• The 2018 Midterms Matter. Don’t Let Others Determine the Outcome for You

    Listening to the pundits and prognosticators, you’d think control of Congress has already been decided. But the fight for our nation’s future is far from finished. It’s happening this week when millions will take part in their civic responsibility on Election Day.

    Regardless of who wins and who loses, there are certain issues the next Congress will be forced to address.

    The cost of health care is not sustainable for many Americans. Most polls show this is the top issue for voters—and for good reason. Eight years after President Barack Obama signed it into law, the Affordable Care Act has proved to be anything but affordable. It’s time for Congress to enact reforms that help reduce health care costs while increasing coverage choices for everyone. READ MORE...

  • Why a Nation in Turmoil Must Choose Civility

    Why a Nation in Turmoil Must Choose Civility

    In 1961, I participated in what one newspaper in Richmond, Virginia, called “one of the most ambitious experiments in race-mixing the South had seen.” With the nation in turmoil, 25 other black students and I helped integrate an all-white junior high school.

    Outside the school, we faced angry crowds determined to prevent us from getting a quality education in peace. Inside, we were constantly afraid of being confronted by the white toughs who took special joy in threatening us black kids.

    We were just 12 years old at the time, and we felt outnumbered, intimidated, and overwhelmed. READ MORE...

  • Nikki Haley: A Profile in Courage

    Nikki Haley: A Profile in Courage

    Yesterday, I had the honor of welcoming Ambassador Nikki Haley to The Heritage Foundation. And as she spoke before a packed audience, I realized we were witnessing a true profile in courage.

    Ambassador Haley’s principles and tenacity have served her well all her life, first as a young businesswoman, then as South Carolina’s first Indian-American legislator, and later as the Palmetto State’s first female and minority governor.

    And today, they serve America well in her role as our ambassador to the United Nations. READ MORE...

  • Why We Must Be Bold on Welfare Reform

    Why We Must Be Bold on Welfare Reform

    Washington is in a unique position to solve America’s welfare crisis for a very simple reason: Washington created it. The policy and programs it established a half-century ago have depleted people, obstructed their purpose, and extinguished their extraordinary possibilities.

    The evidence of this failure is all around us. Being black and the daughter of a former welfare recipient, I know firsthand the unintended harm welfare has caused. That’s why much of what I am about to share relates to the African American experience. But this isn’t a problem specific to us. When it comes to welfare, the black community is merely America’s “canary in the coalmine.” What has happened to so many African Americans can happen and is happening to any American subjected to the same failed liberal policies. READ MORE...

  • Let’s Make Washington Work Like We Do

    Let’s Make Washington Work Like We Do

    Last week, Washington, D.C., reminded us it lives by a different set of rules.

    That’s when Congress passed a spending bill that provided much-needed military funding—but also busted the budget caps that had previously held the line on federal spending.

    The result? An estimated $1.5 trillion will be added to the national debt, which is already so large it endangers America’s future.

    Now, if you or I spent beyond our means, we’d be in big trouble—fast. First would come the warning letters and calls from our creditors. Then our paychecks would be garnished. A rather lethal-looking gentleman would appear on our doorstep to repossess our car. And the bank would take our house. READ MORE...