• Trump Tightens Grip on EPA Amid Resisting Bureaucracy

    Trump Tightens Grip on EPA Amid Resisting Bureaucracy

    A political appointee will become the No. 2 lawyer at the Environmental Protection Agency, in a change announced Thursday aimed at ensuring that someone committed to President Donald Trump’s agenda is in charge.

    The move comes as news reports indicate parts of the federal bureaucracy—including some who had key jobs during the previous administration—have rebelled against the elected president.

    The change in who serves as EPA’s deputy general counsel also comes as the agency seeks more uniformity in legal interpretations from its regional offices across the country, The Daily Signal has learned. READ MORE...

  • NATO Chief Credits Trump for Allies' Boosting Defense Spending

    NATO Chief Credits Trump for Allies’ Boosting Defense Spending

    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says allies are stepping up in their commitments to defense spending, and gives some of the credit to President Donald Trump.

    Stoltenberg also told an audience at The Heritage Foundation in Washington on Friday that the international defense alliance likely would not name its headquarters after Sen. John McCain, the veteran Arizona Republican and prominent defense hawk who died Aug. 25.

    “President Trump has been outspoken on this issue, and I have thanked him for his leadership on defense spending,” Stoltenberg said at the leading conservative think tank’s Capitol Hill headquarters. “Since President Trump took office, NATO allies across Europe and Canada have spent an additional $41 billion extra in U.S. dollars on defense.” READ MORE...

  • Trump Fumes Over Senate Democrats’ Stalling Tactics on Nominees

    Trump Fumes Over Senate Democrats’ Stalling Tactics on Nominees

    Senate Democrats have President Donald Trump’s attention with their historic level of procedural delays to stall the seating of judges and start dates for nominees to key executive branch posts.

    Trump fired off a tweet Monday aimed at Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., complaining about 193 nominees awaiting consideration by Senate committees, while 127 others await a vote on the Senate floor.

    Chuck Schumer is holding up 320 appointments (Ambassadors, Executives, etc.) of great people who have left jobs and given up so much in order to come into Government. Schumer and the Democrats continue to OBSTRUCT! READ MORE...

  • Trump Administration Challenges Washington Post Hispanic Passport Story

    Trump Administration Challenges Washington Post Hispanic Passport Story

    The Trump administration is pushing back against the accuracy of a Washington Post story that suggests Hispanics applying for passports are facing discrimination from the federal government.

    Writing that “a growing number of people whose official birth records show they were born in the United States but who are now being denied passports — their citizenship suddenly thrown into question,” The Washington Post reported in an Aug. 29 article that:

    The Trump administration is accusing hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies, and it is undertaking a widespread crackdown. READ MORE...

  • Fact-Checking 4 of Critics' Claims About Brett Kavanaugh

    Fact-Checking 4 of Critics’ Claims About Brett Kavanaugh

    Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to serve on the Supreme Court is the most contentious issue in the Senate, prompting intense partisan debate and numerous claims about his views.

    President Donald Trump nominated the federal appeals court judge July 8 to fill the seat of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

    Here are the facts on four of Democrats’ negative claims about Kavanaugh, 53, who currently sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

    1. Nixon and the Watergate Tapes

    Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., accused Kavanaugh of believing that, as president, Richard Nixon should not have had to surrender secretly recorded tapes during the Watergate scandal. READ MORE...

  • Left Ramps Up Calls for Trump Impeachment After Associates' Convictions

    Left Ramps Up Calls for Trump Impeachment After Associates’ Convictions

    Liberal activists—some of whom have called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for more than a year— have grown louder after the convictions of two Trump associates last week.

    Billionaire Tom Steyer, who already has spent millions on TV ads and runs the Need to Impeach petition campaign that has collected 5.6 million signatures, released a new ad Tuesday.

    “How much more does Congress need to see? Donald Trump has now been implicated in two felony crimes,” Steyer says in the new ad, part of a new $1 million campaign. READ MORE...

  • Electoral College Foes Continue Push to Make Popular Vote Winner President

    Electoral College Foes Continue Push to Make Popular Vote Winner President

    Efforts to elect the president by popular vote has had mixed popularity this year, as Arizona and Maine failed to gather the required number of signatures to appear on the November ballot.

    Still, after the Connecticut Legislature voted in May to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, the plan is just 98 Electoral College votes shy of becoming a reality.

    Under the compact, states that join agree to award their electors to the presidential candidate who wins the nationwide popular vote, even if the candidate loses that state. READ MORE...