• Regarding the Speakership – Let’s Shake Things Up this Time Around

    Regarding the Speakership – Let’s Shake Things Up this Time Around

    For the past several days, Washington D.C. has been all abuzz. Not only did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg make an appearance, but Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced he was retiring to “spend more time with his family.” That or he’s getting out while the getting’s good.

    Still, as a parent myself, and after hearing his reasons for no longer wanting to be just a “weekend dad,” I get it, and I believe him. He has missed practically the entire childhood of all his children. That’s motivation enough for me. READ MORE...

  • Democrats: Using Our Youth Against America

    Democrats: Using Our Youth Against America

    The Democrat anti-gun parade (figuratively and literally) is well underway. And this time they’re leaving no stone unturned. They’ve enlisted the help of children. Although it’s more like the Democrats have gotten these young skulls full of mush (h/t Rush) hooked on anti-gun crack and are now pimping them out to the main-stream leftist media.

    Yet, they want us to believe that it was the children who organized all these anti-gun rallies, marches and protests, rented the upscale busses, etc., all by themselves. Sure they did. The children certainly have not been coached and brainwashed to come out and argue against guns and our constitutionally protected rights – and they are definitely NOT being exploited for leftist political gain. READ MORE...

  • We Call BS: Why David Hogg Should Not Be Taken Seriously As A "Mass Shooting Survivor"?

    We Call BS: Why David Hogg Should Not Be Taken Seriously As A “Mass Shooting Survivor”?

    Say I’m walking down the street. There’s a bank being robbed about 500 ft up the road. The robbery goes bad and the crooks start opening up on the patrons inside the bank. 20 people are shot and killed. By now I’m only about 200 ft from the bank, but that’s as close as I get. That places me less than a football field away.

    When it’s over, I head up to the bank steps, where I see reporters descending on the bank. One of them sees me and asks if I’m one of the mass-shooting survivors. I said I heard gunshots, but can I consider myself a survivor of the bank mass-shooting? No – of course not. That’s ridiculous. READ MORE...

  • "Misdocumented Immigrant": The New Way The Left Is Defining Illegal Aliens

    “Misdocumented Immigrant”: The New Way The Left Is Defining Illegal Aliens

    The left has been quite successful at framing the immigration debate. What used to be accepted as an accurate portrayal of those sneaking into our country, is now demonized as near hate speech. I’m speaking of the term illegal alien, which over the years has been intentionally softened into the current term, undocumented immigrant.

    Framing a debate or terminology is a psychological technique that can influence the perception of a political or social movement. Leftists are masters at this.

    It’s not difficult. At my day job, I may be speaking to a customer and he or she may give a phone number or credit card number, etc. As they begin to dictate the number, I repeat it back for accuracy. They may give me the number zero, yet call it, not zero, but ‘O’, as in the letter O. When I repeat it back, I’m careful to say zero instead. In almost all cases, in an unconscious desire to conform, the next time they say the number zero, they will say zero – not ‘O’. It’s fascinating, and it confirms this desire to conform. READ MORE...

  • A Lesson on the "Assault Rifle"

    A Lesson on the “Assault Rifle”

    Why is this important? Why do we need to know anything about “assault” rifles? It’s important to be able to combat liberal hysteria. Knowledge is power, and if you’re the one in the room who knows this stuff, the rest will be forced to shut up and listen, or leave, lest they reveal their ignorance. There is nothing more important in discussions like these than to arm oneself with indisputable facts. So, what’s an assault rifle? Truth be told, there is no such thing. It’s a made-up term that has been adopted, yet essentially has no meaning, except for terms assigned to it for the express purpose of scaring people. After all – an “assault” rifle could only be used to “assault” the innocent – never for defense. See how this works? Well, if this is the case, why is the AR-15 thusly named? What does the AR of AR-15 stand for? Most claim it, of course, stands for “=&0=&ssault =&1=&ifle” or =&2=&utomatic =&3=&ifle – right? Well, NO, no it does not, because, as I stated, “assault” rifle is an imagined term, and “automatic” rifle should be self-explanatory. If not, I’ll get to it. The AR-15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle, model 15. ArmaLite is the company that originated the AR-15 all the way back in the 1950s. But ArmaLite makes a variety of other rifles like the AR-10, AR-30, 50, and the M-15. These are also black and scary, pistol grip rifles. The AR-15 is merely a scaled down, less powerful version of its military big brother, the M4, which is a slightly shorter and lighter variation of the M16A2. The M16 was made popular during the Vietnam War. However, don’t ask any Vietnam vets about the M16, especially the early ones. They were crap, far too over-engineered for the jungle. No,w these weapons may all look the same, but they most certainly are not. First, without getting too far into the weeds, let me clarify one thing. Modern military rifles are not automatic rifles, despite what we see in the movies. Full auto, or fully automatic mode is where every bullet loaded into the weapon is fired by depressing and holding the trigger. Firing on full auto mode is waste of ammunition and unless you’re only trying to hit the broad side of barn, is also a waste of time. The rifle will jump all over making it very difficult to concentrate fire where it needs to go, without it being braced with a bi-pod, or such device, which isn’t going to happen. Military rifles are select fire rifles, normally consisting of three modes, although sometimes it may be four. The three may include: Safety mode, single shot and automatic. In some cases, the three may be: Safety, single and burst. The weapon itself will be imprinted: safe, semi (or fire), auto, or: safe, semi, burst. Four mode selectors will be: safe, semi (or fire), burst, auto. Safe mode effectively locks out the weapon making it impossible to fire. Semi, or fire mode means one shot fired for each trigger pull. Burst mode is three shots fired for each pull of the trigger. It is more accurate than full auto and is adequate for suppression of the enemy. Special operators rarely use full automatic mode. As I said, it is utterly impractical and is a monumental waste of ammunition (ammo), particularly if a team is remote located (in country or down range) and has only the ammo they can carry. Civilian AR’s have a simple on/off switch – safe and fire – that’s it. Neither burst nor auto is an option. Regarding ammunition – the civilian AR and military M4 do not even use the same ammo. The M4, M16 and the newer HK416 utilize a military or mil-spec 5.56mm diameter x 45mm long NATO cartridge, whereas the AR fires a .223” diameter cartridge. Although they look identical, they are not, and it all comes down to pressure. The more chamber pressure that is created when firing the cartridge, the bigger the boom, for want of a term. And in the case of firing a military-spec 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge in a civilian AR-15, that boom could prove disastrous. The .223s are loaded to lower pressures and velocities compared to the 5.56mm. Most civilian AR’s cannot accommodate the pressures created by the military round. Because of this, the over-pressure of the 5.56 round could damage or destroy the civilian rifle and injure the operator. So caution must be observed in purchasing the correct ammunition. And there you have it – the difference between a military “select fire” rifle and the civilian single fire, semi-automatic rifle. I hope this is helpful the next time you find yourself debating a mindless leftist about guns.

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  • Finally - A Reasonable Ruling Against Sanctuary Cities

    Finally – A Reasonable Ruling Against Sanctuary Cities

    On March 13, 2018, it was reported that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a rather stunning panel decision regarding immigration and sanctuary cities. And for once, a federal court, via a three-judge panel, sided with the good guys – mostly. The good guys being us – the law abiding, tax paying American citizen. Considering the make-up of most courts, and the hot potato issue that is illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, any win is encouraging.

    The court didn’t rule as the Trump administration and most of us would have liked. They never do. Trump has been demanding that sanctuary cities by stripped of federal funding until they comply with federal immigration law. READ MORE...

  • Let’s Protect both the First and Second Amendments Equally

    Let’s Protect both the First and Second Amendments Equally

    Being a member of the NRA these days may be one the most heinous things an American can do, according to snowflake leftists.

    The push from the radical left has reached a fever-pitch against the Second Amendment rights organization. So much so that even road-side billboards have begun to crop up slamming the NRA.

    The first to be legally erected was in Pensacola, Fla. The rather large billboard reads: “The NRA is a terrorist organization.” It was paid for by a former Clinton hack, Claude Taylor, who now heads up the “Mad Dog,” anti-Trump Political Action Committee (PAC). Taylor was a Bill Clinton White House staffer. READ MORE...

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