• Texas Bombshell: Election Official Admits Non-Citizens Voting

    Texas Bombshell: Election Official Admits Non-Citizens Voting

    In Texas, undercover video provided by Project Veritas exposes at least one election official who openly declares that they have “tons” of non-citizens voting in the Lone Star State.

    A Project Veritas journalist approached election official Deborah Brooks-Wims, claiming her boyfriend is a non-citizen who has a driver’s license.

    Take a look at what transpired.

    “So let’s just say that my boyfriend is a DREAMer, but he’s registered to vote,” the undercover journalist says.  “He just needs his ID, right?” READ MORE...

  • TENNESSEE PROUD: Marsha Blackburn Could Become 'Most Conservative Woman in Senate'

    TENNESSEE PROUD: Marsha Blackburn Could Become ‘Most Conservative Woman in Senate’

    NASHVILLE, Tennessee—Lisa Williams, who cast her ballot Tuesday for Republican Marsha Blackburn in the suburb of Brentwood, said she voted to promote the 15-year House veteran to the Senate because of her character.

    “I voted for Marsha, I have met her, and I have watched her over the years. And she is as true to her values as they get,” Williams, voting at the Brentwood Public Library, said of the conservative Republican.

    In downtown Nashville, by contrast, Kristen Cullen said that she has met Blackburn’s opponent, Democrat Phil Bredesen, and trusts him. READ MORE...

  • Keith Ellison Wants To Up Trump's Refugee Influx Into US By Nearly 300%

    Keith Ellison Wants To Up Trump’s Refugee Influx Into US By Nearly 300%

    As Minnesota and the US prepare for election day on Tuesday, reports are that Keith Ellison, the attorney with no license who is seeking to become attorney general of the state of Minnesota and accused woman abuser, want to increase the number of refugees, predominantly from Muslim nations, into the US and Minnesota by nearly 400 percent over what has been capped by President Donald Trump.

    Cop Killer supporter Rep. Keith Ellison is in a close race against Republican opponent Doug Wardlow for the statewide office of attorney general of Minnesota.  Why the race is even close at this point is anyone’s guess, but my thoughts are due to his backing by un-Americans, CommunistsMuslim jihadists and other corrupt politicians in Minnesota. READ MORE...

  • Whoa! Wait Till You See The Video Of A Third Wave Of Thousands In Migrant Caravan

    Whoa! Wait Till You See The Video Of A Third Wave Of Thousands In Migrant Caravan

    Clearly, these caravans are not set to be here tonight or tomorrow.  These caravans are making their way to the US border nonetheless, and perhaps they will arrive and presume to settle in by the 2020 elections, mingling in, getting their fake documents breaking over 2 dozen of our laws besides illegally entering our country along the way.  However, new video footage shows what looks like thousands of migrants in a caravan making their way across the Mexican border into Mexico.

    Here are some catching a ride on trucks while others walk. READ MORE...

  • Christians must vote or ‘God help us all’

    Christians must vote or ‘God help us all’

    Not only can Christians in America vote in the 2018 midterms on Tuesday.

    Not only should they vote.

    They’d better, or “God help us all.”

    That’s according to Christian leader, author and psychologist James Dobson, who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in child development and now has more than a dozen other honorary degrees.

    He’s also founder of the James Dobson Family Institute, which produces his daily radio program, “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk.” And he’s written dozens of popular books directing parents in their parenting. READ MORE...

  • The 2018 Midterms Matter. Don’t Let Others Determine the Outcome for You

    Listening to the pundits and prognosticators, you’d think control of Congress has already been decided. But the fight for our nation’s future is far from finished. It’s happening this week when millions will take part in their civic responsibility on Election Day.

    Regardless of who wins and who loses, there are certain issues the next Congress will be forced to address.

    The cost of health care is not sustainable for many Americans. Most polls show this is the top issue for voters—and for good reason. Eight years after President Barack Obama signed it into law, the Affordable Care Act has proved to be anything but affordable. It’s time for Congress to enact reforms that help reduce health care costs while increasing coverage choices for everyone. READ MORE...

  • Deja vu 2016? Poll shows ‘hidden Trump vote’

    Deja vu 2016? Poll shows ‘hidden Trump vote’

    Many analysts believe that pollsters misfired in 2016 because of “hidden” support for President Trump, and if a new Rasmussen survey is any indication, the prognosticators may be wrong again and a “silent red wave” is cresting just as election day arrives.

    As in 2016, Democrats are more outspoken about how they’re going to vote in the upcoming elections than Republicans and unaffiliated voters are, Rasmussen found.

    The national telephone and online survey found that 60 percent of likely Democratic voters say they are more likely to let others know how they intend to vote this year compared to previous congressional elections. READ MORE...