• Mr. McCarrick, That Dirty Old Man

    Mr. McCarrick, That Dirty Old Man

    Well, it has finally happened:

    Pope Francis and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ordered this week the laicization of Theodore McCarrick, a former cardinal and archbishop emeritus of Washington, and a once powerful figure in ecclesiastical, diplomatic, and political circles in the U.S. and around the world.

    The decision followed an administrative penal process conducted by the CDF, which found McCarrick guilty of “solicitation in the Sacrament of Confession, and sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults, with the aggravating factor of the abuse of power,” according to a Feb. 16 Vatican communique. READ MORE...

  • GOP Donors Vs. GOP Voters

    GOP Donors vs. GOP Voters

    CARLSON: But more broadly, what you are saying, I think is, that the Democratic Party understands what it is and who it represents and affirmatively represents them. They do things for their voters, but the Republican Party doesn’t actually represent its own voters very well.

    VANCE: Yes, that’s exactly right. I mean, look at who the Democratic Party is and look, I don’t like the Democratic Party’s policies.

    CARLSON: Yes.

    VANCE: Most of the times, I disagree with them. But I at least admire that they recognize who their voters are and they actually just as raw cynical politics do a lot of things to serve those voters. READ MORE...

  • Social Justice = Cultural Socialism

    Social Justice = Cultural Socialism

    A letter from a reader:

    Rod, you may or may not be interested in this but it fits in with the theme you’ve been hitting on recently re: the rise of cultural socialism.

    My oldest son is a high school senior, where the flagship state university – the state system’s most prestigious school – sent out admissions notices this week. My son’s attending a different school, one of his friends – I’ll call him Eric – did not get in to state flagship school and was more than disappointed – he was angry. READ MORE...

  • ‘Cultural Totalitarianism’

    ‘Cultural Totalitarianism’

    Writing in The Week, Damon Linker says the discussion on this blog is a good indicator of how Donald Trump could weaponize the Democrats’ lurch to the hard left, and win the White House for a second term. Excerpts:

    To get a sense of how Trump could deploy a more expansive definition of the term “socialism” to do maximal electoral damage to the Democrats, I suggest close and regular reading of the blog of Rod Dreher at The American ConservativeLast week Dreher announced that he’s planning a new book, timed for the fall of 2020, about the threat that socialism poses to the United States in general and to conservative Christians and other traditionalist religious believers in particular. In Dreher’s view, the threat goes far beyond the worry that pious Americans who happen to be well off will face higher taxes. The danger that socialism supposedly poses to the kind of people who read Dreher’s blog has much more to do with what might be described as cultural totalitarianism. READ MORE...

  • Today’s Progressive Race Hate Moment

    Today’s Progressive Race Hate Moment

    Esquire magazine’s cover story is a profile of Ryan Morgan, a white middle-class teenager growing up in a blue-collar, red-voting Midwestern suburb. The magazine says it’s the first of a series about what it’s like to grow up in America today (editor says there will be further pieces about being a queer kid, a black kid, a girl). It’s a really interesting piece. Most of it is merely descriptive of Morgan’s life. Here, though, are some key excerpts:

    The fight with the girl was just one of a long string of recent events, most of them politically tinged, that have shaken Ryan’s sense of self. “Last year was really bad,” he says. “I couldn’t say anything without pissing someone off.” He says it started around the time of the presidential election—the liberal students became enraged and the conservative students emboldened. “Lots of drama over politics,” he says. “It ruined friendships and changed social groups. People were making friends based on their politics more than anything.” Kids started advertising their beliefs by hanging flags and posters on their lockers. They wore T-shirts that promoted Hillary for president, or Trump for president, or LGBT rights, or feminism, or Black Lives Matter. The most popular opinion at West Bend seemed to be anti-Trump. Ryan, raised in Republican households, was surprised by the vitriol. “Everyone hates me because I support Trump?” he says. “I couldn’t debate anyone without being shut down and called names. Like, what did I do wrong?” READ MORE...

  • Bolshevik Revolution Then, Cultural Revolution Now

    Bolshevik Revolution Then, Cultural Revolution Now

    That’s an old propaganda poster from Italy’s Christian Democratic party. It reads: “Mother! Save your children from Bolshevism! Vote Christian Democrat.”

    Here’s a current version now making the rounds on Italian conservative social media. “Gender” is the Anglicism that Italians use to represent “gender ideology,” their term for the LGBT program advocated by the Left. Really interesting to see how revolutionary Marxism has become defined in contemporary Italy not with Marxist politics per se, but with left-wing attempts to abolish the traditional family and gender roles. READ MORE...

  • Our Socialist Democratic Party

    Our Socialist Democratic Party

    While certain left-of-center commenters on this blog say that I’m being an alarmist in talking about socialism among Democratic presidential candidates, it doesn’t look that way from inside the party’s strategists. In National Journal today, this from Josh Kraushaar:

    Anyone tracking the positions of the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates would think there weren’t any moderates left in the party. California Sen. Kamala Harris reiterated that her co-sponsorship of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All legislation would mean the abolition of private insurance at a nationally-televised town hall last month. Five leading candidates endorsed a Green New Deal that imposes a top-down revolution of American society to mitigate the impact of climate change. READ MORE...

  • Democrats Give Selves A Political Wedgey

    Democrats Give Selves A Political Wedgey

    Emma Green at The Atlantic says that Trump may have found a wedge issue:

    Trump and other Republicans are using divisions over late-term abortion to their political advantage. They have seized on the Democratic legislation to argue that Democrats are extreme and out of touch with American public opinion on this issue. Trump’s comments on abortion in the State of the Union received loud applause from Republican members of Congress. Ultimately, this may signal how the party will approach abortion in the long windup to the 2020 election: by using extreme cases as a powerful wedge issue. READ MORE...

  • Cardinal Dolan: Cynic Or Coward?

    Cardinal Dolan: Cynic Or Coward?

    This went out today to priests of the Archdiocese of New York, from Cardinal Dolan. It is to be read at masses this weekend:

    February 3, 2019
    Feast of St. Blaise
    Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    My Dear People of the Archdiocese:

    Rarely do I intrude on your Sunday Mass, our most sacred time of the week, but in light
    of the events of the past two weeks, our priests have asked me to share some reflections on
    the radical abortion expansion bill, recently passed by our state legislature and signed with
    fanfare and celebration by our governor.

  • Antichrist Annie Christ Story Hour

    Annie Christ, the suburban Philly drag queen who will be reading stories to children at the public library (Annie Christ Instagram)

    News of the Woke:

    When a local drag queen named Annie Christ wanted to book a room at the Lansdale Library to host a story hour, staff did the state’s required background check and reserved a room for this Saturday, Feb. 2. After all, drag queen story hours have become a trend in libraries across the country and around greater Philadelphia.

    Then, the phone calls began.