• How President Trump Could End Obamacare With A Single Tweet

    How President Trump Could End Obamacare With A Single Tweet

    After more than eight years of promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Republican-led Congress has yet to pass legislation that would replace Obamacare, which has forced millions of Americans to lose their doctors, caused dramatic increases in health insurance premiums and deductibles, and pushed millions more into Medicaid.

    However, a relatively small provision included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed in December 2017, gives President Trump the ability to achieve what his party has failed to accomplish — ending the disastrous Obamacare program — and without the approval of Congress. READ MORE...

  • New Health Insurance Offers $7 Doctor Visits

    New Health Insurance Offers $7 Doctor Visits

    With the rising costs of healthcare and uncertainty as to whether Obamacare will be repealed and/or replaced, there is a new health insurance company called “7 Health” making waves in Texas.

    The company offers the following services for just $7:

    1. Office Visit
    2. After-hours urgent care
    3. Cholesterol lab test
    4. Strep test
    5. Diabetes screen test
    6. Flu shot
    7. Prostate screen test
    8. Pnuemonie shot
    9. EKG
    10. Join injection
    11. Well-woman exam
    12. Spirometry
    13. Yearly physical
    14. Allergy testing
    15. Allergy shot (kenalog)
    16. Spinal adjustment
    17. Sports physical
    18. School physical
    19. Thyroid test
    20. Medical weight loss visit
    21. Stitches

    Their site reads:

    If you’re like most people, your healthcare costs are spiralling up. To add to the frustration, if you do get health insurance, you never really know what you’re getting for your money.

    We hear you. We are 7 health.

    7 Health can save you thousands per year on healthcare costs, simply by eliminating the traditional insurance middle-man for about 85% of your healthcare needs. It’s very simple. You join our healthcare membership program starting at just $77 per month. With that membership, you get $7 office visits, $7 flu shots, and much more. Affordable Healthcare Frisco TX. READ MORE...

  • trump-agenda

    Trump Must Stick to His Agenda

    The best-dressed man in American politics and one of the political mentors of President Donald Trump told Breitbart News Monday the president needs to stay focused on his program in his first address to a joint session of Congress. “He needs to stick to the agenda,” said Roger Stone, who was one of the first advisers to join Trump’s campaign and remains one of his closest confidantes.

    “Avoid back-and-forth with his critics — just stick to the agenda — and make at least one good reference to fake news,” Stone said. READ MORE...

  • McConnell: No one can fix Obamacare

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced Thursday that he would vote against President Barack Obama’s nominee to lead the implementation of Obamacare, and said the Senate should instead spend its time on repealing the law.

    The Senate is expected to approve Sylvia Burwell as the next secretary of Health and Human Services early Thursday afternoon. But McConnell said he would vote against her, in large part because she supports the 2010 healthcare law.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky.,said he would vote against President Barack Obama’s nominee to lead the implementation of Obamacare. READ MORE...

  • Is it time for a permanent Obamacare watchdog?

    Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) says Congress needs to create a full-time, permanent arm of the government that monitors Obamacare and submits detailed quarterly reports to Congress on how the massive healthcare law is being implemented.

    Roberts proposed legislation to create a special inspector general that would monitor all aspects of the law, including whether it’s leading to more expensive health insurance, whether insurance subsidies are being calculated correctly, how jobs are being affected, and the functionality of the Obamacare website. READ MORE...

  • VA Supporters Should Stop Citing Dubious VA Wait Time Data

    It wouldn’t make much sense to cite Enron’s annual reports after word broke that the books were being cooked. Similarly, it doesn’t make much sense to cite VA wait times when the veracity of that data is (and has been) highly suspect.

    A few days ago, Timothy Noah writing for MSNBC argued that, despite the ongoing VA scandal, VA wait times aren’t much worse than those in the private sector:

    News stories about the Phoenix VA and some other bad actors indicate the wait can be many months, but an internal VA estimate—one based on “hard” time stamps and therefore less vulnerable to manipulation than the records allegedly falsified — puts the average wait at about 21 days. READ MORE...

  • Systemic fraud at the VA ‘crime syndicate’

    Remember that Inspector General report President Obama said he was waiting for, before he weighed in on the mushroom cloud of scandal hanging over the Department of Veterans Affairs? The report he needed to read before making any decisions, because the previous eighteen reports issued over the past decade just weren’t good enough for him?

    Well, Report Number Nineteen is out, and Barack Obama will once again be astonished to learn what the Obama Administration (which he has absolutely no connection to, or responsibility for) has been up to. The IG speaks of a “systemic problem with clinics lying about treatment records,” according to Fox News. In fact, it’s so systemic that hardly anyone in the VA bureaucracy can be trusted – the Inspector General’s teams are hitting clinics with surprise inspections, to head off efforts at shredding and/or fabricating more paperwork to throw investigators off the trail. READ MORE...

  • My 60-Year-Old Document Shows VA Used Civilian Hospitals

    Nearly everybody is up in arms over the VA scandal. As usual, President Obama voiced his outrage and moved on. To show that he cares, he visited the troops in Afghanistan. He’s had six years to fix what he claimed in 2008 needed to be fixed. The fact that “he cares” is all that low-information voters need to know. It’s all about feelings.

    A remedy to the VA debacle has been proposed:

    “Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., turned up the heat on the administration over the Veterans Affairs health-care scandal on Saturday, writing in an op-ed that President Obama was ‘nowhere to be seen’ as accusations of misconduct at VA hospitals mounted in recent months. READ MORE...

  • Guantanamo Detainees Receiving ‘First-Rate’ Medical Care

    While doing some research for a previous article, I came across an article published by American Forces Press Service and posted on the U.S. Department of Defense website. I was shocked when I read it, especially since the VA scandal erupted.

    The medical facility in Guantanamo is said to be “state-of-the-art.” Capt. Barry Barendse, a Navy nurse and the deputy command surgeon for JTF Guantanamo, said, “The standard of care here is the best possible standard of care (the detainees) could get.” READ MORE...

  • After Horrific Care at Veterans Administration – Purple Heart, Iraq War Veteran Pays for his Own Health Care, Medicine and Psychologist

    Editor’s Note: A lot has been in the news lately about how our veterans are not having their claims taken care of under the Obama Department of Veterans Affairs. Joe has contributed to Freedom Outpost for some time and, as an Iraq veteran, who has had to be referred to the VA due to physical and mental trauma sustained during his service, I think his experience sheds light on how many of our veterans are treated.

    This is a very short account of my experience with the VA (Veterans Administration). After being wounded in Iraq in May of 2004, I was medevaced to LRMC in Germany. READ MORE...