• China’s Worsening Human Rights Abuses Mimic Mao

    When the State Department recently released its “2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices,” China figured prominently in its findings—but not in a good way.

    The annual report, issued March 13, shines a harsh spotlight on China and its various human rights abuses, including religious persecution, internment of Uighurs in re-education camps, and increased surveillance of its citizens.

    Many assumed that China’s rapid economic transformation would have led automatically to improvements in civil liberties and human rights. Instead, China has become more oppressive.

    What is taking place today in Xinjiang looks a lot like Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. And in modern China, the state is equipped with far more advanced and invasive technology to achieve its totalitarian aims.… Read More...

  • Why VW Workers Have More to Lose Than Gain From Unionizing

    History has an important lesson for autoworkers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the United Auto Workers union plans to  hold a vote soon to unionize workers.

    When it comes to VW’s Chattanooga workers, unionizing is more likely to prevent expansion by the company and threaten jobs than it is to bring about higher wages and better working conditions.

    Consider some history on U.S. auto manufacturing and the UAW’s role in its decline.

    As labor economist James Sherk wrote in a July 2014 New York Times opinion column:

    For decades, almost the only cars Americans could buy were those built by [UAW] members.… Read More...

  • Bill Whittle – CNN Crisis: With Ratings Plunge and Staff Purge, Can it Survive?

    As Nielsen chronicles the CNN ratings plunge, and headlines document the CNN staff purge, what options are left for the pioneer in 24-hour cable news? Will it survive by a resort to actual journalism, or will it continue to follow the mad-dog methods of MSNBC. Are we witnessing the final days of the Cable News Network?

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  • He Was an Antifa Activist. Then He Took an Economics Class.

    Gabriel Nadales is that rare young adult who became more conservative in college. Once an activist on the left, he started questioning his beliefs after studying economics—and now he promotes free speech at colleges. Read the interview, posted below:

    Rob Bluey: We’re joined at The Daily Signal by Gabriel Nadales of the Leadership Institute. Thanks for being with us.

    Gabriel Nadales: Thank you for having me.

    Bluey: Your region is California. You work on that for the Leadership Institute. You also have quite an interesting personal story yourself. I want to begin there because it’s not too often at The Daily Signal we get to talk to people who were involved with the left, particularly Antifa.… Read More...

  • NH Governor’s Veto of Income Tax Thwarts Mandated Paid Family Leave

    In bright red, all capital letters, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu slapped a big “VETO” on the Democrat-controlled Legislature’s bill to implement a tax on workers to pay for a government-administered paid family leave program.

    Alongside his signed and dated veto, Sununu, a Republican, wrote: “No Income Tax. Not Now! Not Ever!”

    The Democrats’ solution to paid leave — Senate Bill 1 (SB1) — is an income tax and make no mistake, the people of New Hampshire do not support that approach. Today, I unequivocally VETOED the Democrats’ income tax. pic.twitter.com/sJDJzugW9i

    — Chris Sununu (@GovChrisSununu) May 9, 2019

    New Hampshire is one of only seven states across the U.S.… Read More...

  • Rep. Cheney Criticizes Rep. Tlaib Over Holocaust ‘Calming’ Remark

    Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney fired back on Tuesday after Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib defended her false Holocaust claims and questioned the intelligence of her critics.

    “I think most fourth graders know what the Holocaust was and she apparently doesn’t,” Cheney replied while appearing on “Fox & Friends.” “We have a situation today where those of us who are elected officials, in particularly elected officials in the House of Representatives where this anti-Semitism is rising within our body, have an obligation to stand up and stop it.”

    Cheney’s comments were in response to Tlaib’s appearance on the “Skullduggery” podcast where she revealed that when she envisions the Holocaust, she gets a “calming feeling” because her Palestinian ancestors provided a “safe haven” for Jewish people.… Read More...

  • How Equality Act Would Promote Abortion

    In the history of bad bills, there are a lot of doozies. Just in the last handful of months, we’ve had a Democratic grab bag of everything from abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the Green New Deal. But nothing—not even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s, D-N.Y., crusade against airplanes and cows—compares to the one measure that out-radicals them all: the Equality Act. And the worst mistake any of us can make is not taking the threat seriously.

    Maybe, like a lot of Americans, you think the Democrats’ H.R. 5 is just about sex and gender. Well, think again. This isn’t just the most extreme LGBT bill ever written.… Read More...

  • Pompeo Sends the Message Britain Needs to Hear

    Speaking Wednesday in London at the Centre for Policy Studies—a distinguished think tank founded by Margaret Thatcher—Secretary of
    State Mike Pompeo delivered the annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture. And he said just what Britain needed to hear.

    The essence of Pompeo’s remarks was that Britain is a great and global power, with which the United States enjoys a special relationship—and that it needs to remember that. Throughout, the secretary was careful not to fall into the trap of telling Britain what to do. Instead, he reminded it of its strengths, its interests, and its friends, and left Britain to draw the correct conclusions.… Read More...

  • Why the Left Mocks the Bible

    At PragerU, we have released about 400 videos on virtually every subject outside of the natural sciences and math. Along with 2 billion views, the videos have garnered tens of thousands of comments. So we have a pretty good handle on what people most love and most hate.

    For example, any video defending America or Israel inevitably receives many negative responses. But no videos elicit the amount of contempt and mockery that videos defending religion, explaining the Bible, or arguing for God do.

    Why is that?

    There is a good reason. The Bible and the left (not liberalism, leftism) are as opposed as any two worldviews can be.… Read More...

  • Victor Davis Hanson Makes ‘The Case for Trump’

    Victor Davis Hanson’s new book, “The Case for Trump,” chronicles the successes of America’s 45th president as only the prolific Hoover Institution scholar could. A columnist for The Daily Signal, Hanson recently spoke to me about the book, his concerns about California’s future, and the demise of the Never Trump movement. Our full interview is available on The Daily Signal Podcast or on video. A lightly edited transcript is below.

    Rob Bluey: Let’s start with your book. It’s a fascinating read. I want you to tell us why you chose to write it.

    Victor Davis Hanson: I’ve asked myself that.…

  • Denver’s ‘Magic Mushroom’ Vote Moves Drug Legalization Beyond Pot

    The decision by Denver voters last week to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms marked a significant shift in the debate over legalizing illegal drugs–which up to this point revolved entirely around marijuana.

    Denver becomes the first major American city to decriminalize another controlled substance, after 21 states, including Colorado, either decriminalized, legalized, or allowed small amounts of marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Drug policy experts disagree on whether the results of the Denver referendum on psychedelic mushrooms mark a domino for more legalization efforts, however.

    “The movement was never about marijuana; it was always about legalizing all drugs,” said Kevin Sebat, a senior adviser in the White House Office of National Drug Policy under Presidents Bill Clinton, George W.… Read More...

  • Jordan Peterson on What Motivates the Left

    Dear Daily Signal: About Jarrett Stepman’s story on Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson’s speech at a Heritage Foundation event in New York (“Jordan Peterson Unpacks What Drives the Left and How to Restore Meaning”):

    As long as people have complaints there are going to be politicians who will promise relief, if only you will vote for them. This happens both on the left and the right.

    I suppose it all depends on your point of view as to what people should do for themselves, if they are able, and what the government (others) should do for them, whether or not they are able.… Read More...

  • Acting Defense Chief Shanahan Nominated to Succeed Mattis at Pentagon

    President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan to be the secretary of defense—and none too soon.

    Shanahan has been the longest-serving acting secretary of defense in the nation’s history, assuming the position upon the departure of James Mattis on Jan. 1.

    The nomination of a permanent secretary of defense is a good thing for America and for the Pentagon. As the Senate-confirmed defense chief, Shanahan will be able to set policy and give direction with the assurance that it will not be quickly superseded by another.

    He will enjoy a greater ability to work with key allies and partners as a Cabinet official who enjoys the full confidence of the president.… Read More...

  • Equality Act Could Impose Left-Wing LGBT Curriculum on Whole Nation

    If Democrats’ priority legislation becomes law, public schools could be forced to include discussions about transgenderism in math and history classes for elementary school students.

    The Equality Act, if passed and signed into law, would add gender identity and sexual orientation to the list of classes–race, color, religion, sex, and national origin–protected in the Civil Rights Act.

    And although it sounds good to say you oppose discriminating against people on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s priority bill, known as HR 5, has far-reaching legal implications.

    A variety of Supreme Court cases, including Meyer v.

  • Ingraham: If Dems take the White House

    Joe Biden announces plan to provide health care to illegal immigrants.