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  • Even Liberal Show Host Bill Maher Is Sick Of Democrats’ Impeachment Talk: “Do Something Or Stop Talking About It”

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    My guess is that HBO host of “Real Time” Bill Maher probably would love to see President Donald Trump impeached, but like most people on either side of the political spectrum, people are sick of the talk of impeachment, especially when it seems highly unwarranted and without evidence.  Now Maher has come out to tell Democrats to either “do something or stop talking about it.”

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Maher actually made some great points about the Socialists in the Democrat Party who want to provide “free” college tuition for everyone and pointed out exactly who would be paying for that little “freebie.”  I commended him on that.

    Now, he’s blasting Democrats who have been running their collective mouths and the “Operation Mockingbird”-CIA-controlled media are parroting them as they call for impeachment.

    First, let me demonstrate with a video commentary from my good friend Jim White over at Northwest Liberty News who spoke about the media’s complicity in parroting everything the Democrats have been saying about impeachment.

    Now, here’s Maher as he says that Democrats need to decide to impeach over what they claim is a “constitutional crisis” by the refusal of Attorney General Bill Barr refusing to provide them with a fully unredacted Mueller report.  If only Democrats knew what the Constitution said and understood it to even make such a claim!

    “It’s a constitutional crisis,” Maher told his guest panel. “Democrats either do something or stop talking about it. Because I think you’re just making yourselves look weak.”

    “You’re just making yourselves look like people who just talk and talk and don’t do anything.”

    While some who want their pictures taken and be in the media spotlight believe that Trump should be impeached, the fact is that even the prominent Democrats in the House have yet to put forward articles of impeachment.

    Of course, the usual unAmerican totalitarian types such as jihad Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has put forward her’s but it was nothing more than an embarrassment.

    Any attempt at impeachment through the lens of what Democrats have been yelling about is sure to be a disaster, but hey, give them enough rope and let them hang themselves with it.

    Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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