• Judge Affirms Trump's Cancellation of Obama Policy

    Judge Affirms Trump’s Cancellation of Obama Policy

    (AP) SAN FRANCISCO — The Trump administration provided adequate justification for its decision to end a program that reunited hundreds of immigrants from Central America with family members in the U.S., a federal judge ruled Monday.

    Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler threw out the bulk of a lawsuit that argued the termination of the Obama-era Central American Minors program was arbitrary and violated the U.S. Constitution.

    The program allowed parents legally in the U.S. to apply to bring children or other family members living in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador to the U.S. READ MORE...

  • Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder Was Previously Deported at Least 8 Times

    Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder Was Previously Deported at Least 8 Times

    An illegal immigrant arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a co-worker in Oregon is discovered to have been deported at least eight times.

    Deciderio Vargas-Ortiz, 52, was arrested for the alleged murder of Renee Luis-Antonio. The two worked together at a creamery in Milton-Freewater, Oregon—a town in the northeastern part of the state—and reportedly had a long-running dispute. Investigators believe Luis-Antonio was shot on Nov. 26 while riding a tractor.

    Officers were able to locate and arrest Vargas-Ortiz a day after the alleged shooting. The suspect had fled to Washington state, where a SWAT team apprehended him in a local hotel. READ MORE...

  • Kamala Harris Went After Kavanaugh - Now Her Aide Stands Accused Of Sexual Harassment

    Kamala Harris Tweets #BelieveSurvivors – Doesn’t Believe Woman Who Accused Her Aide Of Sexual Harassment

    As Lena Dunham reminds us, it’s easy to believe all women, until one of them accuses one of your male friends and allies.

    During the Kavanaugh circus, Senator Kamala Harris was riding the Believe All Women express and tweeted, #BelieveSurvivors. Now her faith, as Darth Vader would say, is lacking, after it emerged that one of her aides had been accused of sexual harassment.

    Sen. Kamala Harris said Thursday that she did not know about the allegations of harassment made against one of her longtime staff members, who resigned Wednesday after The Sacramento Bee inquired about a $400,000 harassment and retaliation settlement resulting from his time working for Harris at the California Department of Justice. READ MORE...

  • Senate Introduces Wall Act, Congress Passes Temporary Spending Bill

    Senate Introduces Wall Act, Congress Passes Temporary Spending Bill

    A government shutdown is avoided for now. The Wall is still in doubt. Nancy Pelosi calls the wall immoral.

    Wall Act

    Today, GOP senators introduced the Wall Act.

    Who’s Paying for the Wall?

    “The WALL Act would fully fund the border wall by closing existing loopholes that provide illegal immigrants with federal benefits and tax credits, without affecting the benefits and tax credits used by Americans,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in a statement on Thursday.

    “If you want to receive food stamps and other benefits, then you should prove your citizenship. If you cross the border illegally or overstay your visit to this country, then you should pay a stiff penalty,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) added. READ MORE...

  • How to 'Wield the Most Effective Weapon Against Tyranny'

    How to ‘Wield the Most Effective Weapon Against Tyranny’

    Editor’s note: We begin selections from the mailbag this week with a letter that gets at why The Daily Signal exists. See for yourself. Be sure to write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

    Dear Daily Signal: Thanks to The Daily Signal and The Heritage Foundation for presenting articles such as Rob Bluey’s podcast interview with Sebastian Gorka on the threats, both foreign and domestic, to our great country (“Sebastian Gorka on the Biggest Threat Facing America and What Trump Is Doing About It”). READ MORE...

  • Kid Rock pays off $81,000 worth of layaways at Nashville Walmart

    Kid Rock pays off $81,000 worth of layaways at Nashville Walmart

    (Tennessean) Kid Rock paid off the balances of 350 layaway accounts at a Walmart store in Nashville.

    The musician gave the 3458 Dickerson Pike store about $81,000 to pay down all of the accounts, said Tom Meyer, the store’s manager.

    “Kudos to Kid Rock for making such a gesture in our community,” Meyer said. “I think that’s a pretty Nashville proud moment.”

    Kid Rock said on Twitter that he was following director Tyler Perry’s lead. Perry posted a video on Twitter, saying he had paid off the layaway balances at two Georgia locations. READ MORE...

  • US Muslima Stole $85,000 in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies to Support Islamic State

    US Muslima Stole $85,000 in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies to Support Islamic State

    Even people who are relatively informed these days are generally unaware of how much jihad activity there is on an ongoing basis in the United States. The jihad groups have changed their strategy away from spectacular attacks such as 9/11, at least for now, and ISIS has largely been defeated in Iraq and Syria, but as this story shows, it still has support among some American Muslims.

    Nonetheless, the enemedia says nothing.

    They seem determined to keep people ignorant and complacent regarding the jihad threat. And so this is yet another story that will be largely ignored. READ MORE...