• The 'Reverse Robin Hood Effect' of Farm Handouts

    The ‘Reverse Robin Hood Effect’ of Farm Handouts

    The federal government takes the hard-earned money of taxpayers and gives handouts to farm households that generally make a lot more money than they do.

    This wealth transfer subsidizes the $15 billion “safety net” for agricultural producers, which ostensibly exists to help these businesses address agricultural risk.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released a report that shed light on this reverse Robin Hood effect.

    The numbers are staggering. According to the Department of Agriculture, the median income for farm households that received commodity subsidies and crop insurance indemnities were both about $145,000 in 2015. That’s far more than double the median income of all U.S. households (about $56,000). READ MORE...

  • What Trump Is Doing to Slash the Number of Regulations

    What Trump Is Doing to Slash the Number of Regulations

    The Trump administration on Thursday released an ambitious regulatory agenda that commits federal agencies to more than 400 deregulatory actions in fiscal 2018, and to cutting future regulatory costs to the private sector by $9.8 billion.

    The need for reform has never been greater.

    The deregulatory commitments are intended to comply with the president’s Executive Order 13771, which directs federal agencies to identify for repeal at least two existing regulations for every new regulation they promulgate. The order also calls for a budgeting process to reduce net regulatory costs each year. READ MORE...

  • 8 Worst Defenses Of FBI Agent's Anti-Trump 'Insurance Policy' Texts

    8 Worst Defenses Of FBI Agent’s Anti-Trump ‘Insurance Policy’ Texts

    In investigating Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, the media have found no story too small, no detail too minor to cover. Each leak that can be even remotely tied to the narrative of Russia harming America with the Trump campaign’s help is exploited and hyped for round-the-clock attention. To give just one example, CNN ran a report in May dramatically headlined “First on CNN: AG Sessions did not disclose Russia meetings in security clearance form, DOJ says. READ MORE...

  • Russia Probe ‘Democrat Hoax,’ Hillary Probe ‘Rigged’

    Russia Probe ‘Democrat Hoax,’ Hillary Probe ‘Rigged’

    Supposed Russian collusion with his 2016 campaign is a “Democrat hoax,” President Donald Trump said Friday, and the FBI’s probe of his vanquished opponent Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was “rigged.”

    Talking to reporters before boarding Marine One outside the White House, Trump said most Democrats aren’t claiming proof exists that he colluded with Russian officials.

    “There is absolutely no collusion. That has been proven,” the president said, adding:

    When you look at the committees, whether it’s the Senate or the House, everybody–my worst enemies, they walk out, they say, ‘There is no collusion, but we’ll continue to look.’ They’re spending millions and millions of dollars. READ MORE...

  • The Crisis Of Modern Political Parties And A Broken Government

    The Crisis Of Modern Political Parties And A Broken Government

    Dr. Matthew Spalding is Associate Vice President and Dean of Educational Programs for Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C. He joins Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the break down of American political parties and how we can return to a functioning constitutional government.

    “I think what we’re seeing is the growing crisis of this form of governing and politics fighting over that,” Spalding said. “All of this feeds the way the modern bureaucratic state and modern presidency has transformed itself over some decades now. The modern left is playing to win…I don’t know how the Republicans are going to proceed here.” READ MORE...

  • Reporter Asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders This Extremely Inappropriate Question

    Reporter Asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders This Extremely Inappropriate Question

    On Monday, Brian Karem, CNN political contributor and Playboy White House correspondent, asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if she’s ever been sexually harassed.

    “As a woman, standing up there talking to us, I know your job is to relate what the president says—have you ever been sexually harassed?” Karem asked. “And I’m not saying by the president, I’m saying ever.”

    “I’m not here to speak about my personal experience on that front,” Sanders responded. “But I am here to relay information on behalf of the president and that’s what I’m focused on doing here today.” READ MORE...

  • If Paul Ryan Does Step Down, What's Next?

    If Paul Ryan Does Step Down, What’s Next?

    Is House Speaker Paul Ryan soon to retire? One report says so. We discuss who could be next in line, and what that could mean for conservative priorities in Congress. Plus: why the left is being ridiculous about the repeal of net neutrality today, and what a new poll shows about whether Americans think of Christmas as a religious or cultural holiday. READ MORE...

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