• While Environmentalists Celebrate ‘Earth Hour,’ They Should Thank Fracking for Lowering Emissions

    On Saturday during “Earth Hour,” millions of people
    will abstain from using electricity to draw attention to the energy
    sector’s ecological footprint and other environmental issues. There
    is heartening news for those who choose to keep their lights
    on-whether as part of the “Human
    Achievement Hour
    ” counter-movement or just as part of their
    everyday routine.

    The International Energy Agency has announced that global energy-related carbon
    dioxide emissions were flat for the third year in a row in 2016
    even as the world economy grew, indicating a sustained decoupling
    of emissions and economic activity. This is arguably as momentous
    as the
    decoupling of agricultural land area from crop
    yields and the decoupling of forest area loss from growth in
    population.

  • Our Right to Trial by Jury Is under Attack, the Supreme Court Can Affirm and Protect It

    Today, the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in a
    case that raises important questions regarding both the right to
    counsel and trial by jury.

    Jae Lee came to the United States from South Korea in 1982. At
    the time, he was just a boy in the care of his parents. Now 48
    years old, Lee has lived in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident
    for decades. He went to school in New York, but eventually moved to
    Memphis and got into the restaurant business. According to federal
    prosecutors, Lee also became a small time drug dealer and, after
    his arrest, he was facing serious criminal charges.

  • constitution-1

    Dems Get It Wrong: ‘Originalism’ Is Mainstream, Even for Liberal Judges

    In Monday’s confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee
    Neil Gorsuch, Sen. Dianne
    (D-Calif.), the Judiciary Committee’s
    ranking member, tried to attack the concept of originalism rather
    than Gorsuch. In doing so, she went too far and attacked an
    understanding of all of the justices in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992).

    Progressives may disagree
    with Gorsuch about what the original meaning is, but originalism is
    widely accepted by society today – including by many

    Casey is one of the more recent decisions upholding what
    Feinstein called the “core” of Roe v. Wade
    (1973). It is surprising that Feinstein would reject the opinion of
    those justices in that case, given how important preserving
    abortion rights is to her.

  • nato-800x400

    Trump Must Stand His Ground with NATO

    President Trump’s tense meeting with German chancellor
    Angela Merkel confirmed that he is serious about insisting on
    greater financial burden sharing within NATO. Not only did the
    president criticize Germany’s continuing failure to meet the
    commitment that alliance members made following the 2006 summit
    meeting to spend a minimum of 2 percent of their gross domestic
    product on defense, but he added another barb. Trump stated that
    Merkel’s government owed NATO (and, by implication, the
    United States as NATO’s leader) “vast sums” of
    money for the prior years that Germany failed to meet the 2 percent
    target. German officials flatly rejected both his
    demand and his reasoning, even arguing that difference in the
    relative expenditures of alliance members should not really matter
    to the collective defense effort.

  • for-gop-on-healthcare-theres-no-moving-on

    For GOP on Health Care, There’s No ‘Moving On’

    What a fiasco.

    On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan trudged to the White House to
    tell President Donald Trump Republican leaders didn’t have the
    votes to pass their health care bill. Then, moments before a
    scheduled vote, leadership withdrew the bill.

    Paul Ryan says it was a “setback” and that Republicans are
    “moving on” from health care. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says
    Obamacare will explode and it won’t be pretty. “We will be living
    with Obamacare for the foreseeable future,” Trump told the media
    after the House pulled the bill.

  • regulation-without-results

    Regulation without Results

    This month President Trump visited Detroit to announce that his
    administration would revisit the Corporate Average Fuel Economy
    regulations that require vehicles to attain an average minimum gas
    mileage. The Obama administration had agreed to increase those
    standards by 2025 to 60 miles per gallon for small cars and 46 for
    large cars, and 50 for small trucks and 30 for large trucks.

    Why are such requirements necessary? CAFE supporters claim that
    consumers don’t fully appreciate the value of good gas mileage.
    Specifically consumers are not willing to pay more initially for a
    vehicle that gets better gas mileage and has lower operating costs
    over the lifetime of the vehicle. Thus the government must mandate
    the production of more efficient vehicles.

  • endangered-species

    Fixing the Endangered Species Act

    Though written with the best of intentions, the Endangered
    Species Act has a fatal flaw that makes it both expensive and
    ineffective. To date, efforts to improve the law have tinkered
    around the edges without addressing this flaw.

    Most people, including many critics of the law, agree that
    biodiversity protection benefits everyone. Yet the flaw in the law
    is that it often imposes all the costs of protection on a few
    people. Those forced to pay the cost end up resenting wildlife,
    while many of those who benefit without paying the costs themselves
    accuse the law’s critics of being selfish and short-sighted. READ MORE...

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