• Call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Out For Listing Boyfriend On Staff & Asking If He’s Being Paid – Get Suspended From Social Media

    Once again, Twitter to the rescue to silence people who are demanding accountability for representatives.  The latest case involves writer Luke Thompson, who faced a temporary suspension for addressing the fact that Rep, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had listed her boyfriend as staff and Thompson simply wanted to know if he was on the payroll, and in doing so, he countered AOC’s blow off of his questioning by providing data that seems to indicate that he is paid, which according to Twitter, violated their rules against posting private information. READ MORE...

  • Report: Bipartisan Spending Now Worse Than Under Bush & Obama

    Report: Bipartisan Spending Now Worse Than Under Bush & Obama

    As we have now crossed the $22 trillion debt threshold, despite the fact that President Donald Trump claimed he would eliminate the US debt in eight years even as he’s helped to increase it by $3 trillion, we continue to see massive spending, much of it completely without constitutional authority.  With Soviet-style deficit spending, not only is our debt mounting, but we have military all over the world, have the largest prison population in the world, and have been moving towards a cradle to grave socialistic system, despite what the president said at the State of the Union.  In a new report, Daniel Horowitz points out that the “bipartisan spending binge is now worse than under Bush and Obama.” READ MORE...

  • Investigating George Soros Is Neither Unethical Nor A Crime

    NewsGuard’s Investor Has Partnered with George Soros on Several Occasions

    NewsGuard is the latest group of censoring, fact-checking, bias pontificating hypocrites to come down the pike. Many believe this group will save the people from their own ability to discern truth from error, all while touting that they are the beacons of truth and the determiners of who is transparent. But, over and over, as I have researched NewsGuard, I see bias and ties … and yes, George Soros.

    While NewsGuard explicitly claims that they have “trained journalists who have spent [their] careers dedicated to the profession,” allowing you to “see the credentials and backgrounds of everyone responsible”,  and they have an “ethics of conflicts of interest policy,” while being “totally transparent about how they make all of their decisions,” the reality is that they are not being transparent about to whom some of their investors are tied. READ MORE...

  • Ohio: Muslim Charged With Plotting To Behead Trump’s Children

    Ohio: Muslim Charged With Plotting To Behead Trump’s Children

    Ahhh yes, the religion of pieces, that Rep. Ilhan Omar, the useful idiot in Congress is courting, along with Socialists like Bernie Sanders.  A 49-year-old convert to Islam from Cleveland, Ohio is facing federal charges of threatening to murder President Donald Trump and his family.

    23 ABC News reports:

    A Maple Heights, Ohio man who was previously indicted on federal charges for allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Cleveland last summer has now been charged with additional crimes, including threatening to kill President Donald Trump and his family. READ MORE...

  • Pelosi Confirms Democrats Targeting New Gun Legislation With House Takeover

    How Nancy Pelosi Earned Her Fortune May Surprise You – Average Citizen Would Be Targeted For The Same Thing

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rich, filthy rich.  She and her husband have accumulated a ton of wealth, but have not been so eager, like many Democrats, to part with it and put their money where their mouths are concerning giving to other to take care of needs.  Yet, she is among the first to misquote Scripture, like the devil, in order to use government to steal your resources to claim they are caring for their neighbor and doing what the Bible commands while doing nothing more than making sure they retain their power in DC.  A new report is out demonstrating that Pelosi has not only gained her fortune through legitimate means, although if we were to investigate even those might be called into question, but even some illegitimate means. READ MORE...

  • Florida Man Takes IRS For Nearly $1 Million In Tax Refund Scam

    Florida Man Takes IRS For Nearly $1 Million In Tax Refund Scam

    A Florida man who apparently earned less than $18,000 but claimed that he had $1 million in federal taxes withheld was busted after netting a $980,000 refund.

    Ramon Christopher Blanchett, 29, filed a 2017 tax return claiming that he had $1 million in federal taxes withheld from an alleged $17,098 income.

    Blanchett filed his return electronically, listing his occupation as “free lancer.”

    That filing included W-2 forms from a Tampa nursing home and a Sizzling Platter restaurant in Murray, Utah.  Both W-2s showed no federal tax withheld.  One was for $2,098 and the other was $1,399. READ MORE...

  • Government Watchdog: FBI Counsel Spoke To Hillary Clinton Attorney About Comey Letter

    Government Watchdog: FBI Counsel Spoke To Hillary Clinton Attorney About Comey Letter

    It’s really a shame that the American people are kept in the dark about what really transpires in an alleged “free society,” but this type of behavior of slowly leaking information so that the people become inoculated to the crimes of those that claim that serve us has become common since the days of President Bill Clinton.  Now, it’s taking watchdog requests and lawsuits to get information that should be coming from the press, but since they have sold their souls to the CIA and the state, they have become nothing more than propaganda outlets.  Enter Judicial Watch, once again, to bring forth with that media should be presenting the people with.  In the latest 250 pages of documents obtained by the watchdog group, those records reveal former FBI General Counsel James Baker discussed the investigation of Clinton-related emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop with Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall. Baker then forwarded the conversation to his FBI colleagues. READ MORE...

  • Man Wanted On 800+ Counts Of Child Rape Captured In Florida

    Well, we are just past January, the month President Donald Trump declared to be “National Slavery And Human Trafficking Prevention Month.”  While many in the DC establishment are nervous about Trump’s declaration, the fact of the matter is that he has been steadfast in roping in a ton of pedophiles and human traffickers during his time in office.  Yet, a man wanted for 865 counts of child sex assault is not even covered by the mainstream news… nor the alternative media.  Why? READ MORE...

  • Roger Stone's Surveillance Cameras Capture FBI Directing CNN Cameramen For Propaganda

    Roger Stone’s Surveillance Cameras Capture FBI Directing CNN Cameramen For Propaganda

    There’s no doubt that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s use of the FBI to conduct a raid on Roger Stone was not only tyrannical in nature, but was also orchestrated propaganda. Someone tipped CNN off to be there in the pre-dawn armed raid, and now there is video evidence from Roger Stone’s surveillance cameras that indicate the arrival of CNN cameramen and their theatrical direction by the FBI.

    The conspiracy between government and the media is right in front of the American people’s eyes, but many simply will not believe it.  They don’t believe such a thing could actually be taking place in America like it does in third world dictatorships, but it is.  Many are too scared that they will face political backlash or lose their reputations to point out the depth of the corruption across the board, and thus, many become the very useful idiots they claim others are.  They are useful idiots in becoming controlled opposition by their silence and impotence. READ MORE...

  • Media Blackout: Trump Rescinded "Delegation Of Authority" To VA Under Secretaries, Asst. Secretaries & Other Key Officials

    Media Blackout: Trump Rescinded “Delegation Of Authority” To VA Under Secretaries, Asst. Secretaries & Other Key Officials

    (The Washington Standard) As is the case with many things that take place, the media was virtually MIA (Missing in Action) when it came to a President Donald Trump’s rescission of the delegation of authority to the Veterans Administration.  However, The Washington Standard have obtained a copy of the memorandum signed by United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert L. Wilkie.

    My colleague, Lauren Price from Veteran Warriors, provided me with the documentation, which took her weeks if not month to obtain. READ MORE...