• Here's What is Behind Ilhan Omar's Hijab & Her Anti-American Assault

    Here’s What is Behind Ilhan Omar’s Hijab & Her Anti-American Assault

    The US Congress has stood down with reference to their decades-old rule regarding head coverings with Muslims like Rep. Ihan Imar (D-MN). However, the question should be raised, what is behind bigamist Ilhan Omar, her head covering and her anti-American, antichristian theology that drives her ideology. Well, we’re glad you asked.

    Simply put, Muslims are pushing for Shariah law, which runs counter to American law.

    Anni Cyrus escaped Islamic theocracy in Iran which leaves her all too qualified to talk about mandatory ‘hijabization’ and the Omar Effect.

    Hey, don’t blame me, though I agree. Believe this woman who lived under the totalitarianism of Islamic supremacy in Iran.

  • DOJ & FBI Sued For Top Officials' Communications About Russian Interference in 2016 Elections

    DOJ & FBI Sued For Top Officials’ Communications About Russian Interference in 2016 Elections

    Now, that it’s been confirmed that the Russian Collusion scam was nothing more than a conspiracy theory cooked up by the Hillary Clinton campaign that was disseminated by the FBI, the media and the Democrat Party, it’s on to what the real story is about the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections.  Government watchdog Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI to obtain communications records from then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as well as then-FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the Office of General Counsel regarding possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections in the united States.

  • List Of Major Corporations Who Oppose Your Right To Keep & Bear Arms

    List Of Major Corporations Who Oppose Your Right To Keep & Bear Arms

    Last year, we asked the question, “Should Major Corporations Be Influencing Gun Control?”  The problem here is when major, private companies have centralized control. In a free market, corporations should be able to do what they want. If you don’t like it, you support a competitor. But that’s not the system we have in the U.S.  Instead, it’s a system where cronyism has allowed a few large corporations to have massive control, and there are huge hurdles to anyone trying to create an alternative.  With that in mind, Here’s a list of 25 corporations who are attacking your right to keep and bear arms.

  • CO Sheriff On Unconstitutional Red Flag Bill: “I’ll Go To Jail Before I’ll Violate Somebody’s Constitutional Rights”

    I have always appreciated constitutional sheriffs, especially when it comes to them taking a stand that might even put themselves and their freedom in jeopardy.  In a recent report, a Colorado sheriff said that he would rather go to jail than enforce the unconstitutional red flag bill that the House is seeking to pass which would infringe upon the constitutional rights of citizens in his country.

    House Bill 19-1177 is a tyrannical bill that seeks to operate under the terms of Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), or what is commonly called “red flag laws.”  They aren’t laws since they violate the Constitution and the rights of the people. 

  • Pentagon Putting Your Tax Dollars To Work: Lobster, Crab, Alcohol, Golf Carts, Tubas & Trombones!

    Pentagon Putting Your Tax Dollars To Work: Lobster, Crab, Alcohol, Golf Carts, Tubas & Trombones!

    We’ve known for years the US government unconstitutionally spends money it doesn’t have and then puts the burden of that debt on the citizens.  And it’s continuing.  In the latest report this month, it was revealed that the Pentagon has been engaged in more wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars with purchases of lobster, crab, alcohol, golf carts, tubas, trombones and more.

    In a report by Rick Sanchez breaks down the Pentagon’s wasteful spending.

    Then constitutional attorney and president of the Rutherford Institute John Whitehead joins to weigh in on the colossal waste of tax money that the US “defense” budget represents and which puts the country ever deeper in debt.

  • Battle Of Unindicted Co-Conspirators: Trump Vs. CAIR

    San Diego Parents Successfully Repel Designated Terror Group CAIR From Classrooms

    Finally, some parents have had it with Islamic terror groups seeking access to their children to indoctrinate them.  Now, if we can only get them away from state indoctrination and move towards true education, we’ll begin to see things truly reversed in the long term.  With that said, parents have stood their ground in California, repelling the Islamic invasion into San Diego schools by designated terror group Hamas-CAIR.

    The report comes by way of Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund.

    The settlement agreement ensures an equally safe and supportive learning environment for students of all religious beliefs.

    Yesterday, FCDF attorneys finalized a settlement agreement with the San Diego Unified School District that resolves a federal lawsuit challenging the District’s “Anti-Islamophobia Initiative.” FCDF representing five families, along with two advocacy organizations, San Diego Asian Americans for Equality and Citizens for Quality Education, sued the District in 2017, alleging that the anti-Muslim bullying program violated the First Amendment because it was religiously preferential.

  • University Of Kentucky Suspends Professor For Telling Kid To Learn English

    University Of Kentucky Suspends Professor For Telling Kid To Learn English

    The University of Kansas suspended a professor of electrical engineering and computer science from teaching a class when he told an international student who was using Google translate that he should “learn English.”

    Now, that just seems to be common sense, right?  If you are attending a school where English is the language being used to teach, then the student should know English, right?  Only if you are a sane person does this make sense.

    The removal of Professor Gary Minden was reported by The College Fix.

    Minden told The Lawrence Journal-World that the student he addressed was not offended by the comment but that other students took offense to it.

  • Donna Brazile Isn't The Only Person To Join Over At Controlled-Opposition Fox

    Donna Brazile Isn’t The Only Person To Join Over At Controlled-Opposition Fox

    Earlier this week, it was reported that former head of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile, who ensured that Hillary Clinton won the party’s presidential nomination in 2016, was hired by Fox News.  However, on the heels of that report, another report came out that former House Speaker Paul Ryan joined the board of Fox Corporation.

    First, Donna Brazile wrote an op-ed after joining Fox News, and just listen to how “chummy” Fox is having Brazile in their lineup.

    “I fully admit that in my previous lives as a campaign staffer, presidential campaign manager and Democrat Party official, my own lack of civility in the heat of battle has been on full display.

  • This State Confiscated 2,290 Guns In 2018 - But That Failed To Stop Criminals With Guns

    Here’s 3 Ways The State Already Commits Backdoor Gun Confiscation

    I recently ran across a short 7-minute video by a woman who goes by the YouTube handle, “The Pholosopher.”  She was quite good in pointing out three ways the state already goes about confiscating citizens’ guns and I thought it was worth your time to take a look and have a listen.

    If you are a person who actually believes things like “common sense” gun laws really exist with any sort of impact on crime, or if you are a person that actually believes in universal background checks and believes those will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and ensure only non-criminals will have guns, then you really should watch this.

  • Former Top Obama/Clinton Adviser Alan Krueger Found Dead - Apparent "Suicide"

    Former Top Obama/Clinton Adviser Alan Krueger Found Dead – Apparent “Suicide”

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but honestly, the number of people that have died around the Clintons and Obamas from alleged “suicides” or suspicious circumstances rivals that of those that claimed a different story than the official narrative we were told by the Warren Commission in the JFK assassination.  The latest in a long line of dead bodies surrounding both the Clintons and the Obamas is top former economic advisor to both, Alan Krueger.

    Princeton University released a statement about Krueger’s death.

    “We are saddened to share that Professor Alan Krueger passed away over the weekend. A true scholar and public servant, Alan will be deeply missed by the University community.

  • Pelosi Admits Democrats Have Nothing Impeachable On Trump

    Pelosi Admits Democrats Have Nothing Impeachable On Trump

    OK, so we know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has not really supported impeachment like some of her Democrat colleagues have.  So, this is not really anything new for people paying attention, but the fact that she claims that Democrats don’t have anything “compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan” to impeach President Donald Trump on is quite telling.

    Of course, Pelosi is attempting to stave off some of the more unhinged Democrats such as Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Maxine Waters (D-CA).

    Pelosi knows there is nothing coming in the Mueller report that people will actually get behind to impeach President Trump, and rightfully so.

  • Florida: Buying & Selling for Profit The Right to Sue a Rape Victim - The Deanna Williams Story

    Florida: Buying & Selling for Profit The Right to Sue a Rape Victim – The Deanna Williams Story

    What if you were raped?  Then, because you couldn’t get justice via a criminal case, you chose to sue in civil court only to have your attorney have a meltdown and leave you stranded in the courtroom.  To make matter worse, once you hired new attornies who assumed the previous costs and actually got a confession and settlement on your behalf, the previous meltdown attorney wants to sue you, but then a judge allows him to sell his right to sue you to another attorney for profit and that attorney wants you jailed for contempt of court?  In all of this, your settlement payments are being stolen by another attorney. 

  • Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar on Trump & Obama: "One Is Human, The Other Is Not"

    Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar on Trump & Obama: “One Is Human, The Other Is Not”

    While there are plenty of emails I get in my inbox stating that people are happy to see someone finally calling out the Israeli lobbyists, and I don’t mind that, I have a greater concern about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) agenda, underlying ideology and criminal history in why she is engaging in what she is.  She is clearly anti-American and basically states that she is not here to assimilate but rather we are to accommodate her and Somalis like her.  Still, in a recent comment, Omar claimed the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, is somehow “human,” while President Donald Trump is not.

  • North Dakota: Somali Woman With Lengthy Criminal Record Threatens To "Slice Your Neck" - Then Claims Victim Status

    North Dakota: Somali Woman With Lengthy Criminal Record Threatens To “Slice Your Neck” – Then Claims Victim Status

    A Grand Forks woman from Somalia was arrested for making terrorist threats against three people by using a knife to cut them up, but instead of owning her threats, which are derived from the Koran, she played the victim, claiming that she is innocent and committed no crime.  Apparently, she doesn’t know that issuing a threat is a crime, and this woman has a criminal history in the US.

    According to Valley News Live:

    A Grand Forks woman has been charged with terrorizing with a dangerous weapon after she allegedly told someone she was going to slice their neck with a knife.

  • California: Majority of Millennials Consider Leaving State

    California: Majority of Millennials Consider Leaving State

    It truly is an interesting time.  While Marxist millennials like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are pushing for the ultimate in a Socialist Utopia, many millennials in California are seeking to abandon such a “utopia.”

    In a report from contributor Bethany Blankley, published at the Washington Free Beacon, she reports on the fact that half of Californians plan to leave the state. Among those wanting to leave, a whopping 63% are millennials.

    California leads the nation in outmigration, and has experienced a domestic outmigration decline since 1991, according to the California Department of Finance.

    According to a recent survey, 53 percent of all Californians, 63 percent of millennials, and 76 percent of residents in the Bay Area say they are seriously considering leaving the state.