• 12 Potential Trump Nominees for Attorney General

    12 Potential Trump Nominees for Attorney General

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned Wednesday, creating a vacancy in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and the opportunity to confirm a new leader at the Department of Justice.

    The question facing Trump is whom he might pick as the next attorney general. The Heritage Foundation’s John Malcolm, vice president of the Institute for Constitutional Government and director of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, discussed the following dozen possible candidates for the position during recent TV interviews. READ MORE...

  • What Veterans Say About Effort to Remove Peace Cross War Memorial

    What Veterans Say About Effort to Remove Peace Cross War Memorial

    When Jake Hill heard that an atheist activist group had sued to have a historic World War I memorial pulled down because some people were offended by the monument’s Christian symbolism, the Marine got angry.

    “Americans of all faith backgrounds should be outraged,” Hill, a lance corporal in the Marine Corps, said.

    Hill, of Madison, Wisconsin, was awarded the Silver Star during the Afghanistan War for his valor in leading his squad through enemy fire in 2010 to rescue a wounded fellow Marine. He also received a Purple Heart after being wounded in action during his service from 2008 to 2013. READ MORE...

  • Trump Calls Out Broward's Brenda Sipes Over Florida Election Mess

    Trump Calls Out Broward’s Brenda Sipes Over Florida Election Mess

    President Donald Trump is scrutinizing the Florida election-recount process, and he isn’t the only one—largely because of Broward County.

    On election night, it appeared likely that Rick Scott, the outgoing Florida Republican governor, had defeated Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson for his seat. It appeared even more likely that Republican ex-Rep. Ron DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, to be Florida’s next governor.

    By Friday morning, both Nelson and Gillum were challenging the outcome. READ MORE...

  • 'Multiple Men' Were 'Ready to Take a Bullet' For Us, Says Shooting Survivor

    ‘Multiple Men’ Were ‘Ready to Take a Bullet’ For Us, Says Shooting Survivor

    Multiple men reportedly put their bodies on the line to protect patrons at the club in California where a gunman entered Wednesday night, killing 12 and reportedly taking his own life.

    “While we were all dog-piled at the side, there were multiple men that got on their knees and pretty much blocked all of us with their backs towards the shooter, ready to take a bullet for any single one of us,” Teylor Whittler, woman who had been in the club during the shooting, said Thursday morning, via ABC News. READ MORE...

  • Liberals Aren't Losing Faith in Our Constitutional System. They Just Don't Like Its Results.

    Liberals Aren’t Losing Faith in Our Constitutional System. They Just Don’t Like Its Results.

    In liberals’ imaginations, there are only four ways to lose elections — and none has to do with their leftist turn, their hysterics or their one-dimensional identity politics.

    Democrats say they lose because of gerrymandering, voter suppression (sometimes known as asking for ID), Russian mind-control rays deployed by social media, and our antiquated and unfair Constitution.

    That last excuse is becoming increasingly popular among pundits who continue to invent new crises to freak out about.

    Take Vox’s Ezra Klein, a longtime champion of direct democracy: “I don’t think people are ready for the crisis that will follow if Democrats win the House popular vote but not the majority,” he tweeted before the midterms. “After Kavanaugh, Trump, Garland, Citizens United, Bush v. Gore, etc, the party is on the edge of losing faith in the system (and reasonably so).” READ MORE...

  • Conservative Women's Victories Ignored, and Left Turns on White Women

    Conservative Women’s Victories Ignored, and Left Turns on White Women

    There’s a lot of work to do, white women. A lot of learning. A lot of growing.” That was the message from the Women’s March to white women who supported GOP candidates.  Meanwhile, one celebrity announces she’s done with the Women’s March, and a recent news event shows that not all masculinity is toxic. We’re joined on today’s podcast with “Problematic Women” Kelsey Harkness and Lauren Evans, who discuss these stories and more. 

    We also cover these stories:

    • Fox News host Tucker Carlson got a taste of the leftist mob, which showed up on his doorstep the night after the midterm elections.
    • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Thursday after breaking three ribs in a fall.
    • Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old Dutch man, wants to identify as 20 years younger.

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  • How Trump is Toughening Asylum Rules for Immigrants

    How Trump is Toughening Asylum Rules for Immigrants

    President Donald Trump’s administration is clamping down on asylum rules for immigrants coming to the United States, the White House announced Thursday.

    The Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department jointly issued a new rule requiring that immigrants seeking asylum along the southern border must present themselves lawfully at a port of entry.

    Trump will sign a proclamation with specifics. The president last week announced his intention to do so.

    The new rule is aimed at ensuring illegal immigrants who are subject to the terms of the proclamation that Trump issues are not eligible for asylum. READ MORE...