• Yes, We Should Celebrate Our Anglo-American Heritage

    Yes, We Should Celebrate Our Anglo-American Heritage

    The latest Outrage of the Day is Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaking before the National Sheriffs’ Association and referring to “the Anglo-American heritage of law-enforcement.” This is a hideous racist statement—if you have been educated extensively in how to seek out offense but have learned next to nothing about history.

    We do in fact have an Anglo-American system of law in this country, in the literal sense of being derived from English law. “Anglo-American law” is a widely accepted alternative term for the common law tradition that came to America with English settlers and formed the basis for our judicial system. Part of that tradition is the office of sheriff—originally a “shire reeve,” an Anglo-Saxon office that predates the Norman Conquest. READ MORE...

  • The GOP Budget Deal Throws Fiscal Sanity Out The Overton Window

    The GOP Budget Deal Throws Fiscal Sanity Out The Overton Window

    They told me if I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, Washington DC would go on a massive, unsustainable, Big Government spending spree — and they were right!

    Early this morning, Congress passed and President Trump signed a deal to avert a government shutdown for another two years by basically giving the Democrats all the spending they wanted and increasing discretionary spending by $150 billion a year.

    There are also reports that Republicans are working on a bill to bail out Obamacare, and we haven’t even gotten to Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan yet. But no big deal. Rush Limbaugh says he isn’t worrying about the debt because “all of the apocalyptic warnings I grew up hearing have yet to happen.” READ MORE...

  • Republicans' Latest Family Leave Scheme Shows Why We Can't Be Free

    Republicans’ Latest Family Leave Scheme Shows Why We Can’t Be Free

    The basic income. The individual mandate. Cap and trade. Income-tax withholding. What do all of these ideas have in common? They are all schemes for implementing a massive and ever-growing welfare and regulatory state—and they were all brought to you by people on the Right.

    The basic income is the brainchild of Charles Murray. The individual mandate originated from a Heritage Foundation proposal. Cap and trade was floated by libertarian “free-market environmentalists.” And what about income-tax withholding, the mechanism that makes it possible to tax a third of our incomes without outright rebellion? That was invented by Milton Friedman. READ MORE...

  • 'Don't Be Evil'? Google Is Becoming A Police State

    ‘Don’t Be Evil’? Google Is Becoming A Police State

    Back in the day, Google famously adopted the corporate motto, “Don’t be evil.” It hasn’t turned out so well.

    The problem is that their motto didn’t define what constitutes evil, so it left an opening for narrow-minded zealots to commandeer company resources in a witch hunt against whatever they define as the forces of wickedness. That’s what has happened at Google, which has adopted a corporate culture of quasi-totalitarian ideological uniformity that it is now starting to impose on everyone who uses its services. Which is, let’s face it, pretty much everyone. For now. READ MORE...

  • Remember, Oprah Winfrey Is Our Premier National Snake Oil Salesman

    Remember, Oprah Winfrey Is Our Premier National Snake Oil Salesman

    After her rousing speech at the Golden Globes about sexual harassment—she’s got to do something to atone for her years as one of Harvey Weinstein’s celebrity pals—we’ve been inundated with calls for Oprah Winfrey to run for president.

    The official NBC network account went so far as to post (and later delete) a tweet hailing her as “OUR future president.” Her long-time consort Stedman Graham told the Los Angeles Times, “She would absolutely do it.” Meryl Streep got so carried away she told The Hill, “Now she doesn’t have a choice” but to run. It continues to amaze me that there are actors in Hollywood who can portray intelligence on the screen without possessing a scrap of it themselves. Acting is truly a magical art. READ MORE...

  • President Trump Has A Clear Shot At The Iranian Regime

    President Trump Has A Clear Shot At The Iranian Regime

    Over the past week, a new wave of anti-regime protests has broken out in Iran, and it could not have happened at a more opportune time. Following the defeat of ISIS in Syria, this gives America the clearest shot we have had in a long time at helping the Iranian people take down a dangerous and oppressive dictatorship. Please, please, please let’s not mess this up.

    I describe this as a “clear shot,” because this is not the first time the Iranian people have risen up against their rulers. But each time it has happened before, America has seemed too distracted or blinded to do much about it. READ MORE...

  • How Russia's Olympics Ban Evaporates The Illusion Of Nationalism

    How Russia’s Olympics Ban Evaporates The Illusion Of Nationalism

    Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee banned Russia from the upcoming Winter Olympics. This isn’t the partial ban imposed on Russia for the 2016 games. This time, Russia is being expunged from the Olympics.

    As the New York Times sums it up, “The country’s government officials are forbidden to attend, its flag will not be displayed at the opening ceremony, and its anthem will not sound. Any athletes from Russia who receive special dispensation to compete will do so as individuals wearing a neutral uniform.” READ MORE...