• Border Patrol Catches 116 Africans at Texas Border

    The Border Patrol is seeing an increase in migrants from African countries who are blending in with the large numbers crossing the southern border illegally through Central America.

    Agents assigned to at the Del Rio, Texas, sector apprehended 116 individuals last week from African countries as they crossed the border from Mexico.

    Those caught around 10:30 p.m. CT May 30 included nationals from Angola, Cameroon, and Congo.

    The Del Rio sector encountered 182 large groups with more than 100 individuals during the current fiscal year, which began in  October. But this was the first encounter with African migrants, according to U.S.… Read More...

  • Trump Seeks to Unify GOP Around Immigration Goals

    President Donald Trump hopes to unite Republicans behind new immigration goals that focus on border security and a merit-based system that keeps legal immigration at current levels.

    The president is set to deliver a Rose Garden address on the plan at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

    Trump wants more people coming to the country to fill new jobs in the expanding economy, and is concerned that Democrat lawmakers routinely stick together, especially in the Senate.

    Senior administration officials contend Trump’s plan will make legal immigration more fair and is in the national interest. They contend that it will bring in, and keep, the best and the brightest legal immigrants.… Read More...

  • 6 Things to Know About the Prosecutor Investigating Spying on Trump Campaign

    John Durham, known for prosecuting FBI agents connected to infamous mobster James “Whitey” Bulger, is now a fourth attorney general’s pick to lead a special investigation into suspected government misconduct.

    The Justice Department confirmed to media outlets that Attorney General William Barr named Durham, now U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut, to look into why and how department and FBI officials began investigating associates of President Donald Trump before the 2016 election.

    Durham’s resume includes investigating the mafia and crooked politicians.

    Attorneys general from the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama administrations all previously appointed Durham to lead special investigations.… Read More...

  • White House Criticizes Equality Act, but Stops Short of Veto Threat

    A Trump administration official criticized legislation supported by House Democrats that would gut a landmark 1993 religious freedom law while adding sexual orientation and gender identity protections to federal civil rights law.

    The White House has not yet issued a formal veto threat or a statement of administration policy about the Equality Act, which House Democrats are expected to pass this week, however.

    “The Trump administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights,” an administration official said in a statement issued to reporters late Monday.… Read More...

  • Denver’s ‘Magic Mushroom’ Vote Moves Drug Legalization Beyond Pot

    The decision by Denver voters last week to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms marked a significant shift in the debate over legalizing illegal drugs–which up to this point revolved entirely around marijuana.

    Denver becomes the first major American city to decriminalize another controlled substance, after 21 states, including Colorado, either decriminalized, legalized, or allowed small amounts of marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Drug policy experts disagree on whether the results of the Denver referendum on psychedelic mushrooms mark a domino for more legalization efforts, however.

    “The movement was never about marijuana; it was always about legalizing all drugs,” said Kevin Sebat, a senior adviser in the White House Office of National Drug Policy under Presidents Bill Clinton, George W.… Read More...

  • Conservatives Urge White House to Oppose Democrats’ Equality Act White House Yet to Issue Formal Statement Opposing Democrats’ Equality Act

    Conservative organizations are holding firm against House Democrats’ legislation they say would undermine religious liberty, and some conservatives want the White House to take a stronger stance.

    Almost 100 conservative leaders signed onto a statement Friday opposing the Equality Act.

    Names on the statement from the Conservative Action Project include leaders of the Family Research Council, the March for Life, Heritage Action for America, the Media Research Center, Judicial Watch, and American Values.

    Under President Donald Trump, the White House routinely issues a statement of administration policy for various bills–stating whether it would suggest the president sign or veto legislation and why.… Read More...

  • Trump Offers New Protections for Conscience on National Day of Prayer

    Trump Offers New Protections for Conscience on National Day of Prayer

    President Donald Trump spoke out on religious freedom Thursday, as he vowed to protect conscience rights and to combat anti-Semitism.

    “Just today, we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students, and faith-based charities,” Trump said at a White House Rose Garden event with faith leaders from across the country on hand for the National Day of Prayer. “They’ve been wanting to do that a long time.”

    Every American “has the absolute right to live according to the teachings of their faith and the convictions of their heart,” the president said. “This is the bedrock of American life.… Read More...

  • House Democrats Try to Block Withdrawal From Climate Pact

    House Democrats Try to Block Withdrawal From Climate Pact

    The Democrat-controlled House is set to vote this week on a measure to keep the United States in the Obama-era Paris climate agreement, from which President Donald Trump withdrew in June 2017, within six months of becoming president.

    HR 9, the Climate Action Now Act, would block federal funds from being used to exit the agreement that the Obama administration had a major hand in crafting. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., chairwoman of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

    But another member of the select committee, Rep. Carol Miller, R-W.Va., proposes an amendment on the basis that the Paris Agreement harms the economy of her coal-producing state, The Daily Signal has confirmed.… Read More...

  • Cuomo, NY AG James ‘Illegally’ Targeting NRA, Trump Says

    Cuomo, NY AG James ‘Illegally’ Targeting NRA, Trump Says

    President Donald Trump on Monday called the New York state attorney general’s newly announced probe of the National Rifle Association illegal, and an expert on laws regarding nonprofits contends that the probe is at minimum improper.

    Trump said it was a concerted effort to “take down and destroy” the NRA.

    “When a state attorney general uses the power vested in the attorney general’s office to improperly use [it] against organizations for political purposes, it could be illegal,” Cleta Mitchell, a Washington lawyer who advises nonprofits and was co-counsel to the NRA in a 2002 Supreme Court case, told The Daily Signal.… Read More...

  • 4 Things to Expect From Trump and Congress in Wake of Mueller Probe

    4 Things to Expect From Trump and Congress in Wake of Mueller Probe

    Despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings in his final report, congressional Democrats want to continue investigating—and even consider impeaching—President Donald Trump.

    The Mueller report, issued last week, concluded that neither Trump nor his campaign conspired with Russian operatives in meddling with the 2016 presidential campaign. However, it left a murkier picture on the question of obstruction of justice, painting an unflattering picture of the president trying to influence the probe, and his aides declining to do so.

    That offered enough of a trail of bread crumbs for a House Democratic majority eager to investigate something to follow.

    Here’s a look at four things to expect going forward after the Mueller report.… Read More...

  • Key Takeaways From the Mueller Report on Trump and Russia

    Key Takeaways From the Mueller Report on Trump and Russia

    The final report by special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, but details in the 448-page document provide fodder for congressional Democrats who want more investigations.

    The lightly redacted report released by the Justice Department states that President Donald Trump feared appointment of a special counsel would mean the “end” of his presidency.

    But it does not say conclusively that the president tried to obstruct the probe, and Attorney General William Barr determined that the evidence did not support criminal charges.

    House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said Thursday that Barr will testify May 2, and that Mueller himself will testify shortly after that.… Read More...

  • 4 Big Questions About Sending Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities

    4 Big Questions About Sending Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities

    The Trump administration is exploring the legality of transporting illegal immigrants who the government can’t detain to sanctuary cities, which by definition welcome illegal immigrants.

    Prominent Democrats say they oppose the idea, and even supporters say President Donald Trump could be trolling Democrats in a public relations move.

    If Trump moves forward with the notion, it almost certainly would be litigated.

    Here’s a look at key questions surrounding the proposal.

    1. Where Would Illegal Immigrants Be Transported?

    More than 170 cities and counties have some sort of sanctuary law prohibiting local law enforcement from assisting federal immigration authorities, and in some cases jurisdictions may even obstruct enforcement.… Read More...

  • 10 Years After First Rallies, What’s the Legacy of the Tea Party?

    10 Years After First Rallies, What’s the Legacy of the Tea Party?

    It was Tax Day 2009 when citizens gathered in 850 cities across the nation for tea party rallies protesting the recent $700 billion federal bailouts of banks and automakers, an $800 billion economic stimulus package, and, more broadly, government deficits and debt.

    On April 15 this year, Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest tea party groups, will sponsor “Stop Socialism, Choose Freedom” rallies across the country.

    On the movement’s 10th anniversary, the phrase “tea party” is seldom used, but organizers there at the beginning say the spirit and principles continue even as the country continues to face mounting fiscal challenges.… Read More...

  • 4 Big Issues in Attorney General’s First Hearing After Mueller Report

    4 Big Issues in Attorney General’s First Hearing After Mueller Report

    The special counsel’s report on Russia’s election meddling will be released with redactions within a week, and the results of a separate probe into alleged Justice Department misconduct is coming within two months, Attorney General William Barr told a House panel Tuesday.

    House Democrats, who weren’t happy to hear about redactions in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, also grilled the attorney general on other issues such as the Justice Department’s position on states’ litigation over Obamacare.

    Barr delivered an opening statement on the Justice Department’s budget priorities, under the purview of the House Appropriations subcommittee. Aside from that, though, there was little talk about fiscal issues.… Read More...

  • Cotton Seeks IRS Inquiry Into Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tax Status

    Cotton Seeks IRS Inquiry Into Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tax Status

    Sen. Tom Cotton has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal activist organization that regularly brands organizations it opposes as “hate groups.”

    Cotton, R-Ark., said the probe is needed for “protecting taxpayer dollars from a racist and sexist slush fund devoted to defamation.”

    The Arkansas lawmaker wrote a letter Tuesday to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, calling for the tax agency to probe whether the SPLC should retain its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

    “Recent news reports have confirmed the long-established fact that the SPLC regular engaged in defamation of its political opponents,” he wrote. “In fact, the SPLC’s defining characteristic is to fundraise off of defamation.”

    He added, “The business model has paid well.”

    The letter notes that the SPLC has $500 million in assets with $121 million in offshore non-U.S.… Read More...