• AP Treats Obamacare Contractor’s Employees in Three States Doing Almost No Work As a Local Story

    A search at 11:00 p.m. ET tonight at the Associated Press’s national web site on “Serco,” the company with a five-year, $1.25 billion contract to process paper Obamacare enrollment applications, returned no results. That’s absolutely pathetic, given that St. Louis TV station KMOV, based on multiple accounts from several current and former employees and contractors, has reported that the company has well over 1,000 people doing almost nothing all day simply because there are very few paper applications to process. KMOV, which carried five consecutive reports this week (here, here, here, here, and here), even noted in its later segments that its work had drawn national attention. READ MORE...

  • One of the most painfully ironic things the founders ever wrote that you’ve probably never read

    In doing some research on what if anything the founders thought about money in politics, in light of the persistent comments from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others that billionaires are corrupting our system of government, we came across something highly germane to government corruption: Federalist Papers no. 62 and no. 63, under which James Madison discusses the purpose of the U.S. Senate in and of itself.

    Below, Madison lays out the dangers to which the U.S. republic would surely be subjected, without a Senate to provide stability against “mutable government.” READ MORE...

  • S.F. Residents Sue BlueShield Over ‘Misrepresentation’ on Obamacare Exchange

    San Francisco residents John Harrington and Alex Talon filed a lawsuit against BlueShield in California state court on Wednesday, alleging the health insurer misrepresented the plans offered by the company on the state health exchange, according to a report from Reuters.

    Specifically, Harrington and Talon claim they bought “preferred provider network” plans from BlueShield, then discovered after their purchase that the plans would not cover the full network of providers advertised on the company’s website. In the suit, Harrington and Talon claim they visited doctors from January to March of this year, and only discovered after the visits that the providers they consulted were not covered. READ MORE...

  • Democrat Carl Levin Pressured IRS to go After Conservatives and Christians

    If the follow report is true, Carl Levin should be forced to resign from Congress and spend some time in jail. Targeting political opponents by using the IRS — one of the most feared government agencies — is what the Nazis and the Soviet Union did to their opponents.

    Will Levin get away with it? Probably. Will the mainstream media report on it? Probably not. If this had been a Republican, would it be front-page news all day, every day for two months? Absolutely.

    Democrats know that they have a friend in the media. They also know that Eric Holder will not do his job. He is in the Democrat protection racket.

  • The Grand Old Party: The Party of Innovation

    In 200 years the United States went from being a colonial backwater to being the world’s dominant economic and military power. How did our nation arise from obscurity, break free from the grip of the most powerful empire on earth, and skyrocket to global leadership? With a government focused on innovation—not control.

    Historically, the Republican Party has led on technological innovation. President Abraham Lincoln earned a patent and facilitated the first transcontinental railroad system. President Hoover played a key role in the early development of radio broadcasting, and President Coolidge created our national airways system. Dwight D. Eisenhower inaugurated NASA and DARPA, while Richard Nixon launched the cable television industry through deregulation. President Ronald Reagan made GPS available for civilian use and greatly expanded science research. READ MORE...

  • Obama’s Corrupt Justice Department

    Like all mergers, the proposed $45.2 billion Comcast CMCSA -1.09% merger withTime Warner Cable TWC -0.45%—the largest and second largest cable providers in the nation—has its advocates and critics.  There are certainly important questions about what impact the merger would have on consumers—but there are equally significant issues associated with the highly politicized approval process.

    The Obama Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, must review the merger and decide whether to approve or block it.  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and Justice Department have a long track record of pushing the rule of law aside and making decisions based on politics.   Will the proposed Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable receive the scrutiny it deserves, or simply be fast-tracked for approval based on politics? READ MORE...

  • Good riddance to the dying ‘mainstream’ media

    It is a measure of the collapsing authority of Congress that, although it voted to slap an IRS employee over the wrist for refusing to provide its investigators with details of how a rogue group of inadequately supervised IRS officials had abused their power by targeting non-left political action committees for purely partisan reasons, it was unwilling to park her in the calabozo for a spell to discourage her and her evil colleagues from further corrupt behavior.

    Mr Boehner has said, “Dear me! Tut tut! My oh my! This really won’t do! Take five demerits and see me after class!” And that is all. READ MORE...

  • Senator Mike Lee to Make Election about Crony Capitalism

    Republicans could make the 2014 election about business bailouts and crony capitalism, if they wanted.

    “If Republicans want to grow their party into a national majority, we must begin, as Reagan did in 1981, by confronting our present crisis: America’s large and growing Opportunity Deficit, namely, immobility among the poor and insecurity in the middle class,” wrote Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah.

    Lee called the shortage of opportunities among the poor and middle class “an unholy union of big government, big business, and big special interests that twists public policy to benefit Washington insiders unfairly at the expense of everyone else.” READ MORE...

  • Obama and Gore’s Global Warming Conspiracy Revealed

    When I was attending graduate school in the mid 1990s, I remember reading about a United Nations global summit conference to discuss global warming. What struck me about the UN conference is that over 200 of the top climate scientists in the world were NOT invited to take part. These top scientists in the field were all saying the same thing: that the supposed global warming didn’t exist and data showed that the earth’s temperatures naturally fluctuated through cycles.

    I was directed to a book that was then newly published, called True State of the Planet. The book contained a number of chapters written by nearly a dozen top scientists that debunked the global warming myth. Even though the book was published nearly 20 years ago, much of the data provided is still sound and disproves global warming.

  • Former CIA acting Director Michael Morell *wants* Benghazi panel.

    It took me a while to figure out what was so off about former acting CIA Director Michael Morell's forthright statement that he supports the House investigating committee on Benghazi: Speaking to a forum founded and run by his former boss at the CIA, Leon Panetta, Morell said he hopes that the House effort can lay to rest lingering questions Americans' have about the attack which killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. “A lot of people have looked at this, but the polls show that the American people still have questions. I want to make sure that all of those questions are cleared up. There are still some questions about the role of the agency. And there are still questions about my own personal role and I want to clear that up,” Morell said during a panel discussion at the Panetta Institute in Monterey, Calif. “It might be surprising for you to hear me say this, but I am a supporter of the creation of this committee because I want all the facts to come together in one place and be presented as one—by one entity as one thing, so the American people can see all of this.” …and then it hit me: Michael Morell sounds like a guy who thinks that he can walk into House hearings on Benghazi and walk back out again with his scalp intact. I don't know whether that's because of a clean-enough conscience, self-confidence in his abilities to finesse a House committee, a certain warm awareness of knowing where all the bodies are buried, or a combination thereof: at any rate, it is an attitude that is in stark contrast to everybody else in this administration (current and former) that was involved in the Benghazi mess. And since Morell is acting how you ...read more