• Tan is the New ‘Blackface’? Tanned Instagram Star Accused Of ‘Racism’

    A British fashion and makeup blogger with tan skin has been accused of being racist after internet commenters suggested her love of the sun and tanning is “modern blackface“, according to reports.

    The blogger, Chloe Wilson, known on Instagram for showing off her skin in alluring bikini shots, admitted to having blocked comments from a number of users who took issue with her complexion.

    How many times do black people have to tell you to stop doing black face???” asked one such irked commenter, while another suggested her tan was “mockery and a form of racism,” adding “it’s modern black face.

  • 4 Things to Know About House Democrats’ ‘Dream and Promise’ Amnesty

    The House has passed legislation 237-187 that would grant citizenship to an estimated 2.5 million undocumented immigrants, in a largely party-line vote.

    “America’s Dreamers represent the constant reinvigoration of our country. Today, the House will pass the American Dream [and] Promise Act—an historic step for immigrants and communities across America,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., tweeted Tuesday.

    “Americans see the wonderful contributions of America’s #Dreamers every day in communities nationwide,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif., tweeted before the vote. “As the House passes the Dream and Promise Act today, we are taking a stand for these patriotic, inspiring young Americans.”

    The legislation would allow people who came to the country illegally as children under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and persons eligible for Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforced Departure to bypass deportation and obtain a pathway to citizenship.… Read More...

  • Fmr. Arkansas State Senator, Who Switched To GOP, Found Dead

    Former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP in 2011 and campaigned against sanctuary city polices, was found dead at home Tuesday. She was 57.

    According to local reports, Collins-Smith of Pocahontas, Arkansas, was shot dead in her home. Her death is being investigated a murder.

    Former Senator Collins-Smith switched from Democrat to Republican during her first term in the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2011, and was voted into the Senate in 2014 representing District 19.

    Former press secretary Ken Yang confirmed to Region 8 News Tuesday night that Collins-Smith was found dead.

  • Key Mueller Witness, George Nader, Arrested for Child Porn

    George Nader, one of Mueller’s key witnesses, has been arrested on charges of transporting child pornography.

    George Nader, a Middle East power broker who cooperated with former special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, was arrested Monday on a federal charge of transporting child pornography.

    Nader, who after the election of President Donald Trump was asked by a leading Russian money manager to introduce him to officials in Trump’s transition team, was taken into custody at JFK Airport in New York.

    Thehill.com reports: The criminal complaint, dated April 19, 2018, was made public after his arrest Monday.

  • Gillibrand Shows Democrat Colors As She Blasts NRA

    If there are two things citizens can count on Democrats to do, it is to call our republic a democracy and attack the God-given individual unalienable rights of the people to keep and bear arms.  The latest Democrat to launch an attack on law-abiding gun owners and the National Rifle Association (NRA) is none other than Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.  During a Fox News town hall Sunday night, Gillibrand dubbed the NRA the “worst organization in this country”.

    According to The Washington Free Beacon:

    Asked what she would to do regarding guns and whether her policies would have prevented Friday’s massacre in Virginia Beach, Gillibrand said too many families were being torn apart because of gun violence.

  • Ohio House Urges Feds To Designate Mexican Drug Cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Here’s Why.

    The Mexican cartels are exploiting a widespread opioid epidemic that’s killing nearly 130 Americans each day and Ohio, like other states, is at the epicenter of their deadly supply of narcotics.

    The state is taking steps to fight back.

    The point was stressed during a hearing last week with the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee, which is considering the passage of concurrent House Resolution Bill 10 to urge the federal government to designate several of the Mexican drug cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Currently, the drug cartels are classified as transnational criminal organizations. It would still have to seek passage of the full Ohio House legislature.

  • This New Social Media Platform Aims to Protect Your Beliefs and Privacy

    Facebook has become so big that even one of its initial founders says it’s time for government to break it up. But what if the market solved the problem — and offered users better free speech protection? Enter AllSocial — a new social media platform designed for everyone, with minimal censorship. Read the interview, posted below, with Rolfe Carawan, who runs business development for AllSocial, on the podcast:

    Daniel Davis: I’m joined now by Rolfe Carawan. He runs business development for AllSocial, which is the newest social media company in America, launched in April of this year. Rolfe, thanks for joining me on the podcast.… Read More...

  • A Guide to Colleges Committed to Ideological Diversity

    When you send your youngster off to college, you might not mind that they will have to walk on eggshells, respect taboos, snitch on fellow students for politically incorrect jokes, and learn to use ad hominem arguments as a means to attack ideas they find “disagreeable.”

    If that’s your preference, you can choose from a wide variety of America’s top-ranked colleges.

    If you want to send your youngster to colleges that are seriously committed to civil and diverse debate, pick up a copy of the June 2019 edition of Reason magazine for some guidance.

    Professors Debra Mashek and Jonathan Haidt authored “10 Colleges Where You Won’t Have to Walk on Eggshells.” Mashek and Haidt are, respectively, faculty members of Harvey Mudd College and New York University.… Read More...

  • Leaked FDA Report Finds Americans Are Being Poisoned By “Forever Chemicals” In US Food Supply

    In a leaked report that we are guessing the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) didn’t want to get out, is data showing that there are “forever chemicals” in meat, poultry, milk, and chocolate cake. The toxic carcinogenic chemicals are called “forever chemicals” because of the time they take to break down.

    PFAS (perfluoroalky and polyfluoroalkyl substances) include chemicals known as PFOS, PFOA, and GenX. They are all synthetic and all contain fluorine and carbon bonds that are extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the human body to break down. PFAS are often referred to as “forever chemicals” because it takes them “forever” to finally break down.

  • Almost No One Reads What Has Been Considered By Almost Everyone To Be The “Law Of The Land” – Even Though It Isn’t

    Can You Read, Do You Read?

    Part of my work here at the Institute on the Constitution involves making presentations across the country about matters of law, government and the Constitution.

    Sometimes, I’ll ask the members of the audience to raise their hand if they have ever read a Supreme Court opinion.  Almost always there are no hands raised.

    Do you find it curious that almost no one reads that which almost everyone considers being the “law of the land” – which, by the way, it isn’t?

    This may be the quintessential example of the degradation of the formerly vibrant American culture.

  • ICE Acting Director: Don’t Blame ICE and Border Patrol For Inaction of Congress

    Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement Acting Director Mark Morgan scolded Congress Wednesday saying lawmakers have failed the American people on border security by refusing to change immigration laws that would curtail the massive flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

    Morgan, who was President Donald Trump’s pick to take the helm at the agency, said ICE officers and Border Patrol agents should not be blamed for the inaction of Congress. He stressed that the situation will get worse if lawmakers fail to take the bold steps necessary to stop the flow of migrants and protect U.S. security.

    “Congress has absolutely failed in this area,” said Morgan, who was speaking at a roundtable discussion with other top ICE officials.

  • Lindsey Graham: I’m all for Tariffs if it Fixes Immigration Problem

    Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News’ Shannon Bream Tuesday night that he will endorse tariffs on Mexico if it fixes the immigration problem. Graham cited loopholes in U.S. asylum laws that perpetuate the ongoing border crisis. Moreover, Graham said the blame should be on Congress and the Mexican government. Graham said if Mexico refuses to cooperate with the U.S. “then we won’t do tariffs.”

    Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer called it “all talk” Tuesday. President Trump responded on Twitter saying, “Can you imagine Cryin’ Chuck Schumer saying out loud, for all to hear, that I am bluffing with respect to putting Tariffs on Mexico.

  • Recalling Tiananmen Square Sheds Light on Tyranny of Communism

    Thirty years ago, a series of student-led demonstrations in Beijing were put to an end, violently, by China’s military.

    After months of peaceful protests in 1989, the Chinese Communist Party unleashed the might of its military on the unarmed civilians: this included the use of machine guns and tanks.

    Unofficial death tolls are often estimated to be in the thousands, however, the actual number is unknown.

    At a regional forum in Singapore, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe recently defended the Tiananmen Square crackdown, in which the government and the military killed hundreds if not thousands of protesting citizens and wounded, imprisoned, or otherwise suppressed countless others.… Read More...

  • “Change The World”: Nike Celebrates Sharia Oppression of Women in New Hijabed Ad

    Hijabed women accompanied by the tagline, “Don’t change who you are. Change the world.”

    The perfect definition of Islamization of the West.

    Note the angry faces.


    By: Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit, June 3, 2019:

    Nike Toronto celebrated the oppression of women in a new ad by promoting “Hijabi Ballers.”

    “Don’t change who you are. Change the world.” Nike says as it promotes Sharia law. So, enslave the entire world under Sharia law?

    “By starting @HijabiBallers, it was about changing that narrative of Muslim women – celebrating their athleticism and giving opportunities to Muslim female athletes to grow as athletes and not having to give up their faith to do that.” #justdoit – Nike said in its caption with a picture of oppressed Muslim women wearing hijabs.

  • Wiretaps Of Flynn And Kislyak Could Be A Game Changer. Why Prosecutors Refuse To Release It.

    The highly classified transcript between former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and former Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak would answer once and for all exactly what was said between the then senior government officials. Kislyak’s phone was being monitored by U.S. intelligence but that didn’t stop senior U.S. officials from leaking the conversation to the media. In fact, it was that essence of Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak that eventually led to Flynn being fired from his role as President Donald Trump’s national security advisor.

    Knowing exactly what was said could be a game changer. Prosecutors don’t want that to happen.