• Trump Was Right To Blow Up The Iran Deal

    Trump Was Right To Blow Up The Iran Deal

    For starters, it wasn’t a treaty.

    Like most of Barack Obama’s legacy, the Iran Deal was brittle and unsustainable because it was undertaken unilaterally. Even with the creation of a media echo chamber and the ugly, relentless attacks on critics, the former president was unable to pull together a consensus. The Obama administration circumvented that accountability. For that reason alone, it’s a good thing Trump nixed the deal.

    Even as John Kerry was acquiescing to one Iranian demand after the next, a number of senators explained to the despots in Tehran that such a deal could be easily scuttled. Nearly every Republican candidate running for the presidency in 2016 — not to mention nearly every GOP candidate running for the Senate — promised to withdraw from (or renegotiate) the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action if they won. READ MORE...

  • The Gravity of Mohammed

    The Gravity of Mohammed

    The protests in Iran are not only about economics and politics, they’re also about Islam. Iran in the 1960’s saw mini skirts, smiling women with uncovered hair, men and women freely holding hands on university campuses, and in the air, there was a sense that progress was possible. Then the Shah was deposed during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and the Ayatollah and imams came to power. Iran had been purified, returned to its Islamic roots of Mohammed. Today, we are witnessing the Persian people rise up again against the Iranian Islamic regime and say “no more”. How will this play out? READ MORE...

  • A Refresher Talk on Political Islam

    A Refresher Talk on Political Islam

    Hello, I would like to talk to you about Islam, but in particular, I would like to talk to you about political Islam and explain to you why the religion of Islam is of no concern to you, unless you’re a Muslim. But let’s ask a more basic question, is there some way that we can use rational, fact-based reasoning on Islam? Because notice carefully that the current methods are very subjective. How do people learn about Islam? Well, they go to an expert and this expert hopefully is a Muslim and then they tell ’em what Islam is, but notice something, you get the answer about what Islam is, depending on who you ask, if you ask a Jihadist, you get one answer, if you ask a professional engineer at work, you get another answer, so this method is subjective and I want to propose to you, that there is a completely objective way to answer all questions about Islam. READ MORE...

  • The Trap Door to Escape Sharia

    The Trap Door to Escape Sharia


    There is constant pressure from Islam for Kafirs to submit to the Sharia. Most Kafirs think that if we accommodate their demands, then Muslims will be satisfied, and we can go back to our lives.  Wrong answer. The pressure from Islam will never cease until there is 100% submission. Bukhari Book 58, Hadith 3: “…Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you until you worship Allah alone or pay the Jizya (the dhimmi tax)…”  Translation: the pressure from Islam for Sharia will stop when all humanity converts to Islam or submits to the Sharia by being a dhimmi.  Period. READ MORE...

  • We Need Heroes

    We Need Heroes

    I just got through watching a video by one of my personal heroes, Anni Cyrus. Now, why do I call her a hero? Well, I did something very unusual this week. I went to see a movie about Jihad in Europe called the 15:17 to Paris. These were real heroes because these were flawed people. People who have their own problems, but when the time came to be courageous, they moved in the face of fear. Now before this video where a lot of previews of movies that are coming to this theater and I was struck by, although they talk about heroes leaves are not real heroes. These are computer graphics heroes. These are artificial people who are super heroes. So those are real heroes, but people like Anni Cyrus and the men on the train to Paris where now this was a video in which a man talked about his objections to what Anni had said in the lecture about Sharia. READ MORE...

  • Lord Pearson: "Can We Talk about Islam?"

    Lord Pearson: “Can We Talk about Islam?”

    Lord Pearson: “Can We Talk about Islam?”

    Lord Pearson: My Lords, I beg you to ask the questions standing in my name on the order paper.

    Lord Apologist: My Lords, the government funded Center of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse is working to build a more informed picture of the scale of these crimes and preventing them is a priority for the government. The independent Office for Police Conduct is currently conducting investigations into 33 police officers of varying ranks for potential criminal offenses and breaches of the standards of professional behavior linked to the Rotheram case. READ MORE...

  • Is American on the Brink of Disaster?

    Is American on the Brink of Disaster?

    We’ve become a country divided. Political Chaos. Racial Tensions. Global Terrorism. “Fake News.” What does the future hold for our country?

    A country founded on spiritual principles, America has minimized the importance of God and Christian values. According to the Bible, a nation that denies and defies God will ultimately suffer His judgment. (Gen. 12:3)

    In The End of America?: Bible Prophecy and a Country in Crisis from author and theologian Jeff Kinley, Jeff explores the rapid decline of America as a Christian nation, God’s prophetic plan for America, and the Christian’s responsibility to our great nation. READ MORE...

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