• Hollywood Wants Your Money...and Your Mind

    Hollywood Wants Your Money…and Your Mind

    Imagine a group so powerful they could beam ideas directly into your head. Well, you don’t have to imagine — it’s Hollywood. Ben Shapiro, Editor of the Daily Wire, explains the world’s largest mass propaganda machine.
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  • School Shootings: Are Today's Schools the Cause?

    School Shootings: Are Today’s Schools the Cause?

    The evidence is in – Gun Free Zones do not work. The criminal knows that gun free zones assure him a safe working environment; he need not fear that anyone will fire back at him. A gun free zone is also another name for a soft target, and murderers are cowards, they always seek soft targets. For example, the movie theatre mass murderer in Aurora, Colorado drove past many other movie theaters to find the one that was a gun-free zone. After all, who wouldn’t want a safe working environment? READ MORE...

  • Lawmakers Guarantee Old Men Can Marry Little Girls, Reject Bill to Ban “Legalized Rape of Children”

    Lawmakers Guarantee Old Men Can Marry Little Girls, Reject Bill to Ban “Legalized Rape of Children”

    Frankfort, KY — A bill that would have banned adults from marrying children in Kentucky was struck down this week prompting outrage from politicians and activists alike.

    Senate Bill 48, known as the “child bride” bill, was yanked from the agenda this week, just hours before a scheduled vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is the second time in only two weeks that lawmakers have protected the depraved act of adults taking children as their spouses.

    “SO disappointed! My SB 48 (outlaw child marriage) won’t be called for a vote,” sponsor  Julie Raque Adams, a Louisville Republican, said in a Tweet. “It is disgusting that lobbying organizations would embrace kids marrying adults. We see evidence of parents who are addicted, abusive, neglectful pushing their children into predatory arms. Appalling.” READ MORE...

  • Louis Farrakhan: “Jews Are My Enemy,” “White Folks Are Going Down”

    Louis Farrakhan: “Jews Are My Enemy,” “White Folks Are Going Down”

    The irony is thick. A photograph of Barack Obama with Farrakhan recently came to light; it was covered up in 2008 so as not to hurt Obama’s presidential chances.

    Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison have associated openly with this racist anti-Semite.

    Yet, the left, which prides itself on being against hatred and racism, holds none of them accountable, and this monstrous individual keeps on spouting his hatred openly.

    Hatred, for the left, means opposition to jihad mass murder, and a determination to defend freedom. READ MORE...

  • Is Putin Telling The Truth About Russia’s New Generation of Weapons? If So, The World Has Just Become A More Dangerous Place!

    Is Putin Telling The Truth About Russia’s New Generation of Weapons? If So, The World Has Just Become A More Dangerous Place!

    Vladimir Putin made this announcement during his state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday. The new weapons “include a nuclear-powered cruise missile, a nuclear-powered underwater drone, and a new hypersonic missile.” Putin claims they are “immune to interception” and “have no equivalent in the world.” Is Putin bluffing?

    Word of these new weapons was leaked from the Pentagon last month. At that time, although every US media outlet reported the story, it failed to create the shockwave one would have expected. Likewise, although Putin’s speech on Thursday night was quite fantastic, it too, received a muted reaction from the American press. READ MORE...

  • Bill Whittle - Let's Try Bank Shaming

    Bill Whittle – Let’s Try Bank Shaming

    An article in the NYT suggests that banks should not allow their credit cards to be used to purchase weapons. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t work because it’s doesn’t address the root problem: the existence of evil people.

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  • Guns Don't Kill People, Ideas Do

    Guns Don’t Kill People, Ideas Do

    “The copycat phenomenon is real,” Andre Simons, of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. One group of researchers found that up to 20 or 30 percent of attacks can be influenced by previous attacks.

    During Omar Mateen’s rampage at the Pulse nightclub, the Muslim terrorist searched for news coverage of the ongoing attack. He wanted to see what the media was making of his massacre.

    Shootings that are widely covered by the media produce a cluster effect. After each attack, the risk of copycat attacks goes up for 13 days. If the media covers the attack, the copycat killers will come. READ MORE...

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