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  • Caitlin’s Corner: This One’s For The Girls

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    By Caitlin Lassiter


    This post has been a long time in the making.
    Actually, it’s been sixteen years in the making.
    If we’re honest, that’s because its taken me sixteen years to believe it myself.

    Ladies :: this is for you.
    Men :: come back next week

    Seriously… I’m not trying to say that guys don’t struggle with self-esteem issues. Because I know they do.
    But allow me to speak to sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters for a minute.

    Listen. Listen very closely and carefully.
    Even if you’ve heard it a thousand times before.
    Even if you think you believe it.
    Even if you think you don’t need to hear it.
    Listen anyway.

    You are beautiful.
    You are loved.
    You are cherished.
    You are a daughter of the King.
    You are special.
    You are powerful.
    You are unique.
    You are so much more than the world has let you think.
    You are His.

    Do you believe that?
    No, really.
    Deep In your heart, do you truly know that you are those things?

    I think that for most of us, we say we believe it.
    But when we look into the mirror…or when it’s just us alone in our rooms….or when that guy doesn’t ask us out, we start to question if it’s really true.

    It is.

    Can I let you in on a little secret?
    Your worth is not determined …read more