• The Democratic Party: A History of Anarchy - Part 3

    The Democratic Party: A History of Anarchy – Part 3

    “The presence of Chinese and their competition with free white labor is one of the greatest evils with which any country can be afflicted” -Adopted at the 1881 Federation of Labor convention

    The collaboration between socialists, trade unions and the Democratic Party started slowly during the late 1800s as several banking crises caused businesses to close across the nation. Because of the recent emancipation of the slaves and continuous immigration from Europe and China, there was severe competition for jobs. This resulted in lower wages for white workers as other races were willing to do the same job for lower pay. This caused white laborers to join with socialists and anarchists to form labor unions. The goals of the unions were varied but the most common was higher wages and better working conditions. To do this, they would embrace violence to terrorize foreign workers and intimidate US companies. Over the next several decades, union violence would claim the lives of thousands and destroy millions of dollars of private property. READ MORE...

  • The Democratic Party: A History of Anarchy - Part 2

    The Democratic Party: A History of Anarchy – Part 2

    Today’s Democrats: Slavery is the Greatest Blessing for Master and Slave

     “I want Cuba, I want Tamaulipas, Potosi, and one or two other Mexican States; and I want them all for the same reason – for the planting and spreading of slavery.” – Senator Albert Gallatin Brown of Mississippi 

     Following 1800 election, the issue of slavery would drive a wedge in the country not seen since the American Revolution. As their power waned, the Southern Democrats began to threaten violence and secession from the union as non-slave states threatened their “particular institution.” While slavery was not the only issue the Southern Democrat was willing to go to war over, it was certainly the most prominent.  READ MORE...