• Mitch McConnell will stay the course on the Garland nomination

    The media drumbeat on a replacement for Justice Scalia continues unabated. The nomination of Merrick Garland has been hailed as a brilliant Obama move to increase pressure on GOP leader Mitch McConnell, and the agreements of several senators to meet with Garland have been described as important leaks in the GOP dike that will eventually cause the whole thing to collapse.

    But this is a media fantasy, which fails to understand Senator McConnell’s strategy and why his position won’t change.

    President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discuss the Supreme Court vacancy, in Washington March 1, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripa. READ MORE...

  • 4 Facts That Prove Obamacare Isn’t Aging Well

    Millions of Americans are faced with rising healthcare costs and higher taxes, unstable and expensive health insurance exchanges, mountains of red tape, and arrogant bureaucratic… Read More The post 4 Facts That Prove Obamacare Isn’t Aging Well appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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  • Mississippi Moves to Protect Religious Freedom on Marriage

    This morning, the Mississippi House passed a bill, HB 1523, protecting religious freedom. The bill now goes to the governor’s desk as the Senate passed… Read More The post Mississippi Moves to Protect Religious Freedom on Marriage appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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  • Thick as Thieves: AG Loretta Lynch’s Law Firm Tied to Hillary Clinton

    There is certainly a conflict of interest concerning the FBI’s alleged desires to deal with Hillary Clinton in a criminal matter, but is subservient to the Department of Justice that is run by a known Constitution violator by the name of Loretta Lynch. However, though Lynch is a Constitution violator, it is her law firm that is tied to Hillary Clinton that is a part of the issue in the current matter regarding Clinton’s blatant disregard for federal law concerning her illegal and unsecured email server. READ MORE...

  • Donald Trump, Bad Negotiator

    I haven’t read Donald J. Trump’s The Art of the Deal, but I did read the full transcript of his interview with the New York Times’s Maggie Haberman and David Sanger. Not just the summary. Not the many commentarieseditorials, and blogs about the interview. The whole. Bloody. Thing.

    Once I got past the garbled syntax, the factual errors, and the cavalier threats of waging nuclear war (!), I was struck by The Donald’s zero-sum thinking. In business, all the parties to a transaction should benefit. If they didn’t, there would be no sale, no trade, no deal. That doesn’t mean that all deals turn out equally well for all parties. Or that the negotiating partners are always operating on a level playing field. But there is an expectation of mutual gain at the outset, otherwise the negotiations would never take place. READ MORE...

  • Brexit would matter for the US economy

    One has to be struck by the remarkable degree of complacency in Washington policymaking circles, including at the Federal Reserve, about the forthcoming Brexit referendum. This is especially the case considering the potential that a vote in favor of Brexit has to derail the U.S. economic recovery and to further ratchet up the rhetoric against globalization in the run-up to the November presidential election.

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    Among the reasons why US policymakers should be concerned about the UK’s June 23 referendum is that it will be taking place at a highly inauspicious time for both the United Kingdom and the global economies. As Bank of England Governor Mark Carney recently reminded us, the United Kingdom is presently running some of its largest external current account deficits in the post-war period. That makes the United Kingdom uncomfortably dependent on “the kindness of strangers” for the financing of that deficit. At the same time, the United Kingdom is currently riven by strong separatist tendencies, especially in Scotland, whose electorate overwhelmingly would like to remain in Europe. READ MORE...

  • Report: FBI and DOJ may be Closing the Net on Hillary Clinton Soon!

    Dueling reports from TIME magazine and Fox News paint a grim picture for Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign.

    At TIME we learn that FBI director Jim Comey has been chasing the Clinton family for many, many years. In fact, the first time Comey began looking into the possibly criminal dealings of the Clinton family was more than 20 years ago, when Bill Clinton was still the President and Comey worked on the “Whitewater” investigation.

    In 1996, after months of work, Comey came to some damning conclusions: Hillary Clinton was personally involved in mishandling documents and had ordered others to block investigators as they pursued their case. Worse, her behavior fit into a pattern of concealment: she and her husband had tried to hide their roles in two other matters under investigation by law enforcement. Taken together, the interference by White House officials, which included destruction of documents, amounted to “far more than just aggressive lawyering or political naiveté,” Comey and his fellow investigators concluded. It constituted “a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.” READ MORE...