excels at normalizing illegal behavior and at abnormalizing completely normal behavior. That currently means insisting that any investigation of George Soros is some sort of crime.

    That’s certainly convenient because Soros is a major funder of the Left. It has no actual basis except ideological convenience.

    Even setting aside all the weight of political controversy that Soros has been involved in, including defending and spreading anti-Semitism, his alleged Nazi collaboration and so much else, the simple fact is that Soros has invested a lot of money into political activism. And, at one point, that political activism targeted Facebook. It was completely legitimate of Facebook to look into Soros. READ MORE...

  • Taxpayers Funding Smithsonian's Attack On Second Amendment

    Taxpayers Funding Smithsonian’s Attack On Second Amendment

    As a kid, I really enjoyed my subscription to Smithsonian magazine. Then the magazine grew worse and more leftist. The last time I picked up an issue, it was indistinguishable from Newsweek. So I’m not too surprised. But an issue like this is blatant political activism by a taxpayer-funded organization. It’s also an attack on the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

    Here’s Smithsonian’s chipper press release.

    For Smithsonian magazine’s December issue, Maggie Jones sits down with the founding members of March for Our Lives, to discuss how they turned a tragedy into a movement for change. The founding members of March For Our Lives were recently announced by Smithsonian magazine as recipients of the 2018 American Ingenuity Award for Youth. READ MORE...

  • How Ohio Democrat Corruption Killed A Black Woman

    How Ohio Democrat Corruption Killed A Black Woman

    On the way back from a funeral, Judge Lance Mason beat his wife so badly that he broke her orbital socket. A woman who called 911 had described a horrifying scene of “fists flying” inside the car.

    Their two children, ages 4 and 6, were in the SUV when their father assaulted their mother, choked her and bit her on the ear and the cheek. According to Aisha, Judge Mason “struck me in the face, yanked my hair, slammed my head into the dashboard and armrest of the car.”

    She later called the police, telling them, “I’m afraid he’s going to hurt my daughters.” READ MORE...

  • The Party That Claims To “Protect Women” Pattern Continues: LA DA Won’t Prosecute Michael Avenatti

    See if you can spot the pattern.

    New York

    If only the case of former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who was accused of choking women, had been investigated as thoroughly as the bizarre lies and claims about Brett Kavanaugh’s high school years.

    The investigation was conducted by Nassau County DA Madeline Singas, who was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York’s current Dem.

    Like Keith Ellison, Schneiderman is getting a pass from his own political faction which claims to fight for women, when it isn’t choking them. READ MORE...

  • There Is No Reason For Migrants Applying For Asylum To Wait In America

    There Is No Reason For Migrants Applying For Asylum To Wait In America

    This entire debate is a symptom of just how asylum has been abused and distorted.

    Refugee asylum was meant for people fleeing oppressive regimes for a free country. It was never meant to cover mass economic migration.

    It was meant for refugees fleeing Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, not migrant laborers who are looking for more money and using political corruption and gang violence in their countries (conditions that they quickly spread to the United States, beginning with California) as pretexts for claiming asylum. READ MORE...

  • The New Crooked Congressional Black Caucus

    The New Crooked Congressional Black Caucus

    In the last decade, every single House Democrat sent to prison for financial crimes was a Congressional Black Caucus member. In the last twenty years, it’s been over 80%. After the midterms, the CBC has grown past a record 50 members. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting better. Power makes it worse.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is the most famous freshman member of the CBC in the 116th Congress. The CBC’s PAC boasted that she is “the first Somali-American and first Muslim woman elected to Congress”. READ MORE...

  • House Democrat Speaker Candidate Linked To Alleged Murderer Of Wife

    House Democrat Speaker Candidate Linked To Alleged Murderer Of Wife

    Imagine of Paul Ryan had been involved in a scandal like this. There’s no way that it wouldn’t be front page news.

    But this is one of those inconvenient court cases.

    A former Ohio judge and state lawmaker who went to prison for brutally assaulting his wife in 2014 was taken into custody after she was found dead, authorities said.

    The ex-judge, Lance Mason, was hired as Cleveland’s minority business administrator after being released from prison but was fired Saturday when he was arrested, NBC affiliate WKYC reported. READ MORE...

  • Beijing Biden: Joe Biden's Brother Linked To Chinese Foreign Agent

    Beijing Biden: Joe Biden’s Brother Linked To Chinese Foreign Agent

    If Joe Biden were held to the same standards as Donald Trump, the wrath of FISA would have come down on him. And there would have been a flurry of accusations of treason. But it’s okay. Tehran Joe works as well as Beijing Biden.

    When Patrick Ho was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Nov. 18, 2017, the former Hong Kong government official made one phone call: to James B. Biden, the younger brother of the former U.S. vice president, an acquaintance whose number he had on hand. READ MORE...

  • Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher Threatens To Jail Media For Filming "Ballot Counting"

    Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher Threatens To Jail Media For Filming “Ballot Counting”

    Two kinds of people hate being filmed while going about their business in public: celebrities and criminals.

    Breaking from normal practice, the Palm Beach County elections supervisor banned media from filming and photographing the high-profile midterm election ballot review process amid allegations of “incompetence” by Gov. Rick Scott.

    The camera ban prompted an attorney for NBC Universal to interrupt the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board and object to the meeting, calling it “illegal.” READ MORE...