• Is Pelosi Trying To Incite Rebellion On The Immigration Issue?

    Is Pelosi Trying To Incite Rebellion On The Immigration Issue?

    Oh, Nancy.

    The most disliked politician in America just can’t seem to help herself. California Democrat Nancy Pelosi was at it again, putting her foot in her mouth, and actually sounding like she was hoping to incite a rebellion.

    Nancy’s concern centered around the government policy of separating children from their criminal parents when they’re detained illegally entering the country. Oddly, she’s never voiced any of these concerns in the past 20 years… which is how long the policy of not detaining children in a government facility has been going on. READ MORE...

  • Former Radio Show Colleagues: MSNBC’s Joy Reid was ‘One Evil Woman’

    Former Radio Show Colleagues: MSNBC’s Joy Reid was ‘One Evil Woman’

    MSNBC host Joy Reid has been embroiled in one controversy after another for the last few months and if this latest story is any indication, the controversies surrounding her may not subside any time soon.

    After being caught, not once, not twice, but three different times as having written homophobic, Islamophobic, vile, and even violent content during her time as a blogger, Reid has finally apologized for the person “she used to be.” The problem is that when these issues were first re-discovered, Reid argued that her site had been hacked and someone had planted the vile posts to smear her. She even called in the FBI, but eventually she was forced to admit that there was no evidence of a hacking and it was possible that she had indeed written the problematic posts. (You can see the background on various posts and her lies – hereherehere, and here.) READ MORE...

  • Democrats Message On MS-13 Animals – They’re Not So Bad

    The American people are paying attention and they will force the Democrat Party to regret their decision give aid and comfort to such an evil organization as MS-13.

    The evidence that the Democrat Party is collapsing is all around us.

    It is self-evident. In 2016 the GOP was at its strongest since the end of the Civil War, when the Democrats were relegated to second-class status as the losers of that terrible war. The GOP held more Governors Mansions, more Statehouses, and more seats than they had in over 100 years! Meanwhile, the Democrat Party was having trouble fundraising, and while the Democrats may have half of the nations votes, the vast majority of those voters live in a few dozens metropolitan areas along our coastlines. READ MORE...

  • Was there a Spy, or Wasn’t There? Media Can’t Get their Story Straight!

    If you’re a bit confused about what is going on in the ongoing investigation in Russia’s impact on our 2016 election, and the role that the Trump campaign, the intelligence community, and the Clinton campaign may have had in what was happening… don’t be troubled that you can’t keep up.

    The media has done an amazing job blaming President Trump for muddying the waters, when it’s the media itself that has been attempting (and succeeding) to confuse everyone.

    For example, it was the Washington Post and the New York Times that originally broke the stories that revealed that there was a spy in the Trump campaign. READ MORE...

  • A Blue Wave In November 2018? Not So Fast!

    Remember that Democrat “Blue Wave” that Republicans were supposed to be so worried about?

    Yea, it might be time to stop worrying about that and start focusing on just how big we can win in the midterms.

    Just a few months ago the disparity between Democrats and Republicans in the polling seemed to suggest two things:

    • The Democrats were likely to win big in the House races, enough so that there was more than likely going to be a new Speaker of the House in 2019.
    • Democrat voters were far more energized than Republican voters, which would help protect Democrats just in case the polling began to swing back towards the GOP.

    Both of these things added up to a Democrat Blue Wave come November 2018, and this late in the game, there was likely nothing that the GOP could do about it.

    Or so the pundits and professional prognosticators thought.

  • What the Leftist Attack on Tomi Lahren should Teach Us

    This is an ugly one folks.

    And, honestly, I think we should prepare ourselves to see a lot more moments like this, and I’ll explain why a little later.

    First, let me tell you what happened on Tuesday in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a city that is usually thought of as a bastion of Midwestern kindness. Sadly, that may no longer be so in our politically charged culture.

    The fiery millennial, Tomi Lahren, was in Minneapolis attempting to enjoy a brunch with her mother when a group of restaurant goers, led by two deranged women, attacked her. Why? Because she espouses conservative ideas. READ MORE...

  • Obama Intelligence Leaders Caught Lying Again!

    Obama Intelligence Leaders Caught Lying Again!

    At this point, a year into special counsel Robert Mueller’s fruitless investigation, and almost two years into other government agencies investigating various branches of Trump world, we know only one thing for sure.

    Obama’s intel community was oddly, and possibly criminally, infatuated with Donald Trump and his subordinates.

    From the beginning, President Trump (then candidate Trump) has argued that the government had been spying on him. A notion that was roundly mocked, derided, and laughed off. Until we learned that Trump was right, he was being spied on. In fact, it seems that every new bit of information that we learn about what is happening in D.C. comes to us first from Trump and then in snips, pieces, and usually lies, from the intelligence community. READ MORE...

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