• Trump: I "Certainly Wouldn’t Sign" Paul Ryan's Amnesty Bill

    Trump: I “Certainly Wouldn’t Sign” Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Bill

    On Friday morning, President Donald Trump said that he was looking at two Republican immigration bills, and said the he “certainly wouldn’t sign the more moderate one,” referring to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s bill.

    “I’m looking at both of them,” President Trump said.

    The two bills in question are from Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

    Trump told Fox and Friends that he “certainly wouldn’t sign” Ryan’s bill.

    “I need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security,” Trump said. READ MORE...

  • Shareholder Grills CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods for Anti-Gun Policies

    Shareholder Grills CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods for Anti-Gun Policies

    An investor confronted the CEO of the Dick’s Sporting Goods chain at an annual shareholders meeting in Pittsburgh, blasting the retailer’s recent restrictions on gun sales and its anti-gun advocacy.

    David Almasi, a vice president at the National Center for Public Policy Research, attended the meeting Wednesday representing the think tank’s Free Enterprise Project, according to a report by Fox Business. Almasi accused Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack of violating fiduciary duties by knowingly and purposely giving up money. READ MORE...

  • Meghan McCain Takes On Behar's Ridiculous 'Nazi Germany' Comparison

    Meghan McCain Takes On Behar’s Ridiculous ‘Nazi Germany’ Comparison

    Once again, Meghan McCain was the lone voice of reason on “The View” this week, this time as the ladies were discussing immigration. She is one courageous woman to hold the only point of rationality in a room full of agitated ignorance. To breakout applause, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg were opining on the Trump administration’s policy of separating children and families at the border in order to discourage illegal immigration and groundless claims for asylum.

    Behar called the policy of separating children from their parents “vicious” and likened it to Nazi Germany, although it is completely within the bounds of asylum law in this country. When a family requests asylum at a port of entry, they must demonstrate a “credible fear” of harm if they return to their home country. Many do. But Border Patrol officers say migrants are being coached to use “magic words”  so they will fall within the statute of credible fear. READ MORE...

  • FBI Agents Regularly Received Free Handouts From Journalists

    FBI Agents Regularly Received Free Handouts From Journalists

    The Department of Justice inspector general identified a number of instances where FBI employees regularly spoke with members of the media and received a number of free perks from journalists, including meals and tickets to various events.

    On page XII in the report, the inspector general says the department “identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters.” READ MORE...

  • Islamic Insanity & Muslim Madness In The Netherlands

    Islamic Insanity & Muslim Madness In The Netherlands

    On a pleasant Wednesday in Schiedam, a Dutch city near Rotterdam’s sizable Islamic population, a 26-year-old Syrian refugee stood on a balcony waving an axe and shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”

    The police arrived at the modernistic dark and gray building, limned in steel and glass, where the nameless Syrian was shouting about the supremacy of his religion and its axe to all others in Schiedam.

    The Dutch cops tried to calm him down. Instead, he attacked a police dog which later died of its injuries. After some failed attempts at negotiating his surrender, the Syrian was shot in the leg. Paramedics loaded him into one of two yellow ambulances dispatched for the occasion and maneuvering past a police Volvo took him off to be an even bigger burden on the taxpayers of the Netherlands. READ MORE...

  • The Federal Reserve Is Increasing The Pace Of Interest Rate Hikes Just In Time For The 2018 Mid-Term Elections

    The Federal Reserve Is Increasing The Pace Of Interest Rate Hikes Just In Time For The 2018 Mid-Term Elections

    If the Federal Reserve really wanted to hurt the U.S. economy, the quickest way that it could do that would be by aggressively raising interest rates.  Lower interest rates make it less expensive to borrow money, and therefore economic activity tends to expand in a low-interest rate environment.  Alternatively, higher interest rates make it more expensive to borrow money, and economic activity tends to slow down in a high-interest rate environment.  Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has engaged in 18 previous rate hiking cycles, and every single one of them resulted in a huge stock market decline and/or a recession.  It will be the same this time around as well, and the “experts” at the Federal Reserve know exactly what they are doing.  Interest rates are being aggressively jacked up just in time for the 2018 mid-term elections, and that is very bad news for the Republican Party and the Trump administration. READ MORE...

  • The Comey Memos Read Like The Diary Entries Of A Young Teenager

    8 Times DOJ Inspector General Slammed Comey In Blistering Report

    The Justice Department’s inspector general repeatedly criticizes former FBI director James Comey’s handling of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails all throughout the newly released, 586-page report.

    1. Comey Baited, Switched DOJ in Proclaiming Hillary’s Innocence

    Comey misled former deputy attorney general Sally Yates and former attorney general Loretta Lynch about issuing a joint statement regarding his decision to not pursue criminal charges against Clinton for disseminating classified information via a private, unsecured e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of state. “Unbeknownst to them,” the report says, Comey began drafting a statement about the end of the investigation into her e-mails, known throughout the report as the “Midyear investigation,” to deliver by himself. READ MORE...

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