• In Wisconsin, School Choice Has Unexpected Benefits

    In Wisconsin, School Choice Has Unexpected Benefits

    Elisha Doerr would not have had an opportunity to attend Wisconsin Lutheran High School, a Milwaukee-based private boarding school, if it weren’t for a school choice program.

    The school’s excellent curricula and the religious community were valuable to Doerr, 18, who now attends Harvard University and is deciding between majoring in government or computer science.

    Raised in rural Waupun, Wisconsin, with six younger siblings, Doerr’s choice for a superior education in his hometown appeared limited.

    His parents, who had homeschooled Elisha, looked at Wisconsin Lutheran High School for its religious affiliation, but they needed financial assistance to send their son there.… Read More...

  • Study Shows School Choice Program Reduces Young Adult Crime

    Study Shows School Choice Program Reduces Young Adult Crime

    A first-of-its-kind paper on private school vouchers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, looks beyond student test scores and focuses on the impact the school choice vehicle has on crime reduction.

    “We took a representative sample of participants in the [Milwaukee Parental Choice Program] and carefully matched them to similar Milwaukee public school students and then tracked their outcomes over time,” Patrick Wolf, professor at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform, told The Daily Signal in an interview about the new paper.

    “Initially, those outcomes focused on test scores,” Wolf said, “but test scores are not everything that we want from a child.”

    Wolf and Corey DeAngelis, an education policy analyst with Cato Institute, evaluated the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, first launched in 1990.… Read More...

  • Van Jones Rejects ‘Sellout’ Label, Credits Trump for Prison Reform

    Van Jones Rejects ‘Sellout’ Label, Credits Trump for Prison Reform

    Van Jones, a former Obama administration official and leading commentator on the left, responded Friday to liberal critics who call him a “sellout” for agreeing to talk about prison reform at a major gathering of conservatives.

    “If you’re on Twitter calling me a sellout for working with Trump on criminal justice reform, here is what I know about you: If you’re on Twitter, you’re not in a federal prison because they don’t have Twitter in federal prison,” Jones said.

    “I don’t have to listen to you. I care about the people that are locked up. That’s what I care about,” Jones said, prompting applause from the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference.… Read More...

  • House Eyes Votes on 2 Gun Control Measures

    House Eyes Votes on 2 Gun Control Measures

    The Democrat-controlled House is expected to vote this week on two gun control bills, one of which would subject gun sales by licensed dealers to federal review while the other would impose a universal background check on gun owners.

    Last week, the House Judiciary Committee passed both measures on a 23-15 vote along party lines.

    In a public statement, the National Rifle Association said the measures would not cut off criminals’ access to firearms and instead would inconvenience law-abiding citizens.

    Reps. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., and Pete King, R-N.Y., are spearheading what some call the most high-profile action on gun control in two decades.… Read More...

  • County Declares Itself a 'Second Amendment Sanctuary'

    County Declares Itself a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

    New Mexico’s Quay County is pushing back against the state’s gun control bills by declaring itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.” The Quay County Commission voted unanimously Wednesday supporting the resolution to protect its citizens’ gun rights.

    Among the bills pending in the state Legislature that the commision is responding to is House Bill 8, which extends required background checks to sales between private citizens. Anyone trying to privately sell a gun would first have to get it cleared through the gun shop where it was initially purchased. These transactions often relate to guns being exchanged in the online market.… Read More...

  • Jewish Therapist Sues New York City for Banning His LGBT Counseling

    Jewish Therapist Sues New York City for Banning His LGBT Counseling

    Licensed psychotherapist Dr. Dovid Schwartz is suing the city of New York for infringing on his and his patients’ religious faith and freedom of speech by way of a new ordinance imposing limits on counseling services to LGBT patients that the city discredits.

    Schwartz is a member of the Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox Jewish Community in Brooklyn. The New York City Council’s “Counseling Censorship Law” restricts the counseling of an adult patient to change their same-sex attractions or discourage a person to choose the gender identity that doesn’t match his or her body.

    More specifically, the ordinance penalizes the illegal exchange of such services with hefty fees.… Read More...

  • World’s 2 Most Populous Countries Listed Among Most Dangerous for Christians

    World’s 2 Most Populous Countries Listed Among Most Dangerous for Christians

    Among the world’s 50 most dangerous countries for Christians listed in a new report are China and India, the two most populous countries.

    Now in its 27th year, Christian advocacy organization Open Doors’ “World Watch List” is an annual survey of religious liberty conditions for Christians around the world, measuring the degree of freedom a person has to practice their religious beliefs.

    In remarks Thursday at The Heritage Foundation, David Curry, the president and CEO of Open Doors USA, cited the rise of authoritarianism and nationalism in India and China as reasons for the unapologetic persecution of Christians. China moved up on the list from No.

  • 'Our Country Decided to Erase' Our Children, Says Ben Shapiro at March for Life

    ‘Our Country Decided to Erase’ Our Children, Says Ben Shapiro at March for Life

    Among the tens of thousands assembled in Washington for the 46th annual March for Life was conservative pundit and headliner Ben Shapiro.

    Shapiro’s speech started with highlighting the noteworthy American ideals of “life and liberty,” urging Americans to move forward by protecting such values for the unborn.

    “America was founded on the promise of God-given rights. Chief among them was life and liberty,” Shapiro said. “While America has imperfectly fulfilled that promise, we always move forward for the perfection of that promise.”

    “We built the country for our children,” Shapiro added. “We built our lives for our children. And then something happened.