• On Unemployment, Conservatives Need To Remain Consistent

    On Unemployment, Conservatives Need To Remain Consistent

    For a decade or so, we conservatives had been like the town criers. Every time new employment numbers emerged we would cry out that despite what we all see, read and hear from the left wing media, all was not well. Throughout the entirety of the Obama reign, virtually everyone right of center – yes, even those establishment Republicans, would rightly claim that Obama’s unemployment figures were bogus.

    And they were. Despite all other dreadful economic indicators, save for the phony Wall Street numbers, the unemployment rate continued to drop throughout Obama’s time. We on the right knew these numbers did not tell the true story, as the government was using the “official” unemployment calculator known as U-3. READ MORE...

  • California History Textbooks Now Indoctrinating Elementary Kids In LGBT Movement

    California History Textbooks Now Indoctrinating Elementary Kids In LGBT Movement

    It is being reported that “the California board of education brought to an end a decades-long campaign to emphasize lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender historical figures in state social-studies / history textbooks, approving K-8 volumes that make identity politics of all kinds the core of the subject.”

    So grades K-8 will now be learning alternative history, of all the significant achievements of America’s homosexuals and cross-dressers. As a parent, I can think of nothing more enlightening than to teach my five-year-old that Ralph down the street, who dresses like a woman, is historically significant. READ MORE...

  • The "Peaceful Palestinians" are at it Again

    The “Peaceful Palestinians” are at it Again

    Just in case you are still like so many on the left who continue to hold onto the delusion that there can be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, here’s another little wake up call.

    A video aired recently showing a Palestinian cleric incited an audience to basically make war against the Jews and anyone who speaks of a peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

    Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nidhal Siam, is seen up on a stage surrounded by compatriots. Holding a microphone, he begins to chant to the crowd: “Oh Muslim Armies!” The crowd shouts back the same words. “Rise up to support your religion!” Once again, the crowd chants back. READ MORE...

  • Trump: A Regulation Slashing Machine

    Trump: A Regulation Slashing Machine

    As I have said many times over the past several months – that left to his own, President Trump is getting a lot accomplished, and virtually all of it is conservative-friendly.

    I’ve also stated ad nauseum, that I wasn’t a Trumpster, but have begun to come around.

    I will still never be a Trump apologist or mouthpiece.

    You know – those who go on Fox News and excuse everything the man has ever done, or will do.

    That’s just absurd.

    But let’s give credit where credit is due.

    With all he’s had to contend with this past year, he’s done a remarkable job. READ MORE...

  • Is a Trump Coup in Our Future?

    Is a Trump Coup in Our Future?

    Pretty much everyone on the left has convinced themselves that it is a fait accompli regarding Trump’s impeachment.

    One such leftist website recently posted an article claiming, “Trump‘s impeachment is almost inevitable at this point. There is just too much evidence that he has violated the Constitution that he can’t continue to be president. It’s just a matter of time before his own party completely turns on him.”

    Depending on how the 2018 midterm election shakes-out, it may be inevitable. READ MORE...

  • Liberals and Islamists Both Want Change - for the Worse

    Liberals and Islamists Both Want Change – for the Worse

    One big problem we have regarding radical Islam in this country is not just a lack of assimilation, but a concerted effort not to.

    These “immigrants” and “refugees” have no interest in becoming Americans, conforming to our society, and many are repulsed by the thought.

    America is just a better place to live than the crap hole from whence they came.

    The same can be said of liberals.

    The latest Islamist terrorist, Akayed Ullah, is from Bangladesh.

    The country of Bangladesh is about the size of the State of Michigan, yet has well over 160 million people. READ MORE...

  • Can America be Great - Given Our Present State of Goodness?

    Can America be Great – Given Our Present State of Goodness?

    The old adage that, “America is great because America is good,” is as true an aspiration today as it was when it was first uttered.

    In a speech given by President Ronald Reagan on 25 July, 1986, Reagan repeated that line, adding, “And if America ever stops being good, America will stop being great.”

    He was/is right, as he was regarding numerous things. America will stop being great, when our goodness wanes. However, he was incorrect regarding the source of the quote.

    Before I proceed further, allow me to clarify something about the above “old adage.” READ MORE...

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