• Conservative Celebrities On Social Media: Best Way For Hollywood “Minority” To Push Back

    Last weekend, comedian and actor Rob Schneider released a series of posts on the social media platform Twitter, decrying the ongoing censorship on the part of tech firms like Facebook, Twitter and a host of others, also chiming in with some prominent like-minded users who posted in the same vein.

    “We are in a real world Orwellian nightmare of censorship,” Schneider wrote in response to another user’s post, and any conservative, libertarian or constitutionalist would have to agree. As I asserted last week in this space, the cloying groupthink being imposed by Facebook and Twitter is but a test case for what liberal leaders envision for the nation at large.

  • Gov. Northam Cancels Speech Due To Looming Protests

    What If We Behaved As Leftists?

    They label their opponents as racists – one of the most odious things a person can be thought of in America – with absolutely no substantiation for the charge, and they do it unceasingly. When words fail, they violently attack those with whom they disagree. Indeed, they routinely countenance violence yet, in passive-aggressive stance, bleat like helpless, wretched victims when their opponents take the offensive or even suggest taking the offensive.

    In the workplace, they take improper liberties with their subordinates and engage in fraud in order to get their children into high-profile universities. Their captains of industry conspire to corner emerging markets and then scheme to marginalize vast segments of the populace and business interests in order to advance their malignant political agenda, then lie to Congress when questioned about it.

  • The Power Of The Left's Emotional, Subversive Blackmail

    The Power Of The Left’s Emotional, Subversive Blackmail

    In dealing with the general public, emotional blackmail is one of the chief weapons in the arsenal of the political left. For decades now, hyperbolic appeals to Americans’ emotions have been employed not only to sway individuals in the interest of issues and causes, but to shape our opinions and our worldview as well.

    An object lesson in this phenomenon came to the fore just this week when press reports featured a scene in the new Netflix documentary “Our Planet,” which is presented by British naturalist David Attenborough (who produced the acclaimed “Blue Planet” documentaries for the BBC).

  • The 2 Reasons Obama Criminalized Intel Agencies

    The 2 Reasons Obama Criminalized Intel Agencies

    Amidst the saturnalia which ensued over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe being unable to determine just how often President Donald Trump beats his wife, it was gratifying to hear more sober interpretations in Sunday’s announcement by Attorney General William Barr.

    First, it would probably be appropriate to clarify that there is no evidence, nor has there ever been evidence presented that the president beats his wife. In this case, there haven’t even been accusations thereof, as far as I know – but my satirical framing of the issue is quite germane to the topic of baseless accusations and irrelevant conclusions.

    On Monday, listeners to both Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s radio shows were treated to a bit of the unexpected in their opening monologues, juxtaposed against the jubilation attendant to the Mueller probe being unable to tie the Trump campaign to collusion with Russia in order to rig the 2016 presidential election.

  • Third Reich Redux: Don't Say We Weren't Warned

    Third Reich Redux: Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned

    As widely reported in the press and widely discussed on social media venues, a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey indicated that nearly two-thirds of registered voters believe that the Democratic Party supports socialism; further, that a whopping 56 percent of those aged 18-24 and 48 percent of those aged 25-34 favor a “mostly socialist” system.

    Now, for those who may be exclaiming that it’s time to put a fork in America “because we’re done,” the latter two stats are admittedly pretty worrisome, even if one factors in the unreliability of some polls due to selective sampling and subjective interpretation. The numbers in question are even up from those of a 2016 Harvard University survey of adults between the ages 18 and 29, which reported that 51 percent of these did not support capitalism, with only 33 percent stating that they supported socialism instead.

  • Racialist Left's Demonization Of Trump Supporters

    Racialist Left’s Demonization Of Trump Supporters

    Most people of my generation are well aware that George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel “1984” was a treatise on totalitarian socialism or, as Orwell put it, “oligarchical collectivism.” In the novel, the all-powerful State was the sole arbiter of reality, even to the stunning degree that cold, hard facts relating to just about anything could be summarily denied. If the State said that two plus two equals five, then two plus two became five.

    Sadly, this is what we are seeing develop in the Western world at present, even more insidiously than in Orwell’s time, when this writer and many of his generation feared the encroachment of such a system.

  • Was Bomb Mailer Cesar Sayoc A Leftist Operative?

    Was Bomb Mailer Cesar Sayoc A Leftist Operative?

    Projection – the act of accusing an adversary of engaging in untoward behavior in which one is actually engaging themselves – has been rampant in recent months on the part of leftist operatives. While these have engaged in incivility, purveyed incendiary rhetoric, displayed fascistic tendencies and called for violence against their political opponents, they have repeatedly accused President Donald Trump, his surrogates and supporters of the very same actions.

    Projection has been a go-to tactic of leftists for decades, but its use has increased exponentially in recent months, probably due to the left’s almost palpable desperation.

    Following a nationwide manhunt, on Friday federal authorities arrested 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc, a Florida man accused of sending explosive devices to prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump.

  • Political Theater: From Kavanaugh To The Wall

    Political Theater: From Kavanaugh To The Wall

    It is doubtful that there has been a more ignominious exemplification of seedy political theater in America than what is now occurring in the Washington Beltway. While I am not solely referencing the ongoing controversy over President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, this debacle could certainly be called central to the plot thereof.

    Here we have, within days of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s up-or-down vote on Kavanaugh, an individual who appeared from the shadows making allegations of sexual impropriety against the nominee. Some pundits were quick to recognize the similarity between this ploy and the craven attempts to torpedo the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with equally feeble charges when President George H.W.

  • The Unhinged Left's Out-Of-Control Mouths

    The Unhinged Left’s Out-Of-Control Mouths

    When asked by TMZ on Sunday whether a Broadway musical was an appropriate venue in which to express pro-Trump sentiments, legendary Broadway actress Carole Cook came up with a decidedly inappropriate – and very illustrative – answer. TMZ’s question was a follow-up to one they’d asked Cook referencing an earlier incident in which Broadway actor Timothy Hughes snatched a pro-Trump flag from an audience member.

    “My answer to that is, where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” Cook said.

    John Wilkes Booth, of course, is the actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

    I’ve discussed the double standard that exists among those on the political left with regard to incendiary and uncouth rhetoric in painstaking detail in this space, as well as the unvarnished antipathy they hold for President Donald Trump.

  • Prosecute Those Who Incite Mob Violence - Including Maxine Waters!

    Prosecute Those Who Incite Mob Violence – Including Maxine Waters!

    It’s one thing – albeit a decidedly detestable one – when we have elected officials and deep state operatives subverting the law of the land in order to facilitate the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants into the United States. It’s entirely another when their actions in the pursuit of this agenda descend to the level of criminality.

    If I were to publicly incite mob violence against someone I disliked in the city in which I live, I am quite certain that I would be swiftly prosecuted. I’m pretty sure that the same would apply to nearly all readers of this column.

  • The Left's Dehumanizing Rhetorical Cesspool

    The Left’s Dehumanizing Rhetorical Cesspool

    One need not look too far to find an instance of some prominent liberal unleashing a mouthful of profane derision upon someone who has given them offense for one reason or another. These days, this sort of thing has been chiefly reserved for President Donald Trump and members of his family, although practically anyone who runs afoul of leftist orthodoxy is very much considered fair game.

    Personally, I don’t have much of a problem with scathing criticism of one’s political opponents, particularly if they are decidedly odious or perennially mouthy individuals. I also find it gratifying that President Trump is the only chief executive in modern times who has the ability and the inclination to dish out in kind what he so often receives from his detractors.

  • Why Did Trump Pick "Swamp Monster" Elaine Chao For His Cabinet?

    Why Did Trump Pick “Swamp Monster” Elaine Chao For His Cabinet?

    In recent years, it has become apparent that the Republican establishment is nearly as rife with the corruption of personal avarice and progressive ideology as the Democratic establishment, if not just as much so. Much of this came to light during the Obama administration, and I was never hesitant to point that out in this space when such evidence came to my attention.

    In our quest to drain the Washington swamp and systematically uncovering “swamp monsters” in the course of doing so, it is important that we play no favorites, regardless of what an individual’s station or perceived value might be.

  • Tech Giants & The Phone Book: Why Government Isn't Needed To Deal With Google & Facebook

    Tech Giants & The Phone Book: Why Government Isn’t Needed To Deal With Google & Facebook

    Remember telephone books? “The phone book” was once as ubiquitous and as essential a household item as the doorknob. Guides to all of the existing telephone numbers in one’s locality, they were published by “the phone company.”

    Each telephone book was divided into two sections: The White Pages and the Yellow Pages.

    The first set was printed on white paper and contained all of the residential telephone numbers in a locality; the second set was printed on yellow paper and contained all of the listings for businesses that catered to consumers.

    In big cities, these directories could be quite large.

    Sometimes, the White Pages and the Yellow Pages were actually two separate volumes or more.

  • Feminism's Insidious Role As A Leftist Weapon

    Feminism’s Insidious Role As A Leftist Weapon

    The utility of feminism as we currently understand it as a weapon of the far left and the toll it has taken on our culture cannot be underestimated.

    Many readers will take it as given that women’s rights, like many civil rights issues, was co-opted by leftists decades ago; still, the sinister effects of this phenomenon tend to remain elusive.

    In many areas, feminism has affected our collective worldview in destructive ways that even astute observers of our sociopolitical dynamic have not recognized.

    The impact feminism has had on our society goes far beyond issues of parity in the law and the workplace, areas in which nearly all Americans agree there have been extreme deficiencies throughout our history as a nation.

  • The Beltway Swamp: "Here There Be Monsters"

    The Beltway Swamp: “Here There Be Monsters”

    Writing this week for the New York Post, columnist Michael Goodwin outlined the ramifications of the release of a hotly contested, recently declassified House memo that covers aspects of the federal government illegally spying on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

    I say “outlined” rather than “detailed” because although Goodwin’s piece is quite informative, it would have to be a book-length treatise in order to truly detail the sinister Deep State dynamics in play.

    Beltway Democratic power players and lawmakers vigorously resisted the release of the memo, no doubt because they know it could be a first step (or even a major step) toward extricating leftists from their position of pre-eminence in Washington.