• Liberals Seeking to Jail Top Trump Administration Officials Face Big Obstacles

    Some congressional Democrats want nothing more than to hand Attorney General William Barr and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (among others) a “GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL” card like the ones you find in the game of Monopoly. But calls to lock them up are unjustified and uncalled for.

    What would jailing two Cabinet members be based on?

    The attorney general’s handling of the report by special counsel Robert Mueller has been in accord with federal law, the federal rules of criminal procedure, and Justice Department regulations.

    There is no “cover-up” by President Donald Trump going on, as wrongly claimed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.… Read More...

  • New York Times May Have Broken Law by Publishing Trump’s Tax Returns

    The New York Times no doubt considers it quite a coup to have obtained and published President Donald Trump’s tax return information from 1985 to 1994. But doing so violated Trump’s right under federal law to the confidentiality of his tax returns.

    The Times—which reported that Trump’s businesses lost $1.17 billion during the 10-year period—has no more right to Trump’s tax returns than it has to mine or those of any of you reading these words.

    Confidentiality, as the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held in 1991 in U.S. v. Richey, is essential to “maintaining a workable tax system.”

    Taxpayer privacy is “fundamental to a tax system that relies on self-reporting” since it protects “sensitive or otherwise personal information,” said then-Judge (now Supreme Court Justice) Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1986 in another case when she served on the U.S.… Read More...

  • Against Liberal Assaults, Barr Proves Unflappable

    Against Liberal Assaults, Barr Proves Unflappable

    Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee—some of them candidates for their party’s presidential nomination and hungry for TV exposure—battered Attorney General William Barr Wednesday with hostile and often insulting questions when he testified about his handling of the report by special counsel Robert Mueller.

    But Barr remained unflappable in his testimony about the Mueller report, which looked at Russian interference in our last presidential election and allegations that President Donald Trump obstructed the Mueller probe.

    At the end of the day, Barr emerged unscathed from the Democratic assault. And the Democratic would-be presidents had their video clips for future campaign commercials, showing how tough they could be in battling the Trump administration.… Read More...

  • Mueller Report Clearing Trump Should Prompt Congress to Halt Endless Investigations

    Mueller Report Clearing Trump Should Prompt Congress to Halt Endless Investigations

    The report by special counsel Robert Mueller released Thursday by Attorney General William Barr confirms that Barr was completely accurate when he told Congress in March that Mueller found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the Trump election campaign and Russian officials.

    The second half of the nearly 450-page report also confirms Barr’s legal conclusion that there was no obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

    Portions of the report have been redacted to protect the confidentiality of grand jury material, ongoing prosecutions, and national security. But these redactions affect only a relatively small part of the overall report.

    Even with these redactions, the report makes it clear that no Americans—including no one in the Trump campaign—cooperated, coordinated, or colluded with Moscow’s attempts to influence our 2016 election.… Read More...

  • The Fight Over Trump’s Tax Returns Will End Up in the Supreme Court. Here’s Why.

    The Fight Over Trump’s Tax Returns Will End Up in the Supreme Court. Here’s Why.

    Should elected officials be allowed to gain access to the federal income tax returns of American taxpayers? When President Richard Nixon tried to do this to get dirt on his political opponents he was deservedly condemned and Congress passed a law in 1976 to bar the practice. But now Democrats want to ignore that law to get their hands on President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

    Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code guarantees the confidentiality of all our tax returns—yours, mine, and even Trump’s.

    A recent Congressional Research Service report notes that federal officials are prohibited from disclosing taxpayer returns and information without the taxpayer’s consent.… Read More...

  • Barr Should Focus on 2 Questions When Investigating Spying on Trump Campaign

    Barr Should Focus on 2 Questions When Investigating Spying on Trump Campaign

    Democrats sharply attacked Attorney General William Barr for telling the truth when he acknowledged in Senate testimony Wednesday that federal law enforcement officers had spied on the Trump presidential campaign.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York were the highest ranking congressional Democrats saying they were outraged. Why? Because Barr simply acknowledged reality.

    Schumer tweeted that Barr was “peddling conspiracy theories.” Pelosi said “I don’t trust Barr.” And Hoyer told Fox News that Barr is “acting as an employee of the president … to protect the president.

    “I think spying did occur,” Barr told a Senate Appropriations Committee subcommittee.… Read More...

  • Once Again, a Liberal Activist Judge Is Halting a Sensible Immigration Policy

    Once Again, a Liberal Activist Judge Is Halting a Sensible Immigration Policy

    If you look up the phrase “activist judge” in the liberal lexicon, one of the names that will no doubt appear at the top of the list is Richard Seeborg, a federal district court judge in San Francisco appointed by President Barack Obama.

    Earlier this month, Seeborg issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against the Trump administration’s sensible asylum policy.  This isn’t Seeborg’s first act of judicial activism: he is also the judge who issued a similar injunction against reinstating a citizenship question on the U.S. Census based on the claim that to do so would violate the Constitution. That case is now before the U.S.… Read More...

  • Here Are 4 Things William Barr Should Focus on Right Away

    Here Are 4 Things William Barr Should Focus on Right Away

    With the confirmation of William Barr as the 85th attorney general of the United States, we now have an experienced hand leading the Department of Justice.

    At his confirmation hearing, Barr vowed to focus on violent crime, enforce our immigration laws, and protect the right to vote. But our country faces many additional challenges today, many of which require the active involvement of the attorney general. Barr, who also served in the post under President George H.W. Bush, is uniquely qualified to lead the department at this time.

    It would have been hard for President Donald Trump to pick someone with a more detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the Justice Department and Capitol Hill.… Read More...

  • Cohen's History of Falsehoods Makes His Upcoming Congressional Testimony Worthless

    Cohen’s History of Falsehoods Makes His Upcoming Congressional Testimony Worthless

    Before he begins a three-year prison sentence for lying to the Internal Revenue Service about the taxes he owed, lying to financial institutions, and lying to Congress, Michael Cohen—President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney—is scheduled to testify about Trump at a congressional hearing Feb. 7.

    Anti-Trump Democrats and others who hate the president are sure to love Cohen’s testimony. While Cohen said in 2017 that he would “take a bullet” to protect Trump, that turned out to be yet another lie.

    It turns out Cohen secretly recorded phone calls with Trump—hardly ethical behavior for a lawyer dealing with a client. And he has spent over 70 hours talking with federal prosecutors in New York City and from the office of special counsel Robert Mueller about his own crimes and making allegations of wrongdoing by Trump.

  • Taqiyya (Sacred Deception): A historical example

    Cohen, Manafort Developments Don’t Reveal Any Illegal Conduct or Collusion by Trump, His Campaign

    Amid the media hysteria over Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and discussions between the lawyers representing Paul Manafort and President Donald Trump, it’s important to understand from a legal standpoint what this means—and what it does not.

    We don’t know what other evidence special counsel Robert Mueller may have that hasn’t yet been disclosed. But the evidence disclosed to date—including in Cohen’s plea deal—still doesn’t reveal any illegal conduct by Trump or his campaign or any collusion with the Russian government to change the outcome of the 2016 election. There is nothing illegal or unethical about discussions and sharing of information between lawyers representing individuals who may be the focus of the same prosecutor.

  • A Federal Court Just Limited Your First Amendment Right to Freely Associate

    A Federal Court Just Limited Your First Amendment Right to Freely Associate

    Should you be forced to disclose your charitable donations to the government?

    Is it an invasion of your privacy and a violation of your First Amendment rights if the government requires nonprofit membership organizations that you join and contribute to—such as the NAACP, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National Right to Life Committee, or Americans for Prosperity—to send your name to the government?

    Unfortunately, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sees nothing wrong with such invasive mandates in a dubious decision that threatens the ability of Americans to support the causes and organizations they believe in that are an integral part of how our democracy works.

  • Trump’s New Executive Order Is a Positive Step for Securing Elections

    Trump’s New Executive Order Is a Positive Step for Securing Elections

    President Donald Trump’s new executive order allowing the sanctioning of foreign individuals attempting to influence American elections is a necessary step in the right direction, but more can be done.

    The Heritage Foundation consistently recommends pushing back against nation-state actors who use cyber and other means to attack American interests. This new executive order is a welcome response to these recommendations.

    The executive order—which establishes an interagency process for determining if foreign influence has occurred and for sanctioning those responsible—is inherently reactionary. But it does attempt to change the calculus of hostile foreign heads of state, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, by incrementally constraining those “foreign persons” that other governments and entities use to conduct these cyber-attacks and illicit influence operations.

  • Newly Disclosed Strzok-Page Texts Reveal FBI-DOJ 'Media Leak Strategy'

    Newly Disclosed Strzok-Page Texts Reveal FBI-DOJ ‘Media Leak Strategy’

    Peter Strzok has been fired from his job at the FBI, but the hits from his text messages to his former mistress, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, just keep on coming.

    In the latest development, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., has written a letter to Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, disclosing that the latest documents provided to his committee by the Justice Department contained Strzok-Page texts that revealed “an apparent systemic culture of media leaking by high-ranking officials at the FBI and DOJ related to ongoing investigations.”

    Meadows, who chairs the Subcommittee on Government Operations of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, was referring to a text on April 10, 2017, in which Strzok tells Page that he wants to talk to her “about [a] media leak strategy with DOJ.”

    The reason that this is significant is that on April 11, the very next day, the Washington Post broke the story that the FBI had obtained FISA warrants to electronically eavesdrop on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page after convincing the FISA court that Page was “acting as an agent of a foreign power.”

    The Washington Post article cited “law enforcement” officials as the source of its story.

  • An Obama Judge Said Michigan's Voting Law Was Racially Motivated. A Higher Court Disagrees.

    An Obama Judge Said Michigan’s Voting Law Was Racially Motivated. A Higher Court Disagrees.

    Sanity has prevailed in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    A three-judge panel of that court, in very strong language, has stayed the absurd decision of an Obama-appointed judge, Gershwin A. Drain, who threw out the Michigan Legislature’s decision to eliminate straight-ticket voting for supposedly violating the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

    Michigan passed the law back in 2016, thus joining the 40 other states that do not have straight-ticket voting. Straight-ticket voting allows a voter to simply check a box for the Democrat or Republican Party, casting a ballot for all of that party’s candidates who are running for office.

  • Racial Discrimination at Harvard and America’s ‘Elite’ Universities

    Racial Discrimination at Harvard and America’s ‘Elite’ Universities

    The Justice Department made news on Thursday when it filed a “statement of interest” in a long-running lawsuit against Harvard University that supported claims of Asian-American students that the university is discriminating in its admission process.

    In fact, the evidence uncovered during the discovery process of the pending lawsuit seems overwhelming that Harvard is violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and has imposed a racial quota system, including a ceiling on the number of Asian-American students accepted, no matter how outstanding their qualifications.

    The Justice Department’s filing is in opposition to a motion recently filed by Harvard asking a federal court in Boston to throw out the lawsuit without a trial.