• Finally - A Reasonable Ruling Against Sanctuary Cities

    Finally – A Reasonable Ruling Against Sanctuary Cities

    On March 13, 2018, it was reported that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a rather stunning panel decision regarding immigration and sanctuary cities. And for once, a federal court, via a three-judge panel, sided with the good guys – mostly. The good guys being us – the law abiding, tax paying American citizen. Considering the make-up of most courts, and the hot potato issue that is illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, any win is encouraging.

    The court didn’t rule as the Trump administration and most of us would have liked. They never do. Trump has been demanding that sanctuary cities by stripped of federal funding until they comply with federal immigration law. READ MORE...

  • Let’s Protect both the First and Second Amendments Equally

    Let’s Protect both the First and Second Amendments Equally

    Being a member of the NRA these days may be one the most heinous things an American can do, according to snowflake leftists.

    The push from the radical left has reached a fever-pitch against the Second Amendment rights organization. So much so that even road-side billboards have begun to crop up slamming the NRA.

    The first to be legally erected was in Pensacola, Fla. The rather large billboard reads: “The NRA is a terrorist organization.” It was paid for by a former Clinton hack, Claude Taylor, who now heads up the “Mad Dog,” anti-Trump Political Action Committee (PAC). Taylor was a Bill Clinton White House staffer. READ MORE...

  • Is This How Freedom Dies?

    Is This How Freedom Dies?

    What we witnessed the other night at the CNN Town Hall was the cancer of leftist authoritarianism, as it slowly begins to consume and kill off everything it contacts.

    And this is how freedom and liberty may die – to the accompaniment of thunderous applause of ignorant masses, being manipulated and pandered to by opportunists.

    It was a dreadful sight. One of which we should all take heed, for this one event may become the springboard or catalyst for the outlawing of firearms, which of course is merely the first step in the loss of additional freedoms. READ MORE...

  • Flu Knocked Out With 1 Pill in 1 Day - FDA Says You Can Wait Till Next Year While Japan Has It Now

    Flu Knocked Out With 1 Pill in 1 Day – FDA Says You Can Wait Till Next Year While Japan Has It Now

    Many of us don’t think much of the flu, other than the warnings on commercials for various remedies, that it’s cold and flu season. It’s never been thought of as a killer disease or affliction.

    However, the fact is that Worldwide, the flu has become an epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, “these annual [flu] epidemics to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 290 000 to 650 000 deaths.”

    Up to 650,000 deaths worldwide from an illness, that until recently we’ve put in the same class as the common cold. READ MORE...

  • Democracies Die, but Republicanism Lives On

    Democracies Die, but Republicanism Lives On

    The leftist website Vox.com posted an article on Friday entitled, “How democracies die, explained.” Of course, it has to do with the president, but they add, “The problems in American democracy run far deeper than Trump.” Well, bully for them. Dilly Dilly!

    Now, right off the bat, we should notice a glaring error. It may stem from calculation or ignorance. In case you missed it, America is not a democracy. However, those of leftist persuasion often refer to the United States as one. We are of course a representative republic.

    To the ignorant, those who have not been taught the difference, this is understandable. Being ignorant is simply lacking knowledge. No matter how well educated one is, he or she will always be ignorant of something. There are no exceptions. Okay, one. God knows everything. READ MORE...

  • Schizophrenic Chicago: Voted Best City & Murder Capital

    Schizophrenic Chicago: Voted Best City & Murder Capital

    Each year the social website Time Out publishes its list of the World’s best cities. And this past Monday was that day.

    Using its “City Life Index,” they determined that the one that tops them all for being the best city in the World for having fun and enjoying city life is Chicago. Yep – “Chicago was ranked the best city for having it all through Time Out’s extensive City Life Index.”

    And this is a back to back victory, as they also took top honors in 2016.

    Time Out writes that in making its determination, they “surveyed 15,000 people in 32 cities—from Austin to Hong Kong to Tel Aviv—and asked in-depth questions about sex, dining, neighborhoods, affordability, happiness and so much more. Each city was then scored across those facets to reveal the winner.” READ MORE...

  • Schools Banning Kids From Having Best Friends

    Schools Banning Kids From Having Best Friends

    In 1968 singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson wrote and performed a theme song for a television program entitled, “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” starring the original Bruce Banner, Bill Bixby. The song was called, “Best Friend.”

    Little did Harry know at the time, but his song should have been entitled, “Best Friends are bad and Exclusionary.” At least that’s the way one psychologist sees it.

    In an article for US News & World Report, Dr. Barbara Greenberg asks: “Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends?” READ MORE...

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