• Raising An Army Against Evil

    Raising An Army Against Evil

    In the long war between good and evil, which began in the Garden of Eden, there have been many ups and downs, advances and retreats.

    We have seen in our day a significant advance of evil in our land, but the battle is not over.

    For example, eleven days ago, on December 20th, President Trump signed a significant Executive Order that didn’t receive much attention in the press (no surprise there).

    The order declared,

    “a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world. READ MORE...

  • Judge Roy Moore is Right: God is Above the Constitution

    Judge Roy Moore is Right: God is Above the Constitution

    This has been a week of vicious attacks on Judge Roy Moore. The slander and lies that have been told about him are beyond the pale.

    Many elements of the tales that have been told have already fallen apart: The yearbook with a forged signature.

    The one who claimed she was called on the phone in her bedroom, when her own mother says her daughter never had a bedroom phone.

    The one who claimed that she couldn’t get out of the car because of child door locks, an invention that came seven years after the alleged incident took place. The non-existent parking lot behind a restaurant. READ MORE...