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  • Caitlin’s Corner: ……Then Jesus Stepped In

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    By Caitlin Lassiter

    I recently saw the movie “Son Of God.”

    And like He normally does, Jesus made something pretty significant pop out at me.

    In the scene where Peter decides to follow Christ, He’s in his boat – minding His own business.

    ….then Jesus jumped in.

    Jesus wanted to make Him a “fisher of men.”

    So, as Peter was going about his normal, everyday work, Jesus came to him and asked him to trust Him.

    Peter, like any of us would have been, was skeptical.

    I mean, here he was… just trying to live his life.

    When Jesus just interrupted him in the middle of it.

    Peter didn’t ask for Jesus to jump into the boat and take it over…. But He did.

    And I guess that hits me so hard because the same thing happened to me.

    Four years ago on this very date, I was a Peter.

    I was going about my everyday life just minding my own business.

    I was allowing Jesus to be in the same water with my boat….. but I hadn’t really asked Him to jump into it and steer.

    However, He did it anyway.

    Four years ago today, one of my best friends went to be with The Lord.

    We were at church playing basketball when he had a heart …read more