• Merkel Attacks Trump In Harvard Speech

    (Bloomberg) German Chancellor Angela Merkel took aim at Donald Trump’s world view in a speech on U.S. soil, saying unilateralism risks bringing down post-World War II alliances and trade wars threaten the “foundations of our prosperity.”

    “More than ever, our way of thinking and actions have to be multilateral rather than unilateral,” Merkel said in a commencement speech to Harvard University’s class of 2019 that combined tough criticism of nationalist policies with philosophical vistas of a change for the better.

    Merkel, 64, was addressing a receptive audience on Thursday as she seeks halt a deterioration in the trans-Atlantic alliance under Trump’s presidency.

  • Judge Put Abortionists ‘Above The Law’

    A judge is letting an abortion business in St. Louis continue making money until at least next week even though it hasn’t been able to renew its state license, and a leader of the pro-life Operation Rescue says that’s no more or less than putting abortionists “above the law.”

    “This move essentially allows a dangerous abortion facility that is refusing to comply with minimum health and safety standards to remain open,” said OR chief Troy Newman on Friday.

    His comment came after Judge Michael Stelzer granted Planned Parenthood’s wish and ordered that the state could not yet cancel the license the business has been unable to renew.

  • Buttigieg’s Brother-in-Law: Family Story a Lie

    (Washington Examiner) CLIO, Michigan — Pete Buttigieg’s brother-in-law is accusing the gay Democratic presidential hopeful of hijacking his family’s history for political advantage by crafting a bogus backstory of poverty, homelessness, and homophobia.

    Rhyan Glezman, 34, a pastor in small-town Michigan, said he was inundated by death threats and hate mail when stories surfaced this month claiming he was a bigot who had fallen out with his younger brother Chasten when Chasten came out of the closet.

    The reports were based on a Washington Post article, which described how Chasten, 29, was forced out of the family home and never reconciled with his two brothers.

  • U.S. Cardinal: Opposing ‘Large-Scale Muslim Immigration’ Is Patriotic

    (CNS News) In contrast to the largely open border views of Pope Francis and other liberals at the Vatican, U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke said that resisting large-scale Muslim immigration “is the responsible exercise of one’s patriotism,” and added that you do not have to be a “rocket scientist” to know that many Muslims immigrate because they are “opportunists.” After all, said Cardinal Burke, Islam “by its definition believes itself to be destined to rule the world.”

    Cardinal Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis and former chief judge at the Vatican’s highest court, made his remarks at the Roman Life Forum, held in Rome, Italy, May 16-17.

  • ‘Evil’: Dred Scott, Roe, and Now ‘Equality Act’

    There was the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision in 1857, which actually endorsed slavery.

    Then there was the abortion right-creating Roe v. Wade high court ruling which had a foundation so shaky that even the justice who authored the opinion expressed his doubts.

    Now it’s the U.S. Congress, where the House last week adopted the “Equality Act.”

    It is nothing more or less than “a thinly veiled death sentence to the First Amendment to the Constitution,” James Dobson Family Institute founder James Dobson warned on Monday.

    “In the history of our nation, there have been times when evil was so apparent – and so heinous – that they stand in infamy decades later.

  • Judge Throws Out Unanimous Jury Verdict in Christmas-Light Fight

    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is being asked to restore a jury’s unanimous verdict against a homeowners’ association in a dispute over Christmas lights.

    First Liberty Institute filed the appeal on behalf of Jeremy and Kristy Morris, who are battling their HOA over their annual display of holiday lights at their home in Hayden, Idaho.

    A jury found the HOA targeted the Morrises with religious and other discrimination. It awarded them $60,000 in compensatory damages and $15,000 in punitive damages.

    The jury found the HOA revealed a “preference that a non-religious individual” should purchase the home the Morrises bought.

  • Archaeologists Find Secret Chamber Inside Nero’s Palace in Rome

    Archeologists have chanced upon an underground chamber decorated with images of panthers, centaurs and a sphinx in the remains of a vast palace built by the Emperor Nero in Rome.

    The room, which was part of the huge Domus Aurea palace built by the emperor in the first century AD, had remained hidden for nearly 2,000 years.

    It was discovered by accident during restoration of an adjacent area of the palatial complex, which was built on by subsequent emperors, including Trajan, and now lies interred beneath a hill next to the Colosseum in the historic heart of Rome.

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  • Islam Is Violent Because Of Founder, Muslim Expert Says

    Since 9/11, when Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people, Muslim advocacy groups in the United States have had considerable success promoting the notion that Islam is a religion of piece.

    Al-Qaida, ISIS and other such violent groups have nothing to do with Islam, goes the narrative.

    But Hamed Abdel-Samad, an Egyptian-born political scientist and author who emigrated to Germany, insists otherwise, arguing one need only examine the sacred texts and the founder of Islam.

    “ISIS is doing nothing different than Muhammad and his successors, at the time,” Abdel-Samad said in a talk show on the Austrian ServusTV channel. “They brought an ideology into the world, using weapons and the subjugation of peoples.

  • CNN Claims FBI Verified Most Of Steele Dossier

    Special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation debunked major claims in the infamous anti-Trump dossier of Russian sources and corroborated none of them.

    When put under oath, the author himself, former British spy Christopher Steele, admitted the contents were unverified. And the New York Times reported Steele now believes the feeding of the information to him may have been part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

    But that didn’t stop CNN’s Alisyn Camerota from declaring on her show Friday that the FBI corroborated “most of” of the dossier on Donald Trump.

    “They investigated everything that was in the dossier and corroborated most of it,” she said, the Daily Caller reported.

  • Stunning Number Of Americans Look To Bible For Answers

    Stunning Number Of Americans Look To Bible For Answers

    While researchers have observed an overall decline in the percent of Americans who identify as Christian, a newly published annual survey found nearly half of all adults engage with the Bible at least three or four times a year on their own.

    The “State of the Bible” study conducted by the Barna Group and commissioned by the American Bible Society found 48 percent engage three or four times a year by using, listening to, watching, praying or using Bible text outside of a church service.

    Significantly, the study shows that 21 million new people are looking to the Bible for wisdom and guidance this year.

  • Laura Loomer Crashes Facebook HQ After Ban

    Laura Loomer Crashes Facebook HQ After Ban

    (THEGATEWAYPUNDIT) — On May 2, 2019, Laura Loomer was permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram, and labeled as a “dangerous person” by the social media giant. Others who were banned include Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson.

    On Saturday Laura Loomer crashed the Facebook headquarters to speak with officials.

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  • Pew: Many Unhappy With Their Democracies

    Pew: Many Unhappy With Their Democracies

    U.S. Attorney General William Barr confirmed Wednesday in a Senate hearing he’s investigating evidence that Obama officials plotted to undermine Donald Trump during the 2016 election and after he won the White House.

    That might be one reason people are expressing a dissatisfaction with democracy, as a new Pew poll indicates.

    The poll finds people discontent about the economy, individual rights and “out-of-touch elites.”

    And not just in the United States.

    “Anger at political elites, economic dissatisfaction and anxiety about rapid social changes have fueled political upheaval in regions around the world in recent years,” Pew said. “Anti-establishment leaders, parties and movements have emerged on both the right and left of the political spectrum, in some cases challenging fundamental norms and institutions of liberal democracy.

  • Nancy Pelosi: AG Barr Committed a Crime

    Book: Obama Saw ‘Personal Insult’ In Trump Victory

    Barack Obama saw the 2016 presidential victory by Republican Donald Trump as a “personal insult” and expressed disbelief that the American people had “turned on him,” according to a new report.

    The Daily Mail obtained access to a new edition of the book “Obama: The Call of History” by New York Times correspondent Peter Baker.

    And it reports the publication “lays bare Obama’s fury over the election results.”

    Originally released in 2017, it now has been updated, with “electrifying” reporting about election day, the Mail said.

    “Barack Obama admitted ‘this stings’ after the 2016 election result and spent the night watching the movie Dr Strange to try and distract himself, a new book claims,” reported the Mail.

  • 515 News Outlets Targeted For Blacklist, Including Breitbart, Drudge

    515 News Outlets Targeted For Blacklist, Including Breitbart, Drudge

    The non-profit journalism group the Poynter Institute published a list of 515 media sites – including Breitbart News, WND and Drudge – that it wants blacklisted and shut down.

    Poynter claims on its “About” page that “it champions freedom of expression,” noted Breitbart News Editor-at-Large John Nolte.

    But it describes its list as an “index of unreliable news sites” and calls for advertisers to put the sites out of business.

    Facebook, as WND reported, commissioned Poynter to approve the organizations it uses to fact check “fake news,” which include the Associated Press, FackCheck.org, PolitiFact and Snopes.

    Poynter, in its introduction of its “UnNews index,” hopes the list will be “useful for advertisers that want to stop funding misinformation.”

    “Advertisers don’t want to support publishers that might tar their brand with hate speech, falsehoods or some kinds of political messaging – but too often, they have little choice in the matter,” says Poynter.

  • Democrats Strike $2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal With Trump

    Bill Maher: ‘Nothing Is Free … Neither Is College’

    (CAMPUSREFORM) — Leftist comedian Bill Maher challenged liberals over the weekend on his HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher” on a key 2020 issue: free college.

    Unlike many in his party, though, Maher challenged the conventional thinking of “free college,” pointing out that it would only hurt the poor.

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