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  • The War on Christians Who Speak Out

    The War on Christians Who Speak Out

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    In the past couple of weeks, Karen Pence has been attacked for teaching at a Christian school, a group of Catholic school teen boys at the March for Life have been smeared as racists, and Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, tied Catholic organization Knights of Columbus to the “alt-right.” The Heritage Foundation’s Monica Burke joins us to discuss how it’s becoming harder for Christians to speak out freely.

    We also cover these stories:

    • The Supreme Court is allowing President Donald Trump’s transgender military policy to go into effect.
    • For the first time in nine years, the Supreme Court will hear a major gun case.
    • Planned Parenthood released its annual data, which showed a clear uptick in abortions from the previous year, jumping from about 321,000 to 332,000.

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