• The Trump Admin's China Strategy May Become Its Biggest Legacy

    The Trump Admin’s China Strategy May Become Its Biggest Legacy

    As the Me Too movement continues to eat itself up and Democratic politicians find new frontiers against patriarchy, out in the real world, geopolitics continue to dominate. The Trump administration consolidated its balancing China policy in Asia, as highlighted in the latest National Security Strategy, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary James Mattis’s visit to India for the first-ever Indo-U.S. bilateral and defense talks.

    This as China is rapidly modernizing its navy and testing hypersonic missiles that could be used as an anti-satellite weapon. It’s not the only big foreign policy move this week. Washington cancelled $350 million in subsidies for Palestine and withheld $300 million worth of military assistance to Pakistan, enormous amounts of wasted taxpayer money that could ideally be redirected for domestic purposes. READ MORE...

  • Americans Should Learn, Fast, From Europe's Lawless Streets & Prisons

    Americans Should Learn, Fast, From Europe’s Lawless Streets & Prisons

    A curious little piece of news came out in the French press, which was picked up by a few sources but largely ignored: Amsterdam’s top police officer has warned the city in the Netherlands is incapable of dealing with rising lawlessness.

    Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in the West, with open and free drug laws and red-light districts. That has resulted in the city becoming a den of chaos. Tourists come from all over Europe to take advantage of lax drug and prostitution laws. Many don’t respect local police, nor care about local customs, hygiene, or safety. READ MORE...

  • NYT's Anti-White Hire Is What Western Education Trains People To Be

    NYT’s Anti-White Hire Is What Western Education Trains People To Be

    Imagine you’re an ethnically “white” editor at The New York Times. How would you feel about sitting in the same room with Sarah Jeong, the newly hired editorial writer with a history of virulently anti-white tweets? More importantly, how would you feel whenever you wanted to comment on a work product that you think she could improve?

    Here’s a person who hates your entire being, just for existing, entirely based on race. What would you think before critiquing someone’s work, when you know that the other person works with you, sits with you, and hates you to the core? READ MORE...

  • Trump Is Not To Blame For NATO Chaos, Nor Breaking The Liberal Order

    Trump Is Not To Blame For NATO Chaos, Nor Breaking The Liberal Order

    In the middle of the Peloponnesian war, Athens faced a simple but existential dilemma. Melos, an island in the middle of the Aegean, was a Spartan ally, and the existence of an independent, unconquered, and even neutral island allied with a rival land power was an unacceptable scenario for a maritime hegemon like Athens.

    The Athenians dispatched a group of emissaries to discuss Melian surrender. What took place is perhaps one of the most memorable chapters of an ethical debate still relevant to modern times. The Melians pleaded ideals, and even threatened that the gods would punish Athenian hubris if they took over a noncombatant people. READ MORE...

  • Rift Between U.S., EU On Iran Underscores A Global Power Realignment

    Rift Between U.S., EU On Iran Underscores A Global Power Realignment

    As the United States tore up the Iran deal, Angela Merkel lamented that Germany (and by extension the European Union) cannot rely on the United States anymore “for protection,” and said Europe needs to “take its destiny into its own hands.” The French finance minister echoed her sentiments. This from a continent with an economy 15 times that of Russia.

    Keep in mind, this perpetual hunt for a new leader of the “liberal world order,” which in reality is a sort of “hegemonic peace,” comes at a time when the German Air Force has just four combat ready Typhoon fighter jets. Germans revolutionized submarine and armour warfare, but now don’t have enough tanks and submarines that are force projection ready, and German youth prefer deep house music over defense. The two great powers in Europe, Britain and France, would need a couple of months to put division-sized troops in Latvia. READ MORE...