• Memo to the Chairman


    To: General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
    From: W.S. Lind
    Re: A New Grand Strategy

    As you probably realize, when you accepted the position of Chairman of the JCS, a great honor no doubt, you received with it a poisoned chalice. The poison is the offensive grand strategy the United States has followed since the end of the Cold War. We seek world hegemony, which we are to use to force every other nation and people on the earth to model themselves on us.

    The chalice knows this poison well. If you look closely, you will see it is covered in fingerprints, Spanish, French, German, and Russian among them. All drank the same potion and died. As Russell Kirk wrote, there is no surer way to make a man your enemy than to tell him you are going to remake him in your image for his own good. READ MORE...

  • Growth, Entrepreneurship, and Housing


    Edward L. Glaeser

    What stands in the way of jumpstarting entrepreneurship? How should businesses’ complaints about housing supply be addressed? Economist Edward L. Glaeser comments.


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  • Trump Dominates Tuesday’s Voting


    Trump swept all five states tonight as expected, and actually did a bit better than the polls indicated. He not only won a majority of the vote in every state, but came close to 60% or exceeded it in several places. With half the vote counted at 10:00 Eastern, Trump was at 57% in Pennsylvania. Trump also took 59% of the vote in Connecticut with almost three-quarters of precincts reporting. 61% of Delaware Republicans backed Trump with 99% reporting, and his percentage was even higher in Rhode Island. Maryland appears to have been his worst state of the night, and even here he trounced Kasich by 33 points. READ MORE...

  • Kurdish official calls defeating ISIS ‘a huge mistake’


    Iraqi Kurdistan has spent millions of dollars on lobbying to depict itself as a democracy, as an ideological ally of the United States in the region, and as committed to the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh). The reality is far more complex.

    In the weeks before ISIS seized Mosul, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) apparently supplied some weaponry, like Kornet anti-tank missiles, to ISIS in order to weaken the central government with whom Masoud Barzani was locked in a political dispute. READ MORE...

  • Could Turkey become an Islamic Republic?


    Just a decade ago, the US State Department downplayed concerns about the direction then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was taking Turkey by arguing that fears he had an Islamist agenda were misplaced. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried, for example, described Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) as really no different than a European-style Christian Democratic Party — that is, religious in name only but really respecting traditional notions of laicism and progressivism. READ MORE...

  • Helicopter Money: Global Central Banks Consider Distributing Money Directly To The People


    Should central banks create money out of thin air and give it directly to governments and average citizens?  If you can believe it, this is now under serious consideration.  Since 2008, global central banks have cut interest rates 637 times, they have injected 12.3 trillion dollars into the global financial system through various quantitative easing programs, and we have seen an explosion of government debt unlike anything we have ever witnessed before.  But despite these unprecedented measures, the global economy is still deeply struggling.  This is particularly true in Japan, in South America, andin Europe.  In fact, there are 16 countries in Europe that are experiencing deflation right now.  In a desperate attempt to spur economic activity, central banks in Europe and in Japan are playing around with negative interest rates, and so far they seem to only have had a limited effect. READ MORE...

  • International Socialists Are Using Islam to Further Their Own Agenda [VIDEO]


    Nearly everyone is familiar with National Socialism and the National Socialists of WWII Germany – the Nazis – but few are up to speed on International Socialism and our enemies within Western governments.

    From Barack Hussein Obama’s claim that defeating the ISIS terrorist group is his number one priority (which is garbage, since he created ISIS) to the German government bullying the press into not reporting on the New Year’s Eve rape spree perpetrated by Muslim invaders in Cologne, to the U.S. government covering up Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11, we have Western leaders who are aiding and abetting militant Muslims in order to manipulate their citizens. READ MORE...