• 'Super creepy' spy program found in Chicago

    ‘Super creepy’ spy program found in Chicago

    A “super creepy” spy program that was uncovered in Chicago and challenged all the way up to the state Supreme Court now is getting attention, and opposition, from one of the key property-rights advocates in the country.

    It’s a city ordinance that demands food truck operators install and operate a GPS unit on their trucks, devices that must transmit their location every five minutes. That information then is available to anyone who asks.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who served in Barack Obama’s White House during his first term, claimed they are needed “so that the city and consumers can follow [food truck] locations.” READ MORE...

  • New Report Shows US, Not Countries Promoting Climate Change Activism, Reducing Emissions the Most

    New Report Shows US, Not Countries Promoting Climate Change Activism, Reducing Emissions the Most

    Take a wild guess what country is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions the most? Canada? Britain? France? India? Germany? Japan? No, no, no, no, no, and no.

    The answer to that question is the United States of America. Wow! How can that be? This must be a misprint. Fake news. America never signed the Kyoto Protocol some two decades ago. We never enacted a carbon tax. We don’t have a cap-and-trade carbon emission program. That environmental villain Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris climate accord that was signed by almost the entire rest of the civilized world. READ MORE...

  • Don't doubt me: Democrats love censorship

    Don’t doubt me: Democrats love censorship

    “Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it.” – Rep. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., on Twitter the day after Alex Jones was banned by social media

    “I would like to know whether Amazon is committed to ceasing the sale of all products that promote hateful and racist ideologies. For a company with a policy prohibiting the sale of ‘products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views,’ there appear to be a disturbing number of groups with hateful, racist, and violent agendas making money using Amazon’s platform.” – Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and co-chairman of the Democratic National Committee READ MORE...

  • 19 illegals charged for voting in 2016

    19 illegals charged for voting in 2016

    Amid debate over voter fraud and Republican-sponsored voter ID laws, the Justice Department announced Friday that 19 foreign nationals have been charged with illegal voting in the 2016 election.

    Nine of the individuals were indicted by a federal grand jury in Wilmington, North Carolina, on charges of falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to register to vote and of “voting by an alien.”

    Ranging in age from 31 to 71, they come from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, the Philippines, Panama, Germany, Grenada, Guyana and Japan. READ MORE...

  • Propaganda: The Latest Example of Corporate, State-Controlled Media Parroting

    Propaganda: The Latest Example of Corporate, State-Controlled Media Parroting

    Anyone remember when the media started parroting each other?  Well, here’s the latest example of the media that is owned by six corporations engaging in more parroting, and it comes by way of print and television.

    Commentator Daniel Greenfield calls it the “echo chamber in which the various personalities adhere to one talking point with message discipline worthy of the Soviet Union, North Korea or an Apple marketing campaign.”

    He points out:

    The talking points go forth and everyone repeats them. While the lefties pretend that they’re hearing something original in the echo chamber. READ MORE...

  • Facebook Bans “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston As The Purge Of Conservatives Accelerates

    Facebook Bans “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston As The Purge Of Conservatives Accelerates

    We are witnessing the greatest purge of conservative voices in modern American history.  Social media websites are the marketplace of today, and the tech giants have decided that they are going to take control of public conversation by removing any conservative voices that “offend” them.  And it turns out that there are vast numbers of prominent conservative voices that are deemed to be deeply “offensive”.  We all knew that the technocrats were not going to stop with Alex Jones, but many had hoped that they would at least slow down a little bit.  Armies of Internet censors have been hired to weed out “toxic ideas”, and we get more reports of good conservative people being censored with each passing day.  For example, earlier today I came across an article about how Facebook had just banned extremely popular “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston… READ MORE...

  • DoD sets plan for 'grey zone' fighting

    DoD sets plan for ‘grey zone’ fighting

    Future wars may not be like the massive battles of World War II, where thousands of soldiers using machines of all kinds and explosives of all types directed mayhem at each other.

    Or even Vietnam, where combat troops swept through jungles and villages to find the enemy.

    They may be conflicts that are, well, irregular, explains a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

    Worry not, though.

    The Department of Defense has a plan.

    The department has released a new directive to address the possible need “to provide support to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing irregular warfare operations by U.S. Special Operations Forces.” READ MORE...