• Federalizing The Trans Revolution

    According to a federal court, it’s a violation of federal law to require high school students to use the restroom that corresponds to their biological sex:

    A federal appeals court in Richmond, Va., ruled on Tuesday in favor of a transgender student who was born female and wishes to use the boys’ restroom at his rural Virginia high school. It was the first time a federal appellate court has ruled that Title IX — the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in schools — protects the rights of students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. READ MORE...

  • Why Fight the 'Long War?'

    The United States appears on the cusp of doubling down on military tactics to fight terrorism. That’s a bad idea.

    On March 19, the latest American military member was killed in Iraq. A week later, the U.S.’s top general said he expects an increase in U.S. troop levels there shortly. Presidential hopefuls have offered their insights on the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and the Taliban, with one keeping open the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons against the Islamic State. Pentagon planners are readying for another round of U.S. intervention in Libya. Most recently, arguably the most-respected general of the modern era, David Petraeus, called for a “sustained“ U.S.-led effort in the fight against Islamic extremism. READ MORE...

  • Craig Hemke: Silver & Gold – DB Turns State’s Evidence, The Flood Gates Are Now Open!

    The tinfoil hatters have once again prevailed. What has been called theory turns to fact, once again. It seems the people, citizen journalist, market analyst, and financial advisors, that actually do the necessary research and present an alternative view, are being vindicated on an almost daily basis. All of the naysayers will now have to put down the kool-aid and take another look at what is being reported on the internet. While there are equal amounts of garbage to offset the truly great information, isn’t it the same with mainstream media? Is there any difference in what we see on TeeVee or hear on the radio – equal parts garbage balanced with great information? READ MORE...

  • The Trouble with Cops Using Stingrays

    How do cops use so-called “stingrays” to intercept phone communication and why is it such a big secret? Adam Bates explains.

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  • Obama’s global legacy tour backfires

    Last December, Politico broke the news that President Obama had “asked aides to set a busy international travel schedule for him in his final year, with ‘half a dozen’ trips … aimed at cementing a foreign policy legacy.” Instead, the global tour is backfiring, highlighting his foreign policy failures.

    President Barack Obama boards Air Force One in Washington March 29, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque.

    As Obama prepares to leave for Saudi Arabia, Britain and Germany, The Washington Post reports in a front page article titled “Obama may not find warm welcome aboard”: READ MORE...

  • The Indebted Way We Live Now

    When I was in school, I remember having an argument with a friend whose family lived pretty close to the edge, financially. The argument occurred during a particularly rough patch when my friend explained to me that she was hungry because didn’t always have enough money for proper meals.

    Now, another person would have been sympathetic, maybe even bought her a danish or something. But no! I was going to teach a man (well, girl) to fish, so she would not only eat today, but never hunger more. So I asked her: what about rice? Rice is really cheap. Anybody can afford rice. Figure out what the most expensive food is that she bought last month, and next month buy rice instead. Presto! Problem of hunger solved. READ MORE...

  • Devastating West Coast Megaquake Imminent Says USGS Scientist: "Beware The New And Full Moons"

    Is “The Big One” imminent? Famed USGS scientist Jim Berkland, the man who predicted the Loma Prieta “World Series Earthquake,” has a terrifying warning for the West Coast of the US in the wake of massive earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan that have left hundreds dead, awakened volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire,” and kicked off earthquake swarms in Hawaii, Arizona, and Yellowstone National Park.

    “Beware the new and full moons,” Berkland says in this exclusive interview. The “maverick geologist” says that 20 of the last 25 “megaquakes” have occurred on the dates of new and full moons, the result of “equinoctal tides,” extreme gravitational forces that cause solid earth to expand and contract much as ocean tides rise and fall. READ MORE...