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  • The Dark Agenda of Hillary's Russian Involvement As Secretary of State and Why No Investigation

    The Dark Agenda of Hillary’s Russian Involvement As Secretary of State and Why No Investigation

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    Why are American technology companies in cahoots with the Russians? What are their future plans? What was Hillary Clinton’s part of the agenda?

    Hillary’s Russian Reset in 2009 happened to be more intense than most people are aware. The entire bizarre conspiracy of the Russian/Trump fiasco in American politics may be a smokescreen for Russian ties hidden under the Obama administration. Russian turbulence continues to hang over the Trump administration even after ex-FBI Director Comey testified to Congress that President Trump was not being investigated.

    But, here’s the reality: Former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have the REAL extensive ties to Russia. ( Together they created an open beltway under the radar for Russia to exchange technology transfer, nuclear energy, neural brain research, and an assortment of extensive research. This was done via a bilateral agreement that would strengthen the Russian economy. The bilateral agreement lasts until the year 2020. This exchange has both countries cooperating in business mergers and acquisitions, multiplying investments in venture nano-technology, education, urban development, and nuclear waste energy. ( ) ( ) Key businesses in the United States have already invested millions of dollars flowing into a new technology corridor, dubbed the “Russian Silicon Valley,” called SkolKovo. The following is a Who’s Who rocking the Russian borders to invest in Russia’s SkolKovo:

    CISCO paid $1 billion to be on the ground floor of technology gained by Russian influence. American investors and key universities such as MIT, are capitalizing on this, cooperatively converging vast scientific and technological advances made by Russian scientists. (Sources: and

    The hoopla created by Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Presidential debates, and trying to connect Donald Trump to Russia, has obscured the issues. There is actually a complete opposite tale of the real truth that has not been exposed. The piling-on by the media, zealous to connect President Trump to Russia, is a clever ruse to obstruct the facts. The public is not aware of the extent that Hillary Clinton was involved with the Russian Reset, involving millions of dollars and multitudes of businesses and universities, all advancing the United States in partnership with Russia. What did Hillary Clinton get in return? Donors for the Clinton Foundation.

    Once you glance through the lists of high tech businesses and higher ed cooperating with Russia, you will have to ask yourself the obvious questions. Can we really trust Russian motives? What do they want from us? And what do the techies want from Russia?


    Former President Obama met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and signed the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission in 2009. (

    The Russian Reset began with the Presidential Bilateral Commission to improve relationships and cooperation between the governments of Russia and the United States. No longer would Russia be radioactive to American interests. Although President Obama pushed the supposed agenda of Russian interference with the election, it was the former President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that finagled business deals with Russia prior to that time. Lucrative, under-the-table pay-outs to the Clinton Foundation, and paid speeches for Bill, served as the ultimate incentives. Many start-up companies notably had deep Clinton ties.

    The Bilateral Commission would work at identifying areas of cooperation and pursuing joint projects and actions that strengthened strategic stability, international security, economic well-being, and the development of ties between the Russian and American people. Scientific talent would also be siphoned off of Russia and transported to the US.

    In March of 2009 Hillary Clinton met her Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in Geneva, Switzerland. Secretary of State Clinton presented Lavrov a yellow box with a red button to symbolize a “reset button.” Two years later in March of 2011 Vice President Biden met with Putin in Moscow, in an act which reaffirmed the US-Russia ‘Reset’.

    The first major part of this technological cooperation included Russian plans to create their own version of Silicon Valley. Their research facility on the outskirts of Moscow, named “Skolkovo,” would be developed with the cooperation and investment of major U.S. tech firms. In May of 2010 the State Department facilitated a Moscow visit by 22 of the biggest names in the U.S. venture capital market. Cisco pledged $1 billion to Skolkovo, with Google, Intel, and Bill and Melinda Gates entering into agreements. The cooperative would match Russian brainpower with U.S. investment dollars, and provide the entrepreneurial know-how to spark technological breakthroughs in a wide variety of start-ups.

    It is interesting to note that Cisco, Google, Intel, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation happened to be major Clinton Foundation supporters, with dozens more companies becoming involved with Skolkovo after the Hillary involvement. It was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who arranged meetings with the high tech companies. Emails, of course, were deleted on Secretary Clinton’s computer, so the exact communications between Russian operatives and donors are supposedly missing. This missing information appears to be indicative of a massive cover-up to conceal the violation of the Espionage Act by using an unauthorized server.

    The key to the Bilateral Agreement is:

    “…technology transfer and investment, and the Commission played a key role in everything from intellectual property sharing to export licensing to facilitating American investment in Russia and Russian investment in America. 

    “The FBI warned tech companies about Rusnano, a Russian venture capital firm that technology would have dual use between the defense and civil sectors where technology could be used for revolutionary changes in weapons and defense.”(Source: )

    “The opening of a Russian Innovation Center (representing Rusnano, Russian Venture Company, and Skolkovo) in the Silicon Valley will act as another bridge connecting American and Russian high tech companies, investors, and scientific research institutions.” 

    “To get American companies to participate in Skolkovo, the Russian government promised to give American firms special access to research and projects taking place in Russia. Companies participating in Skolkovo would receive special tax status and access to the Russian market. They would also receive special access to research in Russia. For example, one investment firm received “priority access to the database of the Skolkovo Foundation projects and companies, enabling it to select the most promising projects early in their development.” It further allowed companies to “refer their existing portfolio of companies to Skolkovo” for research. There was also the prospect of gaining access to Russian markets, which had been hampered by export licensing issues involving the export of sensitive technologies. The U.S. State Department had major responsibility for the issuing of export licenses and maintained the list of restricted technologies.” 

    In 2014, the FBI sent letters to a number of firms involved with Skolkovo in what was called “an extraordinary warning issued to technology companies. The FBI’s Boston Office warned U.S. tech companies that Skolkovo could draw them unwittingly into industrial espionage.” (Note: The following report hashes out a vigorous discussion and complete details of the close ties of the Clinton’s to Russia: )

    Many believe the Kremlin’s motives for attracting cooperation from hundreds of foreign technology companies aren’t entirely benign. Among those who would benefit from the “huge honey pot” for the Russian technology industry, says Seattle-based cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr, would be the security services who monitor every byte of Internet traffic. “If you’re wiring a facility,” he says, “the best time to do it is while it’s being built.” Skolkovo, he says, would provide an information-gathering “coup.” (Source: )

    The “danger” information was given to the tech companies by the FBI Boston office. Was that information heeded? It appears not. Hillary’s State Department actively and aggressively encouraged American firms to participate in Skolkovo. The State Department developed numerous and alarming relationships with this Kremlin-controlled entity. Plus, Hillary’s controversial campaign manager John Podesta, who was also Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, has woven many paths passing the “honeypot” with Putin’s investment company, Rusnano, which invested $35m in Joule Global Stichting where Podesta was a member of the board which also included Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of Rusnano, who also joined the Joule board of directors. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News reported that Rusnano invested $35m to build a research center in Russia. (Source: , ) It appears the honey is dripping everywhere while deepening economic and technological ties to Russia.

    There was no need for Russia to conduct industrial espionage. We were giving them business partners and technology. Many Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) signed by U.S. companies to invest and cooperate in Skolkovo were signed under the auspices of Hillary Clinton’s State Department. (Sources: and

    Is it any wonder that former Secretary of State John Kerry stated, “Buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian,” at his recent Harvard speech in May of 2017?  (Source: )

    What Is The Russian NeuroWeb and Why Should Americans Worry About Russia, Facebook, and the Future of Education and Machine Learning?

    The deep ties of US tech companies to Russia’s SkolKovo indicate there are far more problems than cybersecurity. At issue seems to be preparations for a futuristic world society. But, preparing the world for what? It all has to do with education, machine intelligence and big data.

    Neural interfaces are engineered devices designed to exchange information with the nervous system. Brain-targeted teaching using a brain-machine interface (BMI) can be described as a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device.  This is definitely a controversial issue.

    The Invisible Empire Made Up of Men of Evil Genius.

    Facebook’s founder Marc Zuckerberg visited Moscow in 2012 with the purpose of skimming Russian talent from SkolKovo to the United States. Russians feared that there would be a brain-drain of scientists flocking to America. (Source: ) There had been a conspiracy theory floating around about Zuckerberg’s Facebook being originally funded by the CIA to gather personal data on millions of people for the U.S. government. Well, if that’s true, with the added technology of Russian neural-brain interfacing along with his DARPA executive, there is much more on his plate than mere Facebook likes and dislikes.  (Source:

    In April of 2017 Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s augmented reality system – and confirmed rumors the firm is developing a ‘mind control’ brain interface. Zuckerberg took to the stage at the firm’s annual F8 developer conference at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The mysterious Menlo Park “Building 8”, headed by former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) chief and Google executive Regina Dugan, signed agreements with 17 universities, including Stanford, Harvard and MIT, to speed up progress on new research projects, and will be paid a fee by Facebook. ‘Building 8’ is working on mind-reading technology hiring ‘brain-computer interface engineers’ to develop advanced BCI technologies applying ‘machine learning methods’, including encoding and decoding models, to neuroimaging and electrophysiological data. What does Zuckerberg have in mind? (No pun intended.)

    Who Is Pavel Luksha?

    Extensive research being done by Russian SkolKovo scientist Pavel Luksha and his team is a key to expanding these neurological brain interfaces and a universal system of coding. The NeuroWeb (Source: ) agenda for the entire universe compiled by Pavel Luksha creates a preliminary futuristic roadmap for the Global Education Future in the year 2035. Pavel Luksha aligns his NeuroWeb toward a global/neuroscience architecture for education. “Scary” doesn’t even come close to describing Pavel’s future road map.

    Education is the focus of this “game changer” for “reengineering” the future according to Russian scientist Luksha. Preparing nations for this change includes technological/neural/brain transmitters which will upload our thoughts and feelings into the cloud. This seems like fantasy.

    However, we must ask ourselves why the trend of personality/psychological development is currently blended into classrooms of America, called soft skills standards and non-cognitive interventions. Is this why leaders want to de-emphasize the teaching of traditional academic knowledge? These psych techniques have already been legislated in the new education law in the US, called ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act. Think about the specific “synchronized” standards (Common Core, affective standards, and computerized data elements via state longitudinal data systems replicated in 50 states) that could be transferred via BMI and analyzed by big data. It would not be difficult to standardize the entire educational system for both machine learning and personality development. That becomes more worrisome. Russia’s involvement with this global prototype means trouble. Who controls those standards and what are the objectives?

    Was Common Core and all the psych programs legislated in ESSA, such as multi-tiered systems of support and positive behavior interventions, a prelude to “cleaning the slate”? Is this preparing American children to accept a more flexible world view? Luksha’s “rapid foresight” future map, through conditioning and changing human behavior via machine learning processes, seem to be exactly the goals of these futurists. Note this important fact: Changing the values of American children away from the old Industrial Age to that of a total digital world means calling for the end of the Gutenberg Era (with the invention of the printing press) of written media and its impact on society. This will leave old-fashioned parents and citizens totally behind.

    The Russian Dual System of Work

    Are big US tech investors in neural brain research designing a dual education system like that of the Russians – one for World Skills training, and another for kids with more “talent”? Will this two-track system be incorporated into personalized education plans for the future? Both Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Every Student Succeeds Act work hand-in-hand as the legislative groundwork to create a diagnostic individual pathway moving the U.S. towards a dual work system. Thus, is this a different motive for GRIT research by University of Penn psychologist Angela Duckworth? Russian Pavel Luksha suggests a separation for educating the masses – those who are motivated, and those who are NOT motivated — leaders and followers. This suggests a Russian dual education system. His team of researchers focuses on why birds flock, why fish school, or why ants work together. The BRIC countries are all on board – Brazil, Russia, India, and China. (Source:

    Basically Luksha’s “collective intelligence” comprises one leader and many followers in each instance. The difference is that leaders (kids with talent) are educated differently than the followers, skilled workers. The programmed individual pathway is controlled in this environment.

    It is not a wild stretch of imagination to consolidate this type of schooling process. These controversial pilots are already in motion:

    • Google powered Chromebooks reach over 30 million US children. “Google is helping to drive a philosophical change in public education — prioritizing training children in skills like teamwork and problem-solving while de-emphasizing the teaching of traditional academic knowledge, like math formulas. It puts Google, and the tech economy, at the center of one of the great debates that has raged in American education for more than a century: whether the purpose of public schools is to turn out knowledgeable citizens or skilled workers.” (Source: )
    • The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative uses their massive fortune to reshape public education with data driven personalized learning technology called Summit Basecamp. Dozens of schools nationwide have signed up to use the program, which tailors lessons to individual students using software that tracks their progress. This Facebook partnership pilots classroom software with Summit Public Schools, a charter school headquartered in Silicon Valley. The Facebook-backed software platform inverts the traditional teacher-led classroom hierarchy to a personalized learning platform. And did I mention the mounds of data collected? The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative also gave $100m to Newark Public Schools which was a very controversial “One Newark” plan where neighborhood schools were taken over and turned into charter/choice schools where there is no voter or parent accountability. (Source: )
    • The Bridge International Academies, called “School In A Box”, is a for-profit, cashless business model that uses technology to standardize the entire schooling process which has been piloted in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.  ts $140m in equity capital comes from several investors, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Pierre Omidyar, who founded eBay, and others. “Leaders” are not certified teachers and must follow “scripts” which provide step by step preparation for the lesson, including what to say and what to write on the board, what homework to assign, and how to quiz or test the students on the material. The program is so explicit and standardized that “all teachers must follow instructions on their tablets. Bridge tracks their finger strokes to see whether they [leaders] scroll to the end of lessons.” The program boasts that their teachers outperform government certified teachers because they must follow the lessons explicitly. The pre-programmed, pre-set curriculum, centrally developed by BIA at headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and in Nairobi, Kenya, is sent electronically to each school site using smart phones that transfer the text to tablets. (emp. added.)

    (Source: )

    We should ask if Zuckerberg’s foiled quest to give the Internet to the entire world had bigger intentions than philanthropy, especially when he advanced his plans to put a satellite above Africa. “SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent,” as Zuckerberg strikes a bitter tone to the explosion that destroyed the satellite. The larger view from space would allow expanded Zuckerberg-funded services but with added data-mongering.  (Source: )

    But not everyone is on the same page. Zuckerberg and Bill Gates may be learning that not everyone is going to agree to their agenda when last year “the Ugandan government ordered the closure of 60 schools – part of a network [Bridge International Academies] providing highly scripted, low-cost education in Africa – amid allegations that they had been “teaching pornography” and “conveying the gospel of homosexuality” in sex-ed classes. (Sources: and ,and )

    What could possibly go wrong with free Internet for the world? 

    Future Think-The World According to Luksha

    In a dual education system, who determines who will be “educated” and those who will only be taught “functional literacy” in vocational services? The 1992 U.S. Department of Labor controversial SCANS Report, advocating controlling future “human capital” as each person’s assigned worth or worthlessness to the economy, is coming to fruition. Luksha describes the new global digital world to MIT observers in the following links: (Source: and )

    At the GEFF conference (Global Education Futures Forum) held in Menlo Park, CA in April of 2015 Luksha explained in detail what he has to offer the world as far as what the future in education would look like in the year 2035. The key to accomplishing long-term economic goals, education and technology were the main focus. The following links to this roadmap explore their ideas. ( Source: , and and )

    Many goals , I’m sure, will not be so easily accomplished in America. In fact, their “future map” shows that there are many ethical and legal questions that have not been thoroughly thought out to become a reality in the land of the free. However, the push for global “deliberative democracy” is moving forward unhampered and unquestioned.

    But one very important issue for the world to understand when looking at this plan is that these secular-humanist scientists scour and scrub the world to make it free of religion, or to make it a more accepting world religion with flexible morality and worldviews. They quote Karen Armstrong speaking at a TED talk about the community helping to build a “Charter for Compassion — to restore the Golden Rule as the central global religious doctrine.”

    Values are to be taught by online virtual game apps that form common values, not churches. Child labor laws would have to be changed for the Mickey Mouse Club Law, legislation introduced for early intellectual labor, 10 years old and up. A Billion Student University emerges with IT companies consuming the roll as the leaders of the Global Education Market, not universities. The definition of a new “modernist family” will need “competent” parenting training, and a shift in the childhood model to a more flexible morality. This includes opening the door at a younger biological age to an ever expanding range of activities (education, business and political activities, sexual activity, right to access pharmacological “cognitive intensifiers,” etc. Well, are we ready for this? Does the Luksha agenda normalize all sexual activity like pedophilia, transgenderism, sexual predators, and homosexuality? Is there such a thing as a child’s consent to sexual activity?

    (NOTE: The following link provided is a must read for the entire concept of Russian Futurist plans for America and the world.  The new family and a shift in the childhood model, page 60: ( )

    The extent of what the controlling factors are, and of which values get implanted and who decides what that information will contain, will totally be controlled by top technology companies. This will curtail free and open sources of knowledge or scholars. We should question WHO is writing and analyzing the algorithms, and WHAT values and WHAT curriculum WILL be taught? Turning Western civilization on its head will ultimately convert moral, social, and aesthetic values to a more transformational acceptance of what is right/wrong, good/bad, or beautiful/ugly.  Western society will be scrubbed of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, or a moral compass. Sin is erased. I’m OK, you’re OK, or what kids say today…whatever!

    What Does the Future Hold?

    Elon Musk of TESLA is preparing to link human brains with computers in 4 years.

    “Artificial intelligence and machine learning will create computers so sophisticated and godlike that humans will need to implant ‘neural laces’ in their brains to keep up,” Musk said last year. Over the top? Maybe. (Source: )

    Bryan Johnson, the founder and CEO of neuroscience startup Kernel, is trying to hack the human brain. And Facebook investor Yury Milner envisions a global brain with collective intelligence. The Matrix may not be too far away.  (Source: ) 

    It is all very clear. The real coverup concerns the intel from Russia that is being used by US tech companies. The future of our education would be intertwined with neural brain research. The Alife agenda (artificial life) will control human behavior and what information would be fed through the cloud-based Internet of things. Cathy O’Neil, Harvard Ph.D. warns of big data’s dark side in ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ states overtly, “Don’t Trust That Algorithm?” (Source: )

    However, this is a warning: Whoever compiles the algorithms, (Google, Intel, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, Cisco) will decide what the standards will be and what information will be available to “download” into your brain. After all, an algorithm is an opinion, and the opinion of developers will determine the standard of what will be taught by machine learning, and what information will be provided and shared. Education becomes selective, conditioned, and discriminating in this new world order. (More on Algorithms in Part 3.)

    This brief overview gives you the importance of understanding this controlled universal collective intelligence drafting the pathway to digital globalization brought to you by Hillary Clinton, Zuckerberg, and their Russian cohort, and other SkolKovo friends, like Pavel Luksha. 

    Russian Influence? Who Controls What Gets Taught on Software in American Schools? Who Designs The Algorithms? Who’s Data Mining? 

    Machine learning was behavioral psychologist BF Skinner’s idea of learning machines, operant conditioning, and controlling behavior targeted toward a desired outcome. The Russians use gamification, or learn by playing, everything is done through a video game or app. You can think of a competency based Skinnerian process and synchronization of Common Core, combining the standards to the process, so that brains can be rewired by intertwining the two in video games. Let’s see how many parents volunteer their child for this experiment… or have parents been bypassed?

    The Obama Executive Order 12866 that changed FERPA, Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, now allows personally identifiable data to be shared, data mined, and researched with almost anyone who wants the data…for free…without parental consent. Pennsylvania parents had exposed this agenda when I had researched state contracts and demanded the Governor place a moratorium on data mining Pennsylvania’s children. (Source: )

    The written agreements with 3rd party vendors to access your child’s data is huge. Your kids are a commodity and researched constantly, as exposed by an EdWeek article about Carnegie Mellon University’s Learn Sphere. Data mining, biometric analysis, and research on students without parental knowledge and consent may be violating privacy laws. (Source:

    [Learn Sphere] “…may also include information on what Koedinger described as students’ “affective emotional states,” such as whether they are bored or frustrated, as gauged through either classroom observations or sensor technology that can detect an individual’s posture, their skin’s conductance of electricity, and more.” 

    “We’re increasingly operating outside the parameters of FERPA,” she said, referring to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a 40-year old federal statute that remains the primary law in place to protect students’ privacy. 

    “We talk about modern privacy as being about an individual’s right to control the information they’ve entrusted to others,” Barnes said, “but it appears [with LearnSphere] that students will lose significant control.”

    Who qualifies as 3rd party vendors (SkolKovo, Carnegie Mellon, Facebook, MIT?) to have access to our children’s personally identifiable information? Parents must understand the imposing future of education. It’s not school anymore. It is pure surveillance, spying, and conditioning. We have proven that it is happening. But, are parents asking why? Do parents think these techniques are simply going to go away? Or do they think their child will not be affected by the bombardment of brain research?

    So what should parents be thinking about Neural-brain software? We know that the US Army Research Laboratory designed an Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring Software and Instructional Management system with affective interventions to change personalities; i.e., the beliefs, attitudes, values, and dispositions of students. (Source: )  We also know that software is continuing to be commercialized to move forward.

    “Emotionally-Sensitive Intelligent Tutoring Systems are being developed by the University of Memphis. They seek a licensee to commercialize a significant advance in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs). The invention consists of software and proprietary algorithms which allow ITSs to sense and optimally respond to the learner’s emotional states and not simply their cognitive states. The invention represents the first Intelligent Tutoring System with natural language dialogue that detects and responds to students’ emotional state. Two novel aspects that make this unique are:

    • The algorithm used to detect student emotions combines conversational cues, posture, and facial features. This form of multimodal affect detection is achieved via a three-channel decision level fusion algorithm.
    • The strategies the system uses to respond to students’ emotional and cognitive states. This is accomplished with a theoretically-grounded production system that helps students regulate their negative emotional state in a manner that is dynamically responsive to each individual learner.” (Source: )

    Why are our children’s emotions being regulated? Isn’t it OK to disagree with what is on your computer screen? Is that deemed a negative response? Because you disagree will your attitude be modified? Because it can be done, should it be done? What are the results? Who were the first guinea pigs? Where was the experimental research done? Bottom line, our children are NOT protected from the experimental brainwashing. 

    All About Algorithms and more….

    Machine intelligence is “moulding itself around us by constantly mining and analyzing our data and then responding with automated suggestions, recommendations and micro-nudges toward certain kinds of behaviours and actions.” 

    “Yet, the role of big data in machine intelligence adds another level of complexity because “computers don’t remember anything on their own.” Rather than a neutral and unbiased product of computational processes and algorithms, big data is actually the product of many human hands, values, assumptions, and ways of thinking about the world, many of them held by the computing and data science specialists who have programmed the technologies and designed the methods and algorithms to collect and analyze the data.” (Emp. added.)

    (Source: ) 

    So the content of many video games and computerized curricula may not be what parents think. What are children learning and how do you define what SUCCESS means in the future? This Webinar held by EdWeek, financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and “grit” psychologist Angela Duckworth, gives you a real look at what the objectives are. Who is defining what grit and character really is? What is the significance when the objective is to separate the motivated from the unmotivated as Luksha describes? 

    “Video games can measure student learning in real time while literally ‘rewiring kids brains’ to help them to pay better attention and improve their behavior. It’s digital media meets big data meets state of the art brain research. But can a role-playing video game about aliens change the way U.S. Schools think about testing students and boost the noncognitive skills that are critical to SUCCESS later in life?”
    (EdWeek Webinar, Using Video Games To Assess Students Non-Cognitive Skills, Sept., 2013) 

    So, when we hear that big data is the tutor of machine intelligence, we need to query not just the machinery itself, but all of the human systems of thinking, values, assumptions and so on that have gone into the production of the data informing it. As a recent book entitled “Machine Intelligence claims, the creation of “smarter-than-human AI” requires a massive “encoding of the entire system of human values for an AI: explaining them to a mind that is alien to us.” This would represent a monumentally complex pedagogical task of training machines to do what we want them to do and to share our values. As a result, questions about how machine intelligence, deep-learning algorithms, cognitive learning systems and artificial smartness are taught, and of who or what teaches them, using what methods, data and materials, and according to what educational theories, may become significant as cerebral schools develop in which such technologies are routinely deployed to interact with students.”

    “How will human brains likely to be shaped and reshaped through interaction with such computationally brainy spaces at school? How we think and learn is partly becoming an issue of how machines have been taught to ‘think’ and learn, based on notions of the human brain itself as a big data-processor.” (Emp. added.)

    Understanding how others vision our future, including Hillary, Zuckerberg, Gates, and Luksha, we must look closely at what is being fed to our children on a daily basis with machine learning and values/gaming brain changers.

    The Sovietization of our schools might be sooner than you think. (Sources: Historical Record: Soviets in the Classroom, Edu-Gate; Charlotte Iserbyt,, and )

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