• Mitt Romney, Commander of the Fake Internationalists

    Mitt Romney, Commander of the Fake Internationalists

    No surprise: Senator Mitt Romney does not like President Donald Trump, as he recently explained in The Washington Post. But what, one wonders, was the former GOP presidential candidate thinking two years ago when he supped with the man he now claims to deplore while seeking an appointment as secretary of state?

    Much of Romney’s complaint is over manners. Yes, the president is a boor. Most people, including many of Trump’s supporters, recognize that. Trump won not because of his etiquette but because of what he stood for—and against. READ MORE...

  • What the World Thinks of Trump’s America Now

    America is the most powerful nation on earth. It possesses the strongest military, largest economy, and dominant culture. Nevertheless, such factors do not necessarily translate into the international respect or popularity.

    Indeed, the willingness of other nations to trust the U.S. with its extraordinary power is on the wane. That, in turn undermines American influence. The better this nation’s image, the more foreign governments are likely to cooperate with Washington in advancing shared goals. READ MORE...