• If Democrats didn't have double-standards they'd have no standards at all.

    Brett Kavanaugh Viciously Denies Ford’s Allegations & Blasts Slandering Democrat Senators In The Process

    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh came out swinging in his opening statement following the emotional testimony of Dr. Christine Blasely Ford.  Not only did vociferously deny the allegations against him brought by Ford and other women, but he tore into Senate Democrats for their lies about him.

    Kavanaugh was visibly angry, and understandably so, called the attacks on him calculated.  All of us can fully understand that who have paid attention to the timeline.

    “I will not be intimidated by withdrawing from this process. Your coordinated and well-funded effort to destroy my good name and destroy my family will not drive me out,” Kavanaugh said. “You may defeat me in the final vote, but you’ll never get me to quit. Ever.” READ MORE...

  • The Next Migrant Crisis May Come Out of This Syrian Region

    The Next Migrant Crisis May Come Out of This Syrian Region

    The civil war in Syria has killed over 100,000 civilians, displaced millions more, and produced a historic migrant crisis that affects Europe to this day. But the situation could get even worse if things go wrong in Idlib, a city in eastern Syria. We discuss with Luke Coffey of The Heritage Foundation. Plus: One Democratic senator suggests all men should “shut up,” in reference to the accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

    We also cover these stories:

    • President Donald Trump says Kavanaugh is “such an outstanding man, it’s very hard for me to imagine anything happened.”
    • Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley tweeted, “We’re going to continue to try to hear from Dr. [Christine] Ford in any format she’s comfortable [with—] open session/closed session/private staff interviews/public staff interviews [—because] her information is very important.”
    • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has pledged to permanently abolish key missile facilities in his country and allow foreign experts to inspect.

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  • Trump Tightens Grip on EPA Amid Resisting Bureaucracy

    Trump Tightens Grip on EPA Amid Resisting Bureaucracy

    A political appointee will become the No. 2 lawyer at the Environmental Protection Agency, in a change announced Thursday aimed at ensuring that someone committed to President Donald Trump’s agenda is in charge.

    The move comes as news reports indicate parts of the federal bureaucracy—including some who had key jobs during the previous administration—have rebelled against the elected president.

    The change in who serves as EPA’s deputy general counsel also comes as the agency seeks more uniformity in legal interpretations from its regional offices across the country, The Daily Signal has learned. READ MORE...

  • The Reckless Coverage of Kavanaugh Allegations Is Why Americans Don’t Trust the Media

    The Reckless Coverage of Kavanaugh Allegations Is Why Americans Don’t Trust the Media

    The last few weeks of coverage of the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have been a perfect example of why the American people don’t trust the media.

    The sheer breadth of wild and reckless reporting on the situation has been extraordinary, even by the media’s increasingly low standards.

    There have been a staggering number of backtracks and incidences of simply false reporting.

    NBC published a social media post by one of Kavanaugh’s classmates, Christina King Miranda, saying: This incident did happen. Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However Christine’s vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.” READ MORE...

  • Woman Who Was High School Friend of Kavanaugh’s Calls Claim of Sexual Assault ‘Absolutely Fishy’

    Woman Who Was High School Friend of Kavanaugh’s Calls Claim of Sexual Assault ‘Absolutely Fishy’

    A friend who graduated high school the same year as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says she could not picture him in the situation described by the woman who accuses him of sexually assaulting her when they were teens.

    The allegation is “absolutely fishy,” Lisa Molina Heaps told The Daily Signal.

    “It’s interesting, even in those small social circles in Washington, D.C., private boys and girls schools, there were certain people who had reputations and people that had crazy reputations, people that had reputations for being partiers, things like that. He did not,”  Heaps, 53, said Wednesday of Kavanaugh in a phone interview. READ MORE...

  • Legal Jihad: Islamic Terrorist Uses American Courts To Enforce Sharia Law

    Legal Jihad: Islamic Terrorist Uses American Courts To Enforce Sharia Law

    America remembers the terror attacks on September 11, 2001: Over 3,000 Americans died, and thousands injured, due to Jihadis’ attacks using airlines to destroy buildings as metaphors of western dominance: Jihadis destroyed the World Trade Center’s towers; and damaged the Pentagon; but failed to attack a target speculated to be the White House.

    America remembers the terror attack on February 26, 1993: Six Americans died, and a thousand injured, due to Jihadis’ attack using explosives intended to destroy the World Trade Center’s towers. Four co-conspirators were convicted in March, 1994Ahmad Ajaj was convicted of nine counts for his acts in the early stages of the conspiracy. Ajaj was sentenced to 114 years, fined $250,000, and ordered to pay 250 million dollars in restitution. [WikipediaFox News] READ MORE...

  • I Stand With Brett Kavanaugh

    I Stand With Brett Kavanaugh

    When I read Christine Blasey Ford’s account of being assaulted when she was a teenager, I felt sick to my stomach.

    How could you not after reading how she was trapped in a room and pinned down as a boy groped her and tried to rip her clothes off? This is a serious allegation.

    Ford should be treated with respect, and she deserves an opportunity to share her story.

    She is not, however, entitled to blind faith that everything she says is true. Judge Brett Kavanaugh also deserves to be heard and should be treated with the same level of respect. READ MORE...