• Majority of Voters in Blue States Like Trump Tax Cuts, Survey Finds

    Majority of Voters in Blue States Like Trump Tax Cuts, Survey Finds

    More than half of registered voters in blue or battleground states that Donald Trump won in the 2016 presidential election, each of which has a Democrat senator up for re-election, say the economy is better than it was a year ago, according to a new survey.  

    The survey, conducted by Axios and Survey Monkey, polled registered voters in 10 states that voted for Trump: Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    A majority of surveyed voters in nine of those states also are happy with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which Congress passed and Trump signed into law Dec. 22, the survey found. READ MORE...

  • Millennials Aren’t More Liberal on Gun Control Than Others

    Millennials Aren’t More Liberal on Gun Control Than Others

    Millennials aren’t more liberal on gun control than their parents or grandparents, according to recent polls. To the contrary, there’s some evidence that gun control is supported less by people 30 and younger now than previous generations.

    Gallup has been surveying adults under 30 for the past three years, and on average, they were just 1 percentage point more likely to support gun restrictions than the national average of 57 percent.

    “Young people statistically aren’t that much different than anybody else,” Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport told NPR. READ MORE...

  • Restricting Second Amendment Rights Won't Stop School Shootings

    Restricting Second Amendment Rights Won’t Stop School Shootings

    Dozens of conservative leaders are denouncing any effort by Congress to restrict Second Amendment rights, saying any such restrictions “will not prevent future tragedies” like the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.

    The Conservative Action Project released a memo that was signed by 72 conservative leaders in the wake of gun-control talks President Donald Trump held after the Florida shooting.

    In the memo Monday, the signatories—including former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, who is also the Reagan Fellow Emeritus at The Heritage Foundation, and former Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.—point out how existing laws, if enforced, would have prevented the shooting,  adding how more regulations would not prevent more shootings. READ MORE...

  • Schools Safer Now Than They Were in 90s, According to New Study

    Schools Safer Now Than They Were in 90s, According to New Study

    According to a new study, school shootings have declined since the early 1990s.

    “There is not an epidemic of school shootings,” said James Alan Fox, a professor of criminology, law, and public policy at Northeastern University.

    “The thing to remember is that these are extremely rare events, and no matter what you can come up with to prevent it, the shooter will have a workaround,” Fox also said.

    “The Three R’s of School Shootings: Risk, Readiness, and Response” is a new study that dives into the numbers of mass shootings at schools in the United States. READ MORE...

  • Americans Warm to Trump’s Tax Cuts

    Americans Warm to Trump’s Tax Cuts

    A majority of Americans now support the tax cuts passed by Republicans in Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump at Christmastime, a new poll finds.

    The poll conducted by The New York Times/SurveyMonkey found that 51 percent say they approve the tax cut, while 46 percent say they disapprove.

    The survey results are part of a trending upswing in favorability for the tax cuts, including a Monmouth University survey that found support jumped from 26 percent in December to 44 percent in late January. READ MORE...

  • Daily Caller’s Check Your Fact Wins Facebook's Seal of Approval as Reliable Fact-Checker

    Daily Caller’s Check Your Fact Wins Facebook’s Seal of Approval as Reliable Fact-Checker

    Facebook has added The Daily Caller’s Check Your Fact site to its list of official news fact-checkers.

    While Check Your Fact is “loyal to neither people nor party—only the truth,” it is owned by The Daily Caller, one of only two conservative media organizations journalism’s Poynter Institute lists as reliable fact-checking publications of Facebook’s 46, the other being The Weekly Standard’s Fact Check.

    When Facebook initially rolled out its fact-checking feature, The Daily Signal’s Katrina Trinko criticized the organization for relying on liberal fact-checkers. READ MORE...

  • An Admiral's Prescription for the Navy Our Nation Needs

    An Admiral’s Prescription for the Navy Our Nation Needs

    In the past 25 years, maritime traffic has increased 400 percent, and competition from the Russian and Chinese superpowers—or as Adm. John Richardson puts it, “‘great power’ competition”—is rising each day.

    The U.S. Navy has not kept pace with that growth, he warned.

    Richardson, the chief of naval operations, presented the case at the beginning of February at The Heritage Foundation for the Navy the nation needs, in which he outlined the seven dimensions to make the U.S. Navy great again. READ MORE...

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