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  • Silent Jihad: Mohammed Number One Name for Baby Boys in Berlin

    Silent Jihad: Mohammed Number One Name for Baby Boys in Berlin

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    In the 1970s, young German parents were most likely to name their son Christian. How times have changed. Fast forward four decades to Merkel’s Germany in 2018, where Mohammed has become the most popular boy’s name for newborn babies in Berlin.

    Mohammed ranks first as the most popular name for newborn boys in the German capital once all the variations of the name, such as different spellings like Muhammed and variations like Mehmet, are counted together.

    The Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (GfdS), the organization that conducted the study, is often labelled as the most important language society in Germany.

    Andrea Ewels, Managing Director of GfdS, previously explained the exponential rise in the popularity of the boys name Mohammed.

    “The development is, of course, related to the wave of immigration,” and added that she expected Mohammed to be in the top 10 names nationwide by 2021 or 2022.

    Breitbart report: Other countries in Europe that have seen recent waves of mass migration show similar changes, such as neighbouring Austria — where Mohammed was the 3rd most popular boy’s name in 2017.

    In France, Mohammed was revealed to be the most popular baby boy’s name in the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris, according to statistics released by the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) last September.

    In the United Kingdom the name has been the most popular in England and Wales for six straight years according to a report released in September, as well by the British government.

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